Set up icloud on mac snow leopard

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Recently MacFixIt reader Brandon wrote in wondering about the options for people with these setups: I just purchased an iPhone and am trying to sync my Mac devices, but have run into a problem. I currently have an iMac 4,1 version In order to sync my devices with iCloud, I was told by Apple that I need to upgrade to Lion, at least.

Are there any ways around this issue? Perhaps there is a cheaper component I could buy? How to set up iCloud services in Snow Leopard Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Next Article: I was using pocket reader to sync stuff to read later, but that just adds an extra step to every addition to the list, so now i am using safari reading list.

Configure An iCloud Email Account on Snow Leopard

Anyway was just hoping you had a suggestion about how to sync up my safari info, especially the reading list though. Maybe i will have to upgrade to lion, although now that i can sync everything else, it seems stupid to do that just to get my reading lists synced, ha. More info on that can be found here: Hey, tried everything above, but contact syncing is not working.

No contacts are being displayed. Are you using a password for your AppleID that contains other digits than just letters and numbers?

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Nope, only alphanumeric characters there. Might this cause the problem? The easiest way to do so is probably to activate the FREE icloud. Go here to activate the icloud. It works now. Wow, thanks! All I needed was the first part — creating the vcf copy and importing to icloud! The rest of the syncing was too involved for me.

But, the pleasure of opening up and seeing all my contacts now on my iPad is huge.

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Thanks for the step! Now I have mail working and same info syncing on iCalendar. I would advise you however to also follow the rest of the instructions and install iCloud to keep your Contacts, Agendas and eMail in-sync on all your Mac or PC , your iPad and your iPhone ; effortlessly and completely free!

fixed : get iCloud on the officially unsupported OSX Snow Leopard – sync works !

Does anyone know how to remove the duplicated address book? I cannot do anything directly in Addresses. That worked, sort of. I was able to make the account inactive, which matches the desired effect, but it will not allow me to delete the account. You have iCloud Calendar left corner , user name top right corner , gear icon bottom left corner and that is it. Thanks for the feedback!

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I have therefore updated the original text to: When I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 9. I quickly downgraded back to 9. Many of the notes above seem to apply to the Address Book and Contacts. Any suggestions would be worth some PayPal bucks for me if they work.

iCloud Mail settings in Snow Leopard

I changed my iCloud password to just letters and numbers, repaired permissions, and created a CalDAV account using my P18 and account number from the activity window. Since both iCal4. Hey Mr. MacManus; thanks for the quick reply.

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I found the solution independently and it might help others. The actual upgrade to iOS 9. I found another forum mentioning this and, after logging into appleid. I realize that this is an old forum, and am appreciative that you provide it in case others are in the same predicament. Thanks again! Well icloud is a feature of this new OS. It is not the continuation of MobileMe, but a new product built right into the core of that OS.

Oct 27, If you just purchased your machine, you should be able to get Lion free of charge if you want it:. A lot of people would say you are very lucky to have You can always go forward quite cheaply, or perhaps free in your case, but not back.

There have been recommendations here to get a refurbished Mac with Oct 28, As someone else said, if you did buy your mac with a few weeks before or after Lion came out you can upgrade for free. Oct 29, 4: I'm getting tired of Apple playing the big brother. It has changed a lot since the '90's. Where is this new player that could "think" different? Oct 29, 5: Oct 29, 7: Apple may provide a no cost solution for Snow Leopard users. A little more info is available in another discussion, click here. Just in case the previous link doesn't work, here's the URL http: Oct 29, 9: Nov 9, Nov 13, 7: I had no problem syncing my Google email accounts with my phone and do not need iCloud for that.

But I had a lot of problems trying to sync my Contacts and Calendars. I have only partially solved the Contacts syncing issue. First, contrary to what people are hearing, iCloud actually does work with Snow Leopard, at least partially.