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The whole collection was ok. I only picked up a couple of items that I thought I didn't have yet. Flip , however, is gorgeous, but I already own too many variations of gold eyeshadows.

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You can pass up on Deep Shade if you already have Deep Truth while Strokes looks like Expensive Pink except the latter is a bit more orange. Femme-Fi is a repromote color from Neo-Sci Fi, so if you missed out on that color pick it up because it makes an excellent highlight color or you can go to your nearest CCO and hunt the Neo-Sci Fi version of that. I chose the Redhead MSF because it can make a great highlight and would pair up nicely with a bronzer to give you that California glow. This collection's Mineralized Skinfinishes MSFs were a bit different from your usual swirled MSFs since it has four splits of color you can either use different ways or make your combination or use it all together.

It's almost like a bigger version of the eyeshadows from the Red She Said collection, except in blush form. Golden Pink. Golden Bronze. This is also my fave liner to tightline with HG status for sure!! I hate mascaras that are a PITA to take off. It doesn't volumize a ton, but that's okay. Plus the whole "beauty tubes" technology is pretty cool. Ecotools Powder Brush - I loooooove Ecotools brushes.. Sonia Kashuk Crease Brush - this is the one where the bristles form the shape of a "bullet" I can also see this working well to apply loose mineral makeup.

Visine - I bought this for my contacts, but ended up using it to foil my eyeshadows! I love the convenience of multi-use products: It comes in a good range of colors, too: Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer - my everyday go-to concealer! Maybelline Define a Brow pencil - this is the drugstore dupe of MAC's eyebrow pencils the ones that twist up, not the ones your sharpen.

Olay Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream - I have to admit, I have no idea if this stuff really prevents wrinkles, but it's amazing as an eye moisturizer! It's also one of the only drugstore eye creams that didn't irritate the skin around my eyes! I also really like the smell - it's not too overpowering which is a huge plus since I can't stand the smell of most drugstore lipsticks.

Well it's been quite a while since my last post - mostly because I've been busy, but also because unfortunately none of the recent MAC collections have interested me very much: If I have 2 that are nearly identical i. So with that said, I had to do some comparisons of these new MSFs vs. Top Row L-R: BUT after swatching it, I knew there was no way they'd be dupes of each other: Redhead is a tiny bit peachier whereas By Candlelight is more of an icy pink, but you can barely tell the difference.

By Candlelight is a bit more pigmented than Redhead though, so I'd definitely use a light hand with this one. This one that I own was actually the last one at my Nordstrom counter They're all in the same "family" I guess you could say, however Comfort is much more "flat" as it doesn't have much shimmer at all.

Warmed is pretty much Comfort BUT with a yellow-gold sheen to it. Left to Right: Actually, both shades of Lip Conditioner showed up nude on me, I just preferred the shade of Close for Comfort better. Out of the lipsticks, I liked Warm Me Up the best I also really liked Spiced Tea, but I already have a bunch of brownish lipsticks in my stash, so I chose to go with something different this time. The All-Over lotion was very silky when I tried it at the counter, but didn't moisturize my dry skin enough for me to buy it I usually use heavy cream moisturizers anyway.

The nailpolishes were nice, but not must haves for me.. I also got Hypnotizing eyeshadow from the Love, Lace collection.. Close for Comfort Lip Conditioner Bottom: Warm Me Up Lipstick. Style Snob Middle: Hypnotizing Bottom: Illegal Cargo.

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One of my favorite things about MAC is their wide variety of eyeshadow colors. But even with all those options, I still had a hard time choosing which ones to get It's a true gold color on the warmer side. As you can see, I'm probably going to hit pan in the center sometime soon: Can be worn to work, school, on a night out, wherever. It's the shadow I choose when I can't decide what color to wear that day, which obviously means it goes with pretty much everything--a definite must have!

This is a very pretty yellow-gold that really brightens up the eye area, whether used on the lid or inner tear duct. But this is an exception! The pic below of the pan turned out way lighter maybe bc of the flash? This is my favorite neutral brown color ever! It's hard to describe Not too gold, not too brown.. Star Violet is a rosy-plum color with gold undertones.

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I love wearing this with a deep purple in the crease, but it's gorgeous on it's own as a lid color. This is my perfect medium-purple shade--not too dark, not too light. And it's a veluxe pearl! Unlike other dark browns, Twinks is more of a rich, plummy-brown, which is my favorite brown undertone on my skin color.


I also really like Antiqued, but it's more of a reddish-brown. I just tend to reach for Twinks more, I guess: Not sure why it didn't photograph that well, but imagine this swatch about 2 shades darker It's what I pick up when I don't want to put on much makeup, but still want to "liven up" my eye area a bit. In this case, I use it as an all-over lid wash--it doesn't give any color to my eyelids as you can see, it blends right in with my skintone BUT it definitely brightens up my eyes. Other than that, it's another extremely versatile shade - it can be used as a highlight for the browbone or inner tear duct, or paired with pretty much ANY other color to give it more of a natural glow.

I can't do pure whites i. Brule is the perfect beige shade for me to use as a matte highlight on my brow bone. I use Shroom for that. I use Dazzlelight specifically for my inner tear duct to brighten up my entire eye look. And of course, it goes with ANY eye look. It's definitely more pigmented than Shroom and Brule another reason it may be too much as a highlight and the texture is smooth as it's a Veluxe Pearl.

It is the top swatch in the photo below, followed by Brule 2nd and Shroom 3rd just for comparison.


I've been blessed with fairly clear skin my whole life yes, even throughout high school! I am super super fair skinned. I may even go pick up a backup. Hey Muse!

I originally was never interested in these upon their release but get Redhead at CCO over a year ago. I never touched because it was so frosty and a bad highlight. But as soon as these came back out I pulled mine out and started messing around with it and am in love. I use the darkest shade as a blush it looks amazing and you can barely notice the shimmer!

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I actually use an angled blush brush for it…and im not heavy handed at all! Now about those MSF. Swatched above Blonde Redhead is a beige rose graduation which starts off with a soft golden beige and works its way towards a light beige peach. Swatched above Redhead Both of these are very pretty but you have to practice some caution during application to get the best results. Available now on MAC counters.