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Video recognition requires intensive processing by your computer. Even Sighthound users who normally use Windows machines have written to us to say that they run a Mac Mini as a dedicated machine for Sighthound Video. While Sighthound allows you to upload your clips to a cloud service, the small form factor and ability to hide the machine in a closet make the Mac Mini a better bet in the event of a burglary.

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Make sure that the power settings on the Mac are such that the computer does NOT automatically go into sleep mode. Click the Sleep Tab to see the first setting "Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for. After a neighbor sent an email about his home being burgled during the day, I was able go back and review footage to provide him photos of a guy who approached my house looking very furtive, then when on to look around a couple more homes before moving down the street toward the burgled home.

The police recognized the fellow as a burglar. Too bad my neighbor didn't have a camera system to deter the thief along with SecuritySpy in case the thief broke in anyway. Updated on Jul 17, oops, a typo in my original review - It still performs flawlessly.

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Communicates with a wide variety of cameras and DVRs Eliminates the need for expensive DVRs Incredibly easy to set up and replicate across 16 cameras Cuts through NIH attitude of the security camera industry Presentation Professional Affords flexibility without being confusing. Only allows for 16 total cameras Remote browser could be upgraded Needs to integrate FTP or Dropbox to make it simpler to access data. Need to keep computer running when power is out to keep it functioning Add even more obscure cameras and DVRs to devices. I spent one fourth on my camera system for my property using SecuritySpy as compared to three bids with the same functionality.

I was ready to give up on a camera system that I could run from my mac after I began tio deal with the security industry.

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As I tell everyone who wants to put together a network camera security system. I tell them to buy SecuritySpy first, hands down, then spend a great deal of time going through which cameras will work for them. The only given in my whole system is SecuritySpy. Effective it just works Scalable, cost effective - I have 16 cams on one mac mini with this You don't have to read the manual. I guess Motion features could be better - but thats the case with most cams or motion lights probably. This mac software is a reason to own a mac. I run on a older macmini, sends me immediate emails with photos, and record longer clips on hard drive.

Couple with remote patrol on an iphone there is more to watch than exists on network tv.

Checking your cams is so easy you do it before you surf or check email. It's the hardware that can be the work reboots and lens etc , but this software makes it manageble. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I have been using this product on my Macs for almost two years now. Before that I had bought just about every other highly rated security program for my PC computers and was not ever satisfied with any of them.

I run over 20 cameras in SS and find it to be the most simple and user friendly program of all.

The support is fast and personable And proffesional. Remote viewing is easy for iPhone or other handheld devices. Thanks Security Spy. Cameras are easy to set up and configure, the web server is great -- even works on my Iphone although I hear that there's an iphone app coming from a different party -- which should be awesome! The developer even responded to my scripting questions quickly -- al around great software. I've also used BTV for years-- it's nice to have software that does what it says it will do and does it well. I have never gone out on the web to leave a review of any product, or service.

The fact that the software is really good is one reason I write this review, But the extraordinary support is what makes this a 5 Star product. I don't understand all of the reviews on this website stating that people had issues with the software and that Ben or Milo didn't get back with them. I have contacted them multiple times since we started using the software and they have gotten back to me every time within 1 day.

As far as I am concerned that is exemplary. I email many different vendors from many different lines of products and am lucky to get a response within a week, let alone ever. I truly believe that these people leaving a bad review and saying that they got no response from the team at SecuritySpy, had fat fingered a key on the email address or didn't really even try to contact them in the first place. I know first hand at least two other people that I have turned on to SecuritySpy and they have never had or told me of any issue where they couldn't contact Ben or Milo. To the people leaving negative reviews, please try to email them before leaving a negative comment.

You are throwing people off of a really good product for no reason at all. We sat on that license and we set about installing more camera's in addition to the we already had installed. The following is a list of the installed cameras all are Axis products: Once the computer that would be used for a server was setup and actually began recording we noticed massive file sizes!

We had the compression turned off in SecuritySpy figuring that the Axis cameras would handle all the compression, and overlays and that all SecuritySpy had to do was handle motion detection, and record. That led us to purchase a cheaper computer due to the fact that all of the computer horsepower to handle video processing wouldn't be required due to the fact that it is handled by the cameras.

Unfortunately we were incorrect and Ben sent an email back to me telling me that SecuritySpy will only use the JPEG stream from the camera, not the MPEG-4 stream, and in addition it will always decompress the incoming JPEG video because it needs the uncompressed video internally for processing doing motion detection, adding text overlays etc.

Therefore, if you specify no compression in SecuritySpy's Compression Settings window that is exactly what you get: This clearly wouldn't work for us and the G4 we purchased was now a brick who's little dual 1. I was worried that we would be spending 10, on a new 8 core G5 mac.

Now if that's not service I don't know what is! The Beta version came with instructions to set the compression in SecuritySpy to JPEG, and don't enable the text overlay or transformation features in SecuritySpy, then it will capture the raw JPEG data directly from the camera to the movie files.

Any way the Beta version has been running for a week now, there is a Terabyte drive hooked to the G4 and the files record onto it, that drive filled up with a couple days video before the Beta version. Now with the Beta version running we have only burned up about gig to motion record on all 26 camera's for 8 days of recording. I couldn't be happier.

Another of the really great things about SecuritySpy is it's set up so that you can purchase a license for the server to run on and still have full functionality on an unlimited number of computers for personnel who need to monitor without recording without the additional cost of multiple additional license purchases.

That was probably the initial number one factor in our decision to utilize this software. There are still things that I would like to see implemented into future versions of SecuritySpy. Things like mouse click PTZ virtual joystick on video windows, the ability to capture the streamed MPEG-4 directly from the camera without needing to decompress and recompress back into MPEG-4, and audio support.

But I have never had software that did all the things that I thought it should do, and the simple fact that the team at SecuritySpy is so willing to listen, and make improvements to their product based on customer feedback speaks volumes. To the fine people at SecuritySpy, Thanks for the excellent software, the great support, and please keep up the good work. To anyone who has personal or business need for Mac based surveillance software, look no further.

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