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First, you can add as many volumes as you need, distributing backups among multiple desktop machines. Second, you can rotate backup sets, so you can take drives offsite and swap in an alternate set, which improves your odds of recovery in catastrophe. Also consider strongly using a security-minded Internet-hosted backup for user-created files and media, such as Backblaze. Third, you can easily upgrade capacity and not pay much for it. Multi-terabyte USB 3 drives are ever cheaper.

Fourth, recovery is possible. And it sounds like Neil is also suffering from connectivity and throughput problems. Critical reminder: Email yours to mac macworld.

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How to use multiple drives with Time Machine for redundant backups. Why you shouldn't rely on iCloud Drive as your only backup. The external disk you have purchased from OWC may or may not be formatted in the format that Time Machine needs. Before you let it reformat the drive, realize that doing so completely erases all files on the external drive. Either a Mac or iOS device can be used to set up and configure the AirPort Time Capsule; full instructions for the setup process are included with the device, or can be downloaded here.

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The preference pane looks like this:. As before, you can select to encrypt your backup. The backup begins.

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Be sure to leave your Mac on so that Time Machine is able to capture all of the information. The extra arrow in this icon indicates that Time Machine is working on a backup. On older versions of Time Machine, the arrow would move in a circle, which many Mac users found to be endlessly distracting.

Selecting this menu while pressing the Option key provides the option of verifying backups or even switching to a different backup disk. Restoring files or versions of files from Time Machine Backups The entire reason you use Time Machine to back up your Mac is to be able to retrieve accidentally deleted or corrupted files, or to restore an entire system if your primary usually internal storage fails. Your Mac display transforms into something that looks like this:.

Local Time Machine backups

On the right side of this window is a timeline showing various dates and times back until the oldest backup saved by Time Machine. To reach a specific point in time, click on the appropriate line on the timeline. You can search from the Time Machine Finder window by typing a search term into the Search field on the top right of the Finder window.

Use Quick Look before you restore it by just pressing the space bar once you have selected the file. Right-clicking or control-clicking on a file in the Time Machine window display additional options. Every version of the document that has been saved appears on the screen in the now-familiar Time Machine timeline. Restoring a Mac From a Backup One of the most depressing situations a Mac user can run into is having a primary storage device fail.

If the Time Machine drive is on the network — a AirPort Time Capsule, for example — make sure that the Mac is on the same network before proceeding.

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When the Apple logo appears on the screen, you can release the keys, and the Mac boots up from the Recovery partition stored on the drive and into OS X Utilities. Next, select the Time Machine backup. You may be asked to enter a name and password to connect to the backup disk.

It’s time to switch your Mac backups from Time Capsule to Time Machine volumes

If requested, enter the appropriate information, then click Connect. A list of the dates and times of backups appears. Select the one you want — usually the most recent — then follow the onscreen instructions to restore all data and settings onto your Mac. Once the system has been restored, Time Machine will probably perform a full backup at the next scheduled backup time.

This is perfectly normal, and the hourly backups begin again once the full back is done. Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I understand that time machine only knows up to 14 January what happens after that please. Is a new system in the pipeline? It must be building an image of sorts. Can there ever not be enough room on the system drive that would prevent a backup? If I have time machine backups from a previous older computer on external disks can I find and retrieve files from those backups on my current machine with a different version OS?

I need to retrieve photos. I am doing a backup with an external harddrive and only as a result did I learn about the Time Machine Back Up. I just did this with the external and tried to open my photos when the back up was complete to check that they were all there and it says it can not open because they are stored in Time Machine Back Up. Does that mean they are not on the external one as well? On a PC this is also true. You pay someone to get back the original files. Then the procedure is in summary …. Configure the brand new 2nd disk as a TM disk.

Verify it — maybe just checking that all the files they should have a very similar count came across. So now the new TM disk should have all your data. You should run the TM backup again using the new TM disk. Why the 4 TB Porche Design is nice?

Back up your Mac with Time Machine

I Migrated everything from the old to the new in 2 hours. Everything means everything. Perhaps I was just lucky but the MA transferred all the users and their data plus all the printers and the network configurations and even a foreign DataBase DB application. It used the latest OS version and I spent a bit of time to tidy up the cables. So most Windows people will have another story to tell about the time spent making sure that the License keys were installed even if they had to buy a new license because the user has lost his old License info.

How to Set up Your Own Time Machine Server

SIGH poor windows Admins! This is a very useful, clear article but may I suggest that you add a paragraph to explain what happens when the backup drive becomes full, stressing that users should NOT attempt to delete old backups manually. I made this mistake and it took a lot of research on the Internet and many hours to sort out the ensuing problem. I am still not entirely clear how best to handle the situation. My confusion is now is how to I migrate these folders to a new macbook pro without duplicating and how to then: