How do i open unix executable files on a mac

What is a Unix Executable File? Why is it doing this? | Mac Support

That's what I'm looking to get out of this. Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need.

See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center , please edit the question. If you get back something like No manual entry for foo , you can try GNU info instead:.

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Not all Unix and Unix-like OSes have GNU info on them, but a lot do, and it often gives more information about a given command than the classic man page does. If you do have info and it doesn't know about the command, you will get something like No menu item 'someprogram' in node ' dir Top' at the bottom of the screen. Press Q to leave info. Programs are often owned by some package manager on such systems, and you can also ask the package manager about the program.

For the sake of example, we will say that you are interested in someprogram , and you're using a shell with the which command. The "native" OS X package manager is somewhat of a hidden OS feature, and it isn't used for everything, but it's worth a try. The pattern is the same as above:.

If you have installed one of the third-party package managers Homebrew , MacPorts , or Fink there are similar commands to get information about packages they own. If you're dealing with a program installed outside any of these systems, you're probably dealing with a GUI program that is happy to tell you all about itself using internal mechanisms. About box, Help, etc.

Classically, the BSDs haven't used formal package managers, but over the past several years, FreeBSD has been slowly moving toward the use of pkg , a. Perhaps someday the vast majority of programs installed on a FreeBSD box will be installed via pkg , but not today. If you have a program installed via Ports , and you can figure out which Port installed it, you can probably get what you want with this:. That tells you what's in the file, but of course not in a language readable by normal humans.

As a rule, binary executables aren't readable by humans. Even scripts are not readable by most humans. Really, there's no magic way to get the information you seem to expect. It's just not there unless the output of myprogram --help satisfies you in this particular case. Executables are intended to be read by computers, not by humans.

Open document that was sent as Unix Executable File?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. That did it. Is there a re better way even if I have to download something extra to get output in a readable format? The strings command outputs code mixed up and every word on its line. The way your question reads though you want man pages, but from what you said about jasonwryan suggests otherwise.

DEB-Based Linuxes (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint...)

If we're talking about a command you can run at the shell prompt, there should be a manual page: First find out which package the program belongs to: The pattern is the same as for RPM. Please help. See More: How to open Unix Executable File on Mac. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: The files are probably not really unix executable files at all, and they certainly won't be if they came from Windows. Mac computers will always identify a file as a "unix executable" if it doesn't know what application is required to open it. This is usually because the file has no filename extension the three letters to the right of the dot.

If you can add the correct extension to the filename, your Mac should then know what application to use to open it. Thanks for the reply. I have the same problem. I've added both txt and doc extns to two separate unix executable files on my mac but am still unable to open either one.

mac open unix executable file

All were originally word files but over time and machine upgrade, they have become 'unix executables'. Any other suggestions?

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  • What is a Unix Executable File? Why is it doing this?.
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