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Jan 21 Resolution Status: Published - External. Problem Subject: SPSS Problem Description: I have SPSS How do I view output files created in previous versions? Resolution Subject: Resolution Description: In version SPSS versions In order to provide access to. If you wish to view and edit output created in previous versions of SPSS, please install the Legacy Viewer with administrator priviledges and open the older output using that application.

If you have installed the Legacy Viewer on Windows Vista please make sure you have set up "Run as administrator" for all users:. Right-click your application shortcut in the program list, e.

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Next, choose "Properties" and select the "Compatibility" tab. There is no Legacy Viewer for old output. There are no plans for one to be created.

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We must ask that you regenerate your old output in the upgraded version. If you feel strongly about having this for SPSS for Macintosh, please contact product marketing at suggest us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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The interactive Data Preparation output within PASW Data Preparation that automatically prepares the data for the users as well as recommends changes that can be made. Profile of Contacts within PASW Direct Marketing gives users the information that fits the specific criteria that they are interested in. Data access tools and data management tools: Define Variable Properties - create your labels once, and the Define Variable Properties tool copies and presents your labels to the entire dataset.

Visual Binner - lets you easily create bands e. Custom Dialog Builder - allows users to make existing dialogs easier for business users and create dialogs for custom features built through programmability. Syntax Editor - autocompletion, color coding of syntax, display of line numbers help users create syntax quickly and easier and check for errors before executing.

Graphboard - choose from various different types of charts or graphs through integration with Graphboard. Solve business and research problems using the premier statistical software product for data management and analysis.

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Operating system: Internet Explorer 6 or 7. Intel processor Memory: You have three options to choose from: Self-paced e-learning: The course guides you through the fundamentals of using SPSS for typical data analysis process. Introduction Learn to use SPSS Tables to generate stub and banner tables as well as complex multi-page tables with multiple variables and a variety of statistics.