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I know. And all have one in our house, right? So what I decided is that, when it comes right down to it, you are the dreamcatchers. We suffer over them, we do.

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We cry, we suffer more, we throw them out to you, and you do the same thing. You suffer with them, you cry, you love them, you sing, and then you throw them back to us.

And you have been doing that for 37 years. I say, take a bow! And we just want you to know, especially me, when I wake up every morning and I think about my dream job, it does never ever go pass me how amazing you guys are and how really extraordinary it is that you still love to come and listen to our music.

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I feel so blessed and so lucky. You have been so lovely tonight.

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So thank you very much for this wonderful evening, everyone. No doubt, Stevie, Lindsey, and John would say the following: Thank you so much for making this possible. We truly are incredibly lucky, like Stevie said, to still be doing what we love to do. And no doubt, without you guys and girls, we cannot do this without you. So thank you so very much. No doubt, again, not a night goes by without us saying, take care of yourselves, and more importantly, in this sometimes extremely crazy world we do live in, be kind to one another.

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Any info on Albany NY June 19? Ticketmaster shows no info on this concert and the list above does not list an "on sale date" as it does for all the other added dates. Whats up?

No confirmed Albany Ticket info yet Likely on sale Feb 1st and it'll likely be Ticketmaster as all their other events at Times Union are sold through Ticketmaster: Well, they are skipping a full show in New Orleans this year; they filled the arena in They are, instead, playing Jazz Fest which probably means a half set, maybe less. Damn, but I'll be there most likely. It can be pretty hot outside here in May! Post a Comment. A complete itinerary follows this release.

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the release of the iconic Rumours album and in conjunction with their Fleetwood Mac Live tour, Fleetwood Mac, one of rock's most enduring, beloved and successful bands will also be reissuing an expanded and deluxe version of Rumours on Rhino Records January 29th. The expanded edition includes the original album, the b-side of "Silver Springs," a dozen unreleased live recordings from the group's l world tour and an entire disc filled with unreleased takes from the album's recording sessions.