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SAM Broadcaster Pro Mac Edition

Nextkast Internet Radio Automation Software is written and designed to give the user a professional sounding radio station without the learning curve of other automation software. Music Master — MusicMaster music scheduling software.

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BroadWave — This runs on any PC as a server to stream live audio. A free version of BroadWave is available for non-commercial use only.

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DJ Soft — Radio automation software. Automatic volume leveling, timed announcements, block rotations, advertising volume enhancement and more. MixTime — Radio automation donate-ware, make a donation based on your proposed use.

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OcenAudio — This is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor. Available for all major operating systems. Again, it runs on all platforms, is stable and free. It is ideal for recording shows, voice overs, jingles and making commercials.

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MP3 Normalizer — For Mac users…If you are uploading MP3 to Auto DJ you will need to trim the silence off the start and end of each MP3, level the sound so they are all the same volume your listeners will thank you for it and maybe change the bit rate to match your package k for example. This could take hours using Audacity etc, but this app does it all in a trice in batch mode. Add meta data to a range of file types with MP3Tag free.

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Add artist and track name to your files so the correct details, such as current song playing, are displayed correctly of your website and elsewhere.. Envato — for a wide range of website themes, audio, graphics and image elements, check out Envato.

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  • It allows you to easily create and manage volunteer sign up sheets, and you can define four different types of events: Single, Recurring, Multi-Day, or Ongoing. Your radio station is compatible with a variety of online radio broadcasting tools.

    Best Radio Broadcasting Software You Should Know

    Take advantage of our free 7 day demo and start your online radio station with the help of our Radio Manager. Try it for free! StudioKing is the perfect tool for live broadcasting Offering you all the key features needed for quality broadcasting.

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    Easy to use Because the radio software was designed specifically to work with RadioKing servers, it is incredibly simple to use. Microphone Talk live anytime using your computer's microphone.. Jingle insertion tool It's easy to play jingles and sound clips during your live broadcasts. Record Coming Soon Record your live broadcasts so that they can later be downloaded as podcasts. Download StudioKing The greatest of radio broadcasting software. Download StudioKing for Windows. Broadcast with your favorite software Your radio station is compatible with a variety of online radio broadcasting tools.

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