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Even with this overwhelming evidence that they are KILLING their target audience, they continue to include this "feature" with their software. DIVX - wake up! Avoid this like the plague, or your system will be infected and difficult to clean. The Conduit search malware installed takes over the search functionality of all of your browsers, directing you to use Bing, and redirecting broken links to Conduit search. It takes longer to remove all the pieces and parts than it does to install it.

That's evil. Dump Them All!

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Oh and talking about evil: While the uninstaller is running, it attempts to phone home to the DivX site to look for updates. Can you imagine? Because this recent 'Conduit' infliction garbage during installation is The Last Straw. I've had enough. I don't ever run into DivX video on the Internet any more.

I don't care about DivX video any more. May DivX rot and die. I think we already have more than enough effective video formats without having to bother with this unimportant format family.

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However, I am keeping a copy of the current installer around for just-in-case. But I highly suspect I'll never need it and will have forgotten why I ever bothered to keep it. At least the DivX folks keep busy improving their software. This time there are new versions of Converter and Player. The QuickTime components are the same as v9.

Is that a fair assessment? I don't know. But I don't see the point of bothering with this DivX stuff except to be able to play DivX media, if you ever run into it, which is rare, via the provided QuickTime components. No more, forced install unless you stop it, Google Chrome with the installation. That's an improvement. Use Chromium folks. No default user surveillance by Google is required. I dug around inside the installer package for v9. Inexplicably, it directs the reader to a worthless URL for "the full version history. What is it with these strange DivX people?!

Here is what little the ReadMe provides about what's 'new' in version 9. It sounds more like a marketing script to me: Both work as expected. The provided versions of the two DivX QuickTime components are the same as those in version 9.

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As usual, the only thing potentially useful is the DivX decoder QuickTime component. As such, there's nothing in v9.

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Go use better video encoding software please and skip this irrelevant stuff. Reply to this review Read reply 1. None at all for me. The player app is lame. The Preference Pane is still Bit. The Installer only lists that it is installing DivX files. And yet it force installs Google Chrome without asking permission. This is of course unscrupulous and unacceptable. I won't miss it. I have uninstalled all of DivX due to the aftermath of installing version 8. I found that: I was forced to uninstall Google Chrome, which I refuse to use due to its user surveillance.

WaveInsight Video Converter for Mac has a wide range of compatibility from portable devices to editing software. It supports all popular devices: Download Free Video Converter for Mac 3. Select a profile that you want to convert for - such as Android, iPad, iPhone etc and the correct file format will automatically be selected. Alternatively, you can just backup to MP4 format. Ripping or converting can be slow however. Expect an 80 minute disc to take around 40 minutes to an hour to complete the process although this is normal for a DVD ripper.

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Integrated with video downloader, this video converter for mac allows you to download video from online video sharing site YouTube. You can choose any audio language track and video track from your Multi-track videos. Macgo Free Mac Media Player is certainly not the best media player in the world, as claimed but its developer, but nevertheless, it does offer a good number of features for playing video, audio, and image files. It includes all the basic functions that you'd expect in a media player, including subtitle options, adjustable audio and video settings, and themes.

Download Mac Media Player 2. AnyMP4 iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac not only owns powerful functions to convert any video and audio on Mac but also has creative functions to edit the ringtone. With Trim function, users can trim any length of video and audio in order to get proper ringtone length. Users can also add fade-in and fade-out effect to customize the iPhone ringtone as they like. In addition, users can add Mac local ringtone and transfer it to iPhone, and rename or delete the iPhone ringtone according to their needs.

With built-in player, this software enables users to pre-listen the ringtone before the conversion. With user-friendly interface, it allows users to make iPhone ringtone with a few clicks. It owns built-in player, so users can pre-listen the ringtone before the conversion. Users who would like to make their own style iPhone ringtone on Mac with unmatchable converting speed and best quality. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content: More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Channel Description: Download mkv player mac Contact us about this article.

You can burn 8-hour video into one DVD5. Faasoft Video Converter for Mac 5. Aiseesoft MP4 Converter for Mac 6. Bigasoft Audio Converter for Mac v4. What's new in the latest version: Upgrade Chapter Splitter which supports both embeded and single cue file. Date and time stamps can be kept. Download with curl that can boost online video download speed by up to 5X times faster.

DivX Software for Mac A player and DivX converter in one The player in DivX is sleek and easy to use, with all the standard functions you'd expect from a media player. Convert video to music as well Convert video formats, transfer video files to portable devices, convert to watch on any media players, edit via iMovies, etc Download MacX Video Converter Free Edition 4.

Firecoresoft Flash Encoder for Mac 1. VLC media player 2. Still the most powerful free media player It was two and a half years since version 1. It still remains however the most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video player around today. Version 2 has seen some important additions too such as support for 10 bit codes plus multi-threaded decoding for H. Easy to control and create playlists VLC media player also has great hotkey support and if you take the time to learn the shortcuts so it can be controlled without touching your mouse.

If you're watching DVDs or video files through it, this is not an issue. For music, it plays more or less any file and features an equalizer and playlist creation. VLC media player isn't as intuitive as iTunes as a media manager, but it's a much more flexible player in terms of file formats. I remember the first one that I found causing a memory corruption for files containing AC3 audio and DivX video causing incorrect playback of audio; which wasted several hours of my time trying to fix a bug only to realize the bug wasn't mine to begin with.

The list does not end there by a long shot. Sorry to say, but if you want any support related to their software, you've come to the wrong place. I'm one of those obstinate people who just can't stand not being able to fix a mechanical or software problem, but a week's time is a week more than I should have wasted on DivX to begin with.

I give up.

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I have never knowingly come across Divx in any shape or form. It is a pity you chose a camera that produces video in that format! As you have discovered it is incompatible with iMovie. Jun 10, 1: I don't understand how you can make that statement, considering the discussion you participated in at:. Thanks for your answer. After some more experimenting, i finally got it to work However, not every embedded DivX movie will play. One of the codecs mentioned on http: Before I had only deleted the files whose name has "DivX" in it. Now some DivX videos play, some don't But the Web Plugin never worked for me If I re-install it, won't I go back to where I started?

First, I certainly wish you or my search of Apple Discussions, which, inexplicably, did not turn up this discussion had referred me to this discussion before -- it would have saved a LOT of time. From the initial release of Perian 0. The only information on the Perian support page regarding DivX is the paragraph that states, in part, "Please consider removing obsolete QuickTime Components: DivX, DivX Decoder Can you please tell me what you mean by "Perian says, you need both," in regard to putative DivX Extensions, Plug-Ins, Components, whatever?

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Your list as of July 12, , taking into consideration your wise caveat that "nothing in life carries a guarantee!:. It is known to work in the great majority of cases with Safari 3 and 4, QT 7. Download and install or re-install even if you already had them the latest versions, suitable for your flavor of Mac, of:. You can check here: It is suggested that you first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here make sure you use the correct one!

You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe. You should also ensure that you have downloaded and installed the correct version for your Mac of Security Update and for Tiger only, Security Updates require both a restart and a permission repair. You should also consider having the free VLC Player from http: There is an additional 'fix' you could try if you are having problems with Flash and Quicktime, depending on which type of Mac you have:.

On Intel Macs, make sure that you are not running Safari in Rosetta. You can check this, and change it, in the Get Info window. Quit and restart Safari. If things have improved you can trash that file. If they haven't put it back, as the lack of this plug-in can cause QT content in some widgets to cease functioning. And there is an additional kid on the block: Microsoft has created their own version of what a replacement for Flash could be. You can read more about it here:.

So, if you go to any sites that have been designed for this new Silverlight stuff, you can download the plug-in from here but make certain that you are downloading SilverLight v. Version 2 only works with Intel Macs:. Close all applications before installing any of the above, repair permissions, reboot, and repair permissions again. You wrote "It is a pity you chose a camera that produces video in that format! I have no camera, and am not trying to do anything pertinent to this discussion with iMovie. I am sorry that you cannot get this to work, but I am not prepared to engage in an autopsy debate about what I might have written to other posters, at other times, in other threads in other forums, in answer to different questions.

Jun 10, 7: I am not prepared to engage in an autopsy debate about what I might have written to other posters, at other times, in other threads in other forums, in answer to different questions. They weren't different questions, what you wrote in that thread almost 2 years ago was copied, by you, verbatim, into THIS thread -- after claiming you'd never come across DivX -- and an autopsy is NOT the point at issue.

The point is, did YOU ever get your recommended laundry list of installations, uninstallations, permissions repairs, etc. It's a simple yes or no question. If the answer is "No," then this whole dialogue, or whatever it was, was to no purpose. If the answer is yes, I would greatly appreciate knowing whether the laundry list of installations, uninstallations, permissions repairs, etc. I have no desire to get into an argument, I'm just trying to solve a problem that several other people have had, and -- at least in -- seemed to be able to overcome, primarily with your help.

I was under the impression that this was an Apple Support Community discussion, and that people came here looking for answers to problems, and that the reason for these "Levels" and "Points" was to identify people whose experience was such that one could have a commensurate degree of confidence in their answers. If you either don't wish, or do not have the relevant experience with this problem, to be of help -- and it would be difficult to argue the latter, given your contributions to this discussion, and the nearly identical discussion I referenced from -- then it would have saved us BOTH a great deal of time and effort had you not responded to my question in the first place.

If you CAN help me, I'd be most grateful if you would do so. If you can't, then this discussion became pointless the moment you entered it.


Aug 10, 3: Uninstall anything to do with divx on your computer, then install the divx-plus web player. Then you can play divx on the web on sites like stagevu, icefilms and veehd. Oh, one last thing, if you have updated to Safari 5. But this isn't what you were asking, you wanted divx in youtube, and to be completely honest, it worked for a while, but a safari update or an OSX update killed it, and I haven't seen it work since.

For that, you should grab Download ClickToPlugin 2. Aug 11, It takes all kinds. On my Main Mac -- my 27" iMac 3. I find "thumb-scrolling" on the tracpad easiest. I have Is there a version of Safari that actually runs on Snow Leopard without munging up everything it tries to load, and is that version compatible with some version of Download ClickToPlugin?

My little iBook G4s are running Safari Version 4.