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Or, when watching a stunning sunset in a movie, have your living room bathed in the same violet, orange and yellow hues you see on the screen. And finally, take your music listening to a new level; your lights can dance to the beat of your favorite tracks. Alongside the launch of Philips Hue Sync, Signify formerly Philips Lighting and Disney have teamed up to create a unique lighting experience:.

The Hue Sync app can be used with one press of a button. Simply select your desired Audio , Video or Gaming mode within the control panel, and you can sync your lights to the entertainment content playing on your computer.

You can also tailor your lighting experience. The software allows you to set your desired brightness level and change the speed in which your lights are changing alongside the content; you can select between Subtle , Moderate , High and Intense modes. Plus, when listening to music, you choose from several different color palettes to match the genre. For example, subtle, pastel colors play nicely with softer tunes, while brighter, bolder tones might be better suited for rock and dance music.

Mac computer Sleep Indicator Light behavior

Apple learn that even your machines can do many shades of gray. I found an cool minimalist app to switch the themes, if you want you can find here https: Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

How to Enable Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave

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