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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Apple ID Speciality level out of ten: I believe your information is incorrect. On Apple's iWork of which Keynote is a part system requirements page http: It also seems you're confused about a couple of basic issues: You say you have That's the newest last version of Leopard Going from, say, Going from OS up grades involve the replacement of a whole older operating system with another newer one.

Upgrades must be purchased, and delivery may be available either as a download or on disks, or both. Finally, installing an application a program , like Keynote, will not alter your OS operating system in the way you seem to expect. This version now utilizes the Cloud and allows users to open files from multiple devices easily although I've always been able to do this with DropBox.

Apple has changed some of the ways of doing things, but they are all there, I think. This version has some fundamental changes in the way things are done. I have trouble finding simple things, like the list of master slides, for example. But far worse, none of my existing Keynote presentations will now open unless I first open them in Keynote '09 and then save them to the new version.

I have hundreds of presentations, so this is a major pain--especially since my app cleaner removed the '09 version of iWork when I upgraded. So beware: You will need them unless Apple fixes this problem. Good, dependable Keynote, but with a major issue: Was this review helpful?

Where to Download Old Mac OS Software From

When I change the screen resolution to fill the screen of my computer, the size of the working aea of the slide increases and I can't see it all at once. I was having problems with PowerPoint - it would suddenly quit while playing embedded videos. Keynote works just fine doing this.

Also, Keynote does not lose links to videos when you move it from one computer to another. Keynote is easy to use It would help to have 'hot spots' and links for tertiary testing TrueFalse Q's to show success to be stored on a database! For day to day use Keynote is great This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I can't believe that Apple STILL has not implemented the ability to start audio with a specific slide and end the audio a specific number of slides later.

This is a standard with Powerpoint.

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So much better than powerpoint, but c'mon apple - people need the ability to control audio if they are going to give great presentations. Currently I have to play audio seperately through my ipod and it is not a smooth operation.

All you can do with Keynote is to play a song all the way through when you start the show. A bit lame! I really enjoy using keynote, and prefer it to Office It is much more elegant and easier to use once you figure it out. To the other poster about the "upgrade policy" -- get with it buddy, Microsoft updates office roughly every year-- this full-point upgrade will cost you as well You are buying a specific version, it works-- continue using it. Keynote lacks some features that I'd like.

But what it has is done with style and class. I gave up on PowerPoint with Keynote 2. Keynote a terrific application with great potential.

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As a lifelong Mac user, I only hope that Apple keeps up the good work. I recall MacDraw, MacProject and other Apple developed software that were innovative in their day, but their development languished.

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I hope that Keynote and Pages continue to evolve at a reasonable pace. Cool looking update.

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Some new variations on the themes. Still noticing all the newness. Had 1 freeze needing a force quit when trying to recreate a previous 2. When you install this application, it is 1. That is over 5 times larger than the previous version. Apple, please don't foresake Keynote. It's a great program so far, but still lacks important features. It's far better than PowerPoint in many respects and is one reason I continue to by Macintosh computers. However, I'm concerned that Apple will let it wane as it has done with many great programs in the past.