How to open blocked websites on mac

How to Access Blocked Websites on Mac

Like Highwayproxy, you simply type in a URL to visit it via the speedy proxy. This is useful if you want to visit a website available only to Americans or only to Britons, and do no live in the respective nation.

If you want to unblock websites such as Hulu or the BBC iPlayer, Hola is an extension you might want to consider installing. Free, fast and extremely easy to set up, Hola is a proxy that works by routing your Internet traffic through the computers of other Hola users. A VPN from a reputable company is safe enough to do your online banking over, shop with a credit card and log in to sensitive websites.

Here are some of the best value, most trusted commercial VPNs on the market today:.

How To Access Blocked Websites On A Mac

They also accept payment via Bitcoin which can increase anonymity further. This may be important to you if there is a certain obscure country that you want to route your VPN through.

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Price per month: Easily the cheapest out of the three VPNs listed here. Click here to download now! Cannot manually pick which server you would like to connect to, only the country that the server is in. This will generally only matter for power users. Connect to websites via any one of hundreds of servers located in more than 34 countries.

High price for the number of countries they have servers in — other VPN providers have many more countries to choose from, if having an IP address from a specific country is important to you. NordVPN also has a strict zero-logging policy that covers bandwidth, traffic, time stamps, and DNS access, more than most competitors, and plenty keep all of your data secure. Its custom Mac and iOS software comes with an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection features, as well, and all data that leaves your computer will be secured with strong bit AES encryption.

CyberGhost delivers a secure connection and fast service no matter where you live. Over 1, servers are currently online, covering 60 countries with dozens of options in each region. You need speed to access blocked websites, and CyberGhost definitely delivers.

For Desktop or Laptop (Windows PC/Mac)

On the privacy side of things, CyberGhost offers bit AES encryption, the industry standard for unbreakable data protection, combined with a thorough zero-logging policy on traffic, time stamps, and IP address. DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch ensure your identity stays hidden no matter which sites you access, as well, allowing you to surf and stream anything you like without sacrificing your privacy.

If you need to unblock sites on your Mac and want to stay completely secure, this clever service offers an entire suite of protection features designed for ultimate online invisibility. Ever wanted built-in virus protection on your Mac? How about malware shields, app blocking, and anti-phishing DNS website filters? Just install and start surfing. Every user gets full access to over servers in different countries, each locked down with bit encryption and a zero-logging policy on all traffic.

PureVPN also bundles DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch into every version of its software, creating an amazing foundation for online privacy on your Mac, iPhone, or other device.

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In most cases of blocked websites, you can regain access simply by installing a good VPN. Sometimes the filtering measures employed are more sophisticated, however, which means you could be forced to take stronger action. Below are some of the most common blocking situations with tips on how to defeat them.

How to Access Blocked Websites on Mac

Some businesses, universities, and large companies block access to certain websites on their internal internet service. This can range from simple pornography and gambling filters to more serious blocking efforts that prevent access to social media sites. Most of these firewalls are simplistic in nature, meaning you can access forbidden sites on your Mac without too much effort. Just make sure to install the VPN on your Mac before accessing the censored network, as many companies do not allow access to VPN downloads.

This is especially frustrating when using services like Netflix or YouTube, as both of these companies filter out video content based on where you live. VPNs provide encryption that wraps your data in unbreakable code. Reload the page and suddenly the site will show up, all thanks to virtual IP addresses! One of the more aggressive forms of website blocking comes in the form of government censorship. Countries like China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran are famous for their tightly controlled web access.


A VPN can usually help, especially if it was made for breaking through censorship barriers, but sometimes the methods employed are too strict to easily bypass. If that fails, use one of the alternate methods described below. Shadowsocks was designed to open up internet access in areas where free speech is under attack. Simple, but remarkably effective. SSH Secure SHell tunnels are a unique method of wrapping data in a layer of SSH encryption, allowing them to pass through filtering and censorship services undetected.

SSH is used by a number of mainstream services and software, including webmasters sending files from hosts to servers. Learn more about SSH tunnelling by reading our complete guide.