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Feb 6, 6: That was a good thing to do regardless of any other issue. They are bundling "stuff" with some of their installers now. Feb 9, 3: By disabling hardware acceleration you might have performance issues.

How to Fix: MacBook Pro Won't Shut Down (Power Off)

In my case it didn't fix it anyway Mar 15, I am having this problem too. I find it happens when Firefox does an update.


Force quit doesn't work. Force quitting from Activity monitor doesn't work and the system won't shut down because it can't close Firefox. The only way to shut down is pressing the power switch for 20 seconds Sometimes even that doesn't work and I have to unplug the system. None of the suggestions in this post have solved the problem so far.

How to Fix Firefox Problems on Mac

I would try restarting your computer in safe mode then try to update hold shift on start up. This should disable any background processes for firefox. Or create a new user and then update from that user. It will update the rest of the users as well, then uninstall firefox then reinstall after the update.

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After the update if you have issues starting up, I would try safe mode again. Mar 15, 8: The Firefox update goes fine and in fact, Firefox works fine. It's only when I Try to close Firefox or shut down I usually close all apps before shutting down that I have the problem.

After the restart, the old Adobe app got cleaned up and everything worked fine. That is sort of like what is happening with Firefox. Once the system restarts clean with the updated Firefox, everything seems to work fine until the next update and then it has that hiccup on on the first program restart. Having said that, I am going to see if I can change the update setting from 'Automatic' to "Notify me of Updates" Apr 21, 5: I am having the problems with Firefox described here and, likewise, none of the proposed solutions has worked. About ready to trash FF and switch to something else, except it is not even clear FF is the problem rather than the symptom.

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Firefox will not close! Cmd+Q does nothing. | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

Has everyone else found a solution or given up? This issue is been discussed by Mozilla here: Also I advise you to report your problem to Apple like I did. They are going to ask you to provide some system reports to help understanding the problem. You can do that here: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I think I started noticing this issue after upgrading to Firefox Sometimes the Mac shuts down as soon as the all the tabs have been opened on Firefox, which means I don't even get a chance to type anything in the address bar.

First the screen goes blank, then the fan fires up and becomes very loud as if its running at Max rpm and then the mac shuts down. I've also my Firefox configs and confirmed that I do not have any non-default config settings. I've experienced this issue even in Safe mode. Right now I'm typing this in Firefox after changing the number of Content Processes to 1 from 4 which was the default for my Mac and it seems to be holding up.

I've tried to look through the Mac console logs and I haven't found anything that points me to why the Mac shutdown. Do you have any third party non-Apple software running eg security software? For most systems running macOS and Firefox this should definitely not happen and does not happen for most people. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Firefox won't respond to force-quit Ask Question. OldBunny OldBunny 1 5 A few things you can try ordered by "assertiveness": If neither of these work, try restarting the Dock maybe Firefox actually isn't running but the Dock is confused: Use the same ps -eaf grep Dock.

The Dock should disappear momentarily and then restart. With the second test, I got: If that's all you got, that means that Firefox isn't running. Try restarting the Dock. What is the process id? It's the first line note the path , so the PID is PyroHedgehog PyroHedgehog 1.