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Artists - F. Read More Edit Wiki. Once again she steals away Then she reaches out to kiss me And how she takes my breath away Pretending that she won't miss me Oh I would bleed to love her Bleed to love her Oh I would bleed to love her And once again she calls to me Then she vanishes in thin air And how she takes my breath away Pretending that she's not there Oh I would bleed to love her Bleed to love her Oh I would bleed to love her Somebody's got to see this through All the world is laughing at you Somebody's got to sacrifice If this whole thing's going to turn out right Oh I would bleed to love her Bleed to love her Oh I would bleed to love her Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

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General Comment Stevie never sang this song This song is so beautiful. It captures the essence of love. True love can withstand this, and he knows his love will continue forever. Sweet song. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I love this song I love it best when Lindsey sings this song in The Dance live.. He's awesome and puts so much feeling into it - the way it should be Actually, one of the most underrated lineups is from Time. Nevertheless, I love this song. General Comment I think Lindsey wrote this song about the band for many reasons but most of all because it shares lyrics with the song "You Do or You Don't" which was also written about the band.

The affair could have only lasted a matter of weeks, considering the time frames of when they finished touring, when recording of Tusk started and when Mick married Sara. Stevie has admitted that she knew the affair with Mick was over the second Mick laid eys on Sara the first time. I know Mick and Stevie have talked up the affair and made it sound like some big thing, but I think they both know it could have blown up in their faces and they are saving face.

Personally I think they fell in to it at a time when they were both heavily into drugs, at a loose end with significant others in their lives, no biggie in actual fact but neither is going to admit that considering the impact on the band dynamics and Lindsey himself. Well that is my take anyway. Stevie sometimes writes songs dealing with more then one person so it could be about Lindsey and Mick.

They had to end their romance, but she still had to see him every day. So this song to me seems all about that. Blow their cover? Trying to do the best thing given the circumstance. He caught her spell much like the rest of us. The charmed hour? Read his account of the two of them in the limousine the night it all started. Fog and… that girl WAS her.

Convinced that song is mostly about Mick. But which others? The cocaine years, for sure. Hey Guys!

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So the music video set out to recreate that specific time period. Obviously she could bend the truth here a little here. Just wanted to see if you guy had already heard this or not. I think the drummer was Jimmy Iovine.


She had a relationship with and he was in at least one of her videos, at drums. When I think of the short half life of celebrity marriages and creative partnerships in this second decade of the 21st Century, the Fleetwood Mac example seems bizarre and improbable. Not only did they stay in the band together, but they both acquiesced to their veiled hazing of each other to be recorded, sold, an performed. Can you imagine such a situation arising now? Who are the nearest modern equivalents? Speculation, of course. Great speculation! Can you imagine seeing someone who broke up with you every day, week or year for the past 35 years?

Especially with all the cocaine! Did Nicks have an affair with Dave Stewart? He was very infatuated by her back then and he admits they slept together. They could all easily go into your next Top 10 list. Whst about Planets of the Universe? I disagree that Planets of the Universe is an angry song. I agree that it is about Buckingham she wrote the original demo, No Light, around Runours.

Anyway, if you listen to the early demos available on the Rumors rereleases , she sounds more depressed: She does get angry at bit: Past , the only thing I want to imagine them doing together is holding hands. Above the table. With a chaperone. Always loved that Rumours was basically a call and response album with everyone writing about each other — even John, making the most important decision of naming it Rumours!

I try to not assume that every song Stevie writes is about Lindsey because of the number of romances she had after him. The booty call aspect of SHN always made me laugh for that reason. Kinda like, call me so I can be the one to turn YOU down, haha! I think at the time that was recorded his now wife was not pregnant. Makes me wonder if either or both of them thought there was still a remote chance for them.

So much fun to read. I would have had to add the following: Thanks Dear! Thanks for pulling all this info together — it was exactly what I was scouring Google for! This was great to read. I think they have a serious connection that will not let go ever. I am sure he loves his pretty young wife and family but Stevie will always be a huge love to him too. It runs deep. Stevie alludes to his darkness … He is brilliant, temperamental and not that great to his women in his young buck days and she knows it would be a bad marriage.

I love both of them. Great music and great life lessons. Viva FM! Take a look at my musical weblink. I also happen to have an English website, here: Great post! Great Post, thanks. Does anybody think their onstage swooning and touching is a bit of an act? I sometimes think so.

But I also have my eyes peeled for every gesture. In publicity photos, they are usually touching, unlike she and John or she and Mick. It would be hard to be Mrs. Buckingham and have that to deal with. He has the look of someone still tormented. Hopefully, he at times remembers his being adored by so many. We want him to be happy. I also think Tusk was their best album, totally underrated but it was probably impossible to follow the success of Rumours.

Beautiful Child was my favorite Stevie song off that album, although I think it was about Mick. Honey Hi is my favorite, I think it was about Dennis Wilson.

Fleetwood Mac - Bleed to Love Her

I love that you know all of this stuff and I love Fleetwood Mac they are my favorite of all time! A brief history of their relationship on that song! The only group of 5 people playing music with whom I have actually cried while listening to and in their concerts, the many times I have seen them. I love that they can work together giving the fans like me what they can give us showing that love changes form… but it goes on forever.

Thank you Stevie and Lindsey. I love you. It is about Anne Heche. They met on a flight to LA and went together for a year or so. Lindsey writes about her delusions and her twisted ways. Below is a helpful link. Scroll down to trivia. Say Goodbye broke my I cried when I read that. I could feel the huge headphones pressing in on my head as I looked at the Rumours album sleeve cover for the thousandth time! Just getting updated on all of this! But, in any case, watching the live concert from Boston I think that already happened. She has good taste in that Guitar man for sure! Amazing how that lead to so many great songs from both sides!

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I read that Angel is about Mick and Sara snout the aborted baby. I have always been a huge fan. I was at a Stevie Nicks concert and she was about to song Landside. But now that he has passed away. I can finally say was it was really about.

Top Ten Songs Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Wrote About Each Other

I took pictures of her singing this song. When I looked at them later. There were orbs of Light everywhere. Some believe in the afterlife. Stevie has stated several times that Angel was written about Mick Fleetwood and her affair with him. Just want to say how glad I am that i I stumbled upon your post. I have also been mesmerized by Stevie and Lindsay for many years and still find them fascinating.

I would love to see them reunited romantically.

Top Ten Songs Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Wrote About Each Other

One thing is certain though. Their stormy lifelong dramas have produced the most amazing songs. I love them all but my 2 personal favourites are landslide and say goodbye. I rarely cry so if I feel in the mood to, those are the videos I watch. Nothing like a good bubble to cheer you up. Thanks again for your so interesting post. My husband and I just separated a week ago. As an engagement present he took me to see Fleetwood Mac in Nashville 10yrs ago. At a break in the lyrics we turn to look at the stage.

We all know the rumors Stevie is a witch. I swear we have had the same type of wildly passionate love. The hostility, the breaking of one heart string at a time until your soul is raw. What makes it worse is he has terminal cancer. The emotionally and mental abuse is crushing me. I feel thrm in my soul.

I began thinking about relationships in terms of Stevie and Lindsey. What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song and why? July 3, by hipstercrite. Previous Post Next Post. Tucker Max is a Douchey Douche April 5, Reply Cathy Benavides July 3, at Reply hipstercrite July 3, at Have you watched The Dance yet, Cathy? Reply Matthew H. July 4, at Reply hipstercrite July 4, at Reply Dawn B.

August 2, at Reply Laura lee Olson July 13, at 6: Reply jfcrawford October 6, at 1: Reply Casie Gaston June 6, at 2: Reply Rachel July 3, at Reply Letty July 3, at Reply hipstercrite July 3, at 3: Thanks for sharing. Reply Benny July 3, at Reply Young Urban Amateur July 18, at Good call. Reply Barbg April 25, at 7: Reply Stefani July 3, at 1: We were just listening to Fleetwood Mac in the office this morning.

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Landslide is hands down my favorite song. I even love the Billy Corgan cover of it. Reply Regina April 16, at 9: Reply M July 3, at 1: Reply hipstercrite July 3, at 2: Reply KayDelongpre July 3, at 1: Reply KayDelongpre July 3, at 8: Reply N July 3, at 2: Reply Lisa July 10, at 4: Reply Lilibet July 3, at 3: Reply Sara August 21, at 7: Reply Sandra July 3, at 6: Reply shane33 July 3, at 3: Reply hipstercrite July 3, at 4: Reply darkcat July 3, at 5: Reply Anne July 3, at 6: Anne July 4, at 8: Reply shane33 July 6, at 3: Stevie has even referred to Mick as a large child.

Judy November 19, at 6: Reply BeckiB July 3, at 4: One of the all-time bests! Reply AmyL September 18, at 9: Reply i suck at names July 3, at 6: Reply Anne July 4, at 9: Pretty sure she told him it was about him too.