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Windows icons: Add a Comment: Load All Images. This is so awesome! Now I ponyfied everything that I use frequenly Which mean that half of my desktop has pony icons now. Glad you like it! I'll try to update them with more later, I've been getting lazy updating them.

I can't download them, when I click on the first mac one, then the download link, it says the page was removed? Thats weird. I just tested them myself and they still work. Maybe the server was just down at that time?

Try it again. Thanks ill try. Um sorry to be so NOOBish but how do you use these? Not all of them?

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So some of them are? Which programs are you having a problem with, and are you on a Mac or a PC? I've never heard of the problem of being able to change some icons, but not others, that's strange.. PC, HP Laptop.

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There's a slider at the top of the window that allows you to adjust the size. Silkyprime Featured By Owner Sep 23, Yeah, my GF wants them for her windows machine so that's next on the to do list. Prev Next.

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Rainbow Dash Obsessions by SamanthaWolfox. Mac Themes by Thefanfictionnymph.

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Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Heh, I had to redownload it because I accidentally deleted the folder when I was clearing up my computer, Oh well. I'm soooo saving this for the right time. Can someone help me I can't seem to get the zip file for it for some reason Then just click on it.

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Look below the "browse more like this" to the right of the page and the download button is there. Miscombob Featured By Owner Mar 14, I was wondering if I might be able to include these icons in the pony themed OS I'm developing? I would provide full credit, and a link to your deviant art page on the git, and wherever else I put allocate credit.

Sorry for stupid question but