Mac machine name command line

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Find your computer’s name and network address on Mac

The hostname present in the Mac System Preferences is different to the one shown in the terminal. The following error may also be seen:.

Find your computer’s local hostname

This information can be useful when configuring your workstation remotely through ssh, or when you need to change the fully qualified hostname of the workstation which can't be done from the UI. Should issues arise with this procedure, they will not be addressed by Autodesk Customer Support. Perform the following tasks to change the workstation hostname using the scutil command.

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Set the HostName, Computer Name, and Bonjour Name Separately in OS X

To translate this article, select a language. Support 0 contributions. The following error may also be seen: Network License Error For the hostname -d , use hostname -f: This lists the devices and their correspond addresses: How do I find my IP Address from the command line?

Thomas Dickey Thomas Dickey Also, hostname and hostname -f are functionally the same in OS X. Your suggestion doesn't quite do what I'd like.

Know Computer Name Using Command Prompt

Using hostname -f with sed is an acceptable solution, as it parses out the DNS domain. Using ifconfig , though, returns the IP address, not the host IP. I could, I suppose parse out the info by looking at lo. It's not a complicated script. I was just looking for Mac OS X equivalents that didn't involve regular expression, if possible.

How to Find Someone Computer's name

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  • How to set the Mac hostname or computer name from the terminal.
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