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Work for a mission-driven organization that builds purpose-driven products. Your right to security and privacy on the internet is fundamental — never optional. Please note that while the bit and bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be used to run Firefox 21, only bit builds of Firefox 21 are supported at this time.

Please note that Linux distributors may provide packages for your distribution which have different requirements. We will only send you Mozilla-related information. Please check your inbox or your spam filter for an email from us. Menu Mozilla. Your system may not meet the requirements for Firefox, but you can try one of these versions: Get a Firefox Account Check out the Benefits.

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Firefox Reality Experience augmented and virtual reality with Firefox. Firefox 42 was released on November 3, for desktop and Android.

Firefox 43 was released on December 15, for desktop and Android. Among many additions are the availability of the bit version for Windows 7 and above, a new strict blocklist, and audio indicators on Android. Firefox 44 was released on January 26, for desktop and Android. Among many additions are the improvement of warning pages for certificate errors and untrusted connections, enabling of H. Among many additions were Instant Browser sharing through Hello, the addition of Guarani locale, the ability to filter snapshot output in memory tool, and the removal of Tab Groups panorama feature.

Several regressions are fixed and Graphite library is disabled. Many fixes included are for the cookie header, compatibility regression both , and a regression with the copy and paste with some old versions of some Gecko applications like Thunderbird desktop only. Firefox 46 was released on April 26, for both desktop and Android.

You can download Firefox 21 for Windows, Mac, and Linux right now; official launch is tomorrow

Firefox 47 was released on June 7, for both desktop and Android. It is also the last Firefox version to support Android 2. Firefox 48 was released on August 2, for both desktop and Android. Among the many additions were enhanced download protection and the removal of Windows Remote Access Service modem Autodial. It was also the first official release with "Electrolysis" multi-process Firefox, meaning that the interface and web pages are running in separate processes in the computer was enabled for part of the users. Update Firefox Firefox 49 was released on September 20, for both desktop and Android.

Among the many additions were an updated Firefox Login Manager, improved video performance for users on systems that support SSE3 without hardware acceleration, added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video that let users loop files or play files at 1. Firefox 50 was released on November 15, for both desktop and Android. An important aspect of Firefox ESR Among the many additions were: Added support for WebAssembly while disabled in Firefox ESR 52 , an emerging standard that brings near-native performance to Web-based games, apps, and software libraries without the use of plugins; automatic captive portal detection, for easier access to Wi-Fi hotspots; user warnings for non-secure HTTP pages with logins desktop ; and display of media controls to pause or resume playback on the Android notification bar.

Firefox 53 was released on April 19, for both desktop and Android. Among the many additions are: Starting with this version, Microsoft Windows support is exclusively for Windows 7 and above. Firefox 54 was released on June 13, for both desktop and Android. Firefox 55 was released on August 8, for both desktop and Android.

This is also the last version to support Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Firefox 56 was released on September 28, for both desktop and Android. Starting with this version, Android support is exclusively for Android Jelly Bean and above. Firefox 57 was released on November 14, for desktop and Android with the name Firefox Quantum. Firefox 57 no longer supports legacy add-ons using XUL technologies. Features include a fix for a video color distortion issue on YouTube and other video sites with some AMD devices, a fix for a Google Maps crash on macOS with Intel HD Graphics , the block of an injection of a client library associated with the RealPlayer Free Player which is known to cause performance problems desktop , and a fix for a stop button issue Android.

Firefox 58 was released on January 23, for desktop and Android. Among the additions were: Among the fixes were a fix for an issue in which Firefox Some fixes included one for a tab crash during printing, and one for clicking links and scrolling emails on Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook OWA webmail desktop , and one for an issue in which, if the user cancels a download by exiting the app chooser dialogue without choosing anything, the download continues invisibly in the background Android. Firefox 59 was released on March 13, for desktop and Android.

Among the many fixes were: Among the fixes were those for the missing nodes in the developer tools Inspector panel and the font rendering when using third-party font managers on OS X Firefox 61 was released on June 26, for both desktop and Android. Improvements for dark theme support across the entire Firefox user interface, added support to allow WebExtensions to hide tabs, improved bookmark syncing, convenient access to more search engines desktop , improved security and enhanced performances both , and the fix for a recurring crash on Samsung Galaxy S8 devices running Android Oreo Android.

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Among the fixes were those for broken website loading for Chinese users with accessibility enabled, missing content on the New Tab Page and the Home section of the Preferences page, loss of bookmarks under rare circumstances when upgrading from Firefox 60, launching of downloads without a file extension on Windows, and improved playback of Twitch p video streams. It features added support for automatically restoring a Firefox session after Windows restarts and improved website rendering with the Retained Display List feature enabled, as well as fixes for broken DevTools panels with certain extensions installed, a crash for users with some accessibility tools enabled desktop , and a crash on devices running Android KitKat 4.

Firefox 62 was released on September 5, for both desktop and Android. Firefox 63 was released on October 23, for both desktop and Android. Among the many additions and changes were: Performance and visual improvements for Windows and macOS users, content blocking, WebExtensions running in their own process in Linux, recognition of the operating system accessibility setting for reducing animation; the addition of Amazon and Google as Top Sites tiles on the Firefox Home New Tab page, the removal of the "Never Check for Updates" option from "about: Firefox 64 was released on December 11, for desktop only.

Among the many fixes were those for a browser crash on macOS, video stuttering on YouTube, an update for the Japanese translation for missing strings desktop , and fixes for crashes when Firefox for Android is put in background and when using Web Speech. Firefox 65 was released on January 29, for both desktop and Android. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that Firefox version history be merged into this article. Discuss Proposed since February Main article: Firefox 2.

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