College algebra mac 1105 review

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  5. MAC 1105 - College Algebra?

MAT with a grade of "C" or better, or satisfactory score on the placement test see student advising note. Credit Hours: Student Advising Notes: Effective Spring , students who entered the ninth grade in a Florida public high school in the school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a standard Florida high school diploma, or students who are serving as active duty members in any branch of the United States Armed Services, will not be required to take the common placement test P.

About The Course

These students shall be considered exempt from common placement testing and developmental education instruction, and may accordingly enroll directly in MAT or MGF or MGF Degrees Offered: Skip to Main Content. Course Descriptions and Information.

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  • Summer 2018 – MAC 1105 College Algebra.
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  • Student Services. Looking for a Different Catalog? To meet with the TAs outside of the scheduled office hours, email them to make an appointment. Course Information Description of Course: Content for this course includes: A detailed description of the course content goals and objectives can be found on Canvas.

    College Algebra - Mac 1105

    Course Materials: Canvas is your main resource for this course. You can access Canvas by going to https: This course will use an open-source textbook, which can be found at https: Purchasing a hard copy of the textbook is not required. You will have access to video lectures for all of the content of the course.

    These videos can be found on Canvas and will be integrated into the homework assignments.

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    Xronos is an innovative online homework platform developed by the Ohio State University. Using this platform is completely free to students. Instructions on how to use the platform to complete homework can be found on Canvas. Course Structure: This is a Mastery-Based course that will allow you to progress at your own pace as you show mastery of the content. One of the benefits to this model is that you will not be forced to keep pushing forward in the course when you do not know the fundamental material!

    Summer – MAC College Algebra | Andrew Kriehn

    All of the lectures will be provided via video online. The content of this course is divided into 14 modules: If you show mastery, great! If not, you will be able to retry the module again during the next exam. In this model, tests are no longer highstakes assignments where a bad day could sink your grade. To pass the course, you will need to show mastery in the 8 core modules averaging 2 of 4 modules per Progress Exam.

    MAC1105 College Algebra

    Examples of possible ways to show mastery of the 8 core modules throughout the semester are provided on Canvas. Important Dates: Course Grade The majority of your grade will be based on the number of modules you master.

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    An overview is provided below. More details on the exact grading scheme can be found in Canvas. University policy stipulates that a minimum grade of a C must be achieved to obtain Gordon Rule or General Education credit. There will be no makeup or extensions for these assignments.