Wow launcher not working on mac

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Originally Posted by Xecis. A little update for some problems on Windows 7, I hope it works for all people now Also a little security update included. Updated for latest build, 7. Nyarly 1 members gave Thanks to king for this useful post. Originally Posted by king Originally Posted by lululalaland. For editing related issues you have to ask other people.

It's not launcher related. I don't have any Windows 7 PC's left, but can confirm it works on Windows 10 Home, Fall Creators update with all the latest follow-up patches as of Dec 10, and for running WoW 7. Seeing lululalaland's comments about db files, I don't know where those are or how to test them.

I really don't know the innards of these programs, but I do enjoy the results of these contributors. Since yesterday, the World of Warcraft page on my Blizzard Battle.

WoW page on launcher is blank - Mac Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums

I still have the bar with "Games", "Social", etc. The standard background for Battle of Azeroth is still present, but much darker than before, as though there's a slightly translucent black overlay on top of it. Quitting and restarting the launcher hasn't fixed the problem, nor has rebooting my computer. I can still launch World of Warcraft manually and I have no current need to adjust options or change my account settings.

Also, a game update occurred yesterday evening after this problem started, so I know those are still working. So this isn't an urgent issue, but I'm still concerned. Any tips about how I might fix this? I'll also note that I haven't been seeing any news links on ANY of the individual game pages for several months, and still don't. I can still see news by clicking on the "News" page at the top of the window, so that hasn't been a problem. Previous 1 2 3 4 6 template Next.

Stuck on loading screen of fortnite , Hi im experiencing this since the update of port-a-port. I already did some troubleshooting but nothing works. We both have the same problem and dont know how to fix this.

World of Warcraft on Mac

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Wow same here. I'm having the same problem Dcaptain VEVO. I actually just got it working.