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You can use it on multiple-monitor setups, but you may have to bump up the sensitivity more than on the Expert Mouse. You can clean this model the same way as the Expert Mouse—just pop the ball out and wipe any gunk inside. Although the scroll ring is chintzy plastic, it feels much smoother to scroll than the gritty wheel of the Expert Mouse. The Orbit with Scroll Ring is comfortable to use right- or left-handed, and the two buttons on either side of the trackball are easy to reach.

The ball, while small, is smooth and easy to use, and the MX Ergo can tilt 20 degrees to provide a more comfortable position. The Logitech Options software has most of the settings you need to customize the MX Ergo and its eight buttons. With this smaller ball you need to put in more effort to move the cursor across the screen: Using the Kensington Expert Mouse, you can move a cursor across a 4K monitor with a small swipe, but on the MX Ergo it takes a couple of turns of the ball, even if you have the pointer speed set to maximum.

As with the Expert Mouse, you should do this every couple of weeks to clear out dead-skin bits and other gunk. The MX Ergo has eight programmable buttons—twice as many as the Expert Mouse, and three more than the M—and one non-programmable button on top to switch between paired computers. Like every other trackball we tested, the MX Ergo lacks fast scrolling. If you need to make small movements, this model has a button on the side to toggle precision mode, but I never used it and ended up reprogramming it.

Rozette Rago.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The stand also stabilizes the MX Ergo when you use it in its flatter position. The MX Ergo has a soft plastic coating with a section on the bottom right molded to fit a pinky. The MX Ergo comes with a magnetic metal stand that allows you to keep it flat or angle the device at 20 degrees; I found this upright angle more comfortable, but the MX Ergo works perfectly well in either position, so you should be able to find a good neutral position for your setup.

Using Logitech Flow, you can pair your MX Ergo with multiple computers and move the cursor between them just as you would on a multiple-monitor setup. The MX Ergo also supports Logitech Flow, which lets you move the cursor between multiple computers—even between a Mac and a Windows machine—on the same network and copy or drag files from one computer to another. Unlike both of those models, however, the MX Ergo uses a rechargeable internal battery instead of AA batteries.

And it has a fast-charge feature that Logitech says will give it enough juice for a full workday in a minute of charge. You can connect the MX Ergo to two computers simultaneously via Bluetooth or a Logitech Unifying dongle; using a button on top of the MX Ergo, you can swap between the computers.

The MX Ergo has a tilt feature, two more buttons, newer software, Bluetooth, and a more modern design, features we think are worthwhile for most people considering a trackball. The MX Ergo has a one-year limited warranty—shorter coverage than the three-year warranties of the M and Expert Mouse, and the five-year warranty of the Orbit with Scroll Ring—but most of the defects the warranty covers usually appear within the first year. If the MX Ergo is too expensive, or if you want the cheapest good introduction to the world of trackballs, get the Logitech M Wireless Trackball.

The M has a bigger hole on the bottom than the MX Ergo, which makes popping the trackball out for cleaning easier; for this task, almost any pen will work on the M, while the MX Ergo needs something the thickness of a chopstick. The M has five buttons: Similar to the MX Ergo, the M is made of molded plastic with a small divot for a pinky to rest on. Whereas the MX Ergo has a soft-touch plastic coating, the M is covered in a smooth, hard plastic. Instead, you use Logitech Control Center, which has the same features but an older look.

Logitech Control Center also lacks a pointer-acceleration slider, so moving the cursor around multiple monitors or high-resolution displays is harder. Control Center has an outdated interface, and Logitech may not support it as long, but it can do all the same things as Logitech Options except Logitech Flow. Logitech promises 18 months of battery life for the AA-powered M; judging from Amazon reviews , that claim seems accurate. The M comes with a three-year warranty.

In a survey DOCX published by trackball maker Kensington, respondents listed their top three reasons for switching to a trackball: Trackballs can be useful for people with a repetitive strain injury in their shoulder or wrist because using these devices requires different muscles than using a mouse. Cornell ergonomicist Alan Hedge pointed out to us that a trackball is most useful if it helps you keep your hand in the correct position: Thumb-operated trackballs are usually right-handed only, but other than the trackball itself, they work just like traditional mice.

This frees it from the strain associated with sliding your mouse around. A mouse is one of the few components of your computer that still requires moving parts, and those kinds of parts wear out and fail over time. Cheap mice fail most quickly, but even high-quality mice are subject to wear and tear. Part of this is due to entropy and the planned lifespan of things like click sensor. Provided the buttons stay in good shape, a trackball can outlast a high-quality office chair.

Kensington K Trackball by YangSheng. You might need a little time to become comfortable with a trackball. This is especially true for small, precise movements, to which trackballs are typically more sensitive. Trackballs with large balls are often the best for work like this, since they allow you to control the cursor more minutely than those with smaller balls. These pointers implement something like a pistol grip, sitting comfortably in your hand rather than resting on your desk. Green is my color, so naturally I wanted a green mouse ball if I could get one. Other buttons are programmable as well with Linux.

By Andrew D. The ERGO still worked but would occasionally get stuck when the support pegs would catch the pock and cause the ball to resist - not enough to really hurt anything but just enough to make digital drawing difficult and just enough to annoy me. This replacement ball has taken care of that for me and has proven to be a worthwhile expense for me.

By Matt Morgan. Looks nice enough, ball rolls easily Looks nice enough, ball rolls easily, buttons are a bit stiffer than I'd like but not unbearable. It doesn't cover everything, but it's nothing to sniff at. By Benjamin B. The advent of arthritis and tendonitis had put a real damper on the amount of time I was able to spend on the computer.

Even though I was a longtime user of the Microsoft trackball, it did help alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome. The ability to depress the button without bending the digit seems to minimize stress on the joints. By delicateflower Super uncomfortable and the ball falls off the mouse way too easily I honestly hate it.

My right hand hates it more though. I ONLY use trackball mice and this one seemed simple enough so I didn't think much could go wrong, but after just maybe like a week of using it I was experiencing the uncomfortable, beginning signs of carpal tunnel. So, not recommended for people with small hands at the very least, but ALSO not recommended because the gray ball basically just sits on top of the mouse, loose.

By Avery Davis. Computer glitch Oops Loved this mouse until it all of a sudden quit working. The return window has expired by a month. It is now a brick. I only had it for a couple of months. I got on my computer this morning and the pointer didn't show up. I rebooted the computer. Still no pointer. I went onto the installed software to see if it was something in the settings and when I hit the software shortcut a square came up saying no mouse was plugged in. In WAS plugged in. I tried different ports The thing is as dead as a "doornail" and now it goes into the trash can. Computer technician determined it's a Windows 10 update glitch.

By 4EverOnline. Love it! This mouse is fantastic. I have been using it for five months now and love it. I was stuck on the old Logitech trackball which was a great mouse except it is no longer available wired, and there is a premium to buy an old wired one which is also older technology. Step into the current decade and, if you're like me, overall you will be pleased with the Kensington.

Which Keyboard/Mouse for Mac Mini?

The larger ball is more maneuverable across the screen, is very smooth and is responsive. The trackball is removable and can be kept clean The pointer's response to my old Logitech trackball began hanging and jumping, most likely from dirt that can't be cleaned or removed in that design. By Mark J. As new, the buttons "stick", dis-assembly and cleaning fixes.

I bought this a month ago hoping to love it. I've loved my Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse for a very long time, barring that it quickly becomes dirty. I hoped that this trackball would be self cleaning due to the hole on the bottom under the ball. So far so good on that front. This trackball had a major flaw, though, that drove me to distraction. Every time I would press one of the buttons it had a little "catch" before engaging the microswitch in the usual clicky way. It was like there was a little flash of plastic that hadn't been cleaned up before assembly that was rubbing on the button but that was not the problem.

I call this major, because, when you are working, being distracted by an annoyance is the last thing you want. By Jason Doege. By Microsoft. Quite possibly the best trackball ever made Quite possibly the best trackball ever made. Still using them even though they went out of production like 2 decades ago - fortunately, refurbished units are still available online for reasonable prices.

It's been a definite help in keeping my carpal tunnel syndrome at bay for a quarter-century now. By Valdis Kletnieks. I just ordered my third one. I have what I think is a larger than normal hand, so I find most mice and trackballs are too small for me to use comfortably. This causes my hand to tire out rather quick. This trackball however is of a decent enough size for me to rest my hand on without much fatigue.

Web and folder browsing is definately faster with those. The scroll wheel button as a double-click also is a nice option. By hoagamaniac. It works like a rebuild It works like a rebuild. I was disappointed that the metal contacts inside the trackball get clogged too frequently. Ridiculous that I have to clean a new trackball more than once per week.

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Because they are so hard to find and expensive once there, I put up with this. My arthritis prefers this mouse. Otherwise, I would have returned it immediately. By Dawn Durden. By Hermitshell. The case is very rigid, and does not deform under a reasonable amount of force. Inside is lined with soft microfiber, similar to what is found in some eyeglass cases. At first I wasn't sure what to do with the cord, but I ended up just letting a bit of cable out of the tie and folding it over the wrist rest.

So far it's held up to a month of traveling to and from work in my backpack without any visible wear to the case, or to my trackball. If you're getting a Kensington Expert Mouse you should, it's awesome and intend to take it anywhere, I strongly recommend purchasing this item. By Scott. If your Expert Bluetooth Trackball travels, it's peace of mind Not something I expected to find, but very much glad I did since my trackball travels with me. Case is hard and rigid, feels strong and should protect easily against incidental damage.

By Nicholas. Designed for Use with the Wrist Rest This was made with the assumption that the user would use the wrist rest--a bad assumption. This makes the case very large and unwieldily. Perhaps they could offer a similar case fir use without the wrist rest. I currently use the Expert Mouse in my office, in my living room where I use my laptop and carry one with me in my laptop backpack, I like these trackballs and just ordered another one last week. It would be nice to have a decent case but since I don't use the wrist rests, I had to return these cases.

By Don Gosney. My last one the one this one replaced lasted 7 years. And now that I have a spare, I can maybe get it refurbed By nuke. Buying a used one is safer on the wallet, but there are also much less expensive options sort of. Updating a bit for Fall - thanks! Other options used to be the Logitech Optical Trackman as it was somewhat-similar in size and also wireless, but is now discontinued and expensive.

By NM.

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A fan for nearly two decades! After more than 15 years, my trackball is hanging in there.

Why Your Mac Needs a Trackball Mouse - Apple Gazette

I enjoy its shape. When I first got it, I had a ganglion cyst and was in pain. My goal was to reduce pressure on my index finger by clicking with my thumb. It worked. I eventually healed and never went back to a regular mouse. We had two. After one kicked the bucket, my husband replaced it with a Kensington Orbit Trackball. He is pleased enough, but MSTE is still our favorite.

I only write reviews when I think i can really help other people by sharing information. I film a lot but when editing comes, I can spend 9 hours editing per day. Weeks ago I started feeling some pain in my shoulder, after doing some research I realized it was a mild case of RSI. Surely, I realized that to stop RSI you need to tackle chair, posture, desk, keyboard, etc. So, keep that in mind when reading my review. So, lets talk about the mouse. I tried several vertical mouses, I tried ergonomic mouses and even some gaming mouses, the pain was the same and with some of them even worst.

I tried the logitech m trackball and found that the way its built you need to use your thumb to handle the trackball. By Alan Brain. Works great for me! I've been using trackballs ever since I got my first Mac Performa in It's a personal choice thing, but after all these many years I have no carpal tunnel and I don't have to have the extra mousing space on my keyboard tray. I type reports for a living, so I spend at least 8 hours every day at my computer. For the past years I have been using a PCAlly Glitterball trackball, which has functioned remarkably well probably because the ball is heavy for it's size and is on steel rollers , but lately the old Glitterball's right mouse button has become somewhat sporadic in response, so I decided to try something new and see if I could get used to it.

I bought one of the Logitech M's but alas the ball was not heavy and it seemed somewhat "scratchy" and was hard for me to move it smoothly.

10 Best Trackball Mice 2018

By Retired and lovin' it. Rollin, rollin, rollin In typical Amazon fashion, the wired and wireless reviews are lumped together. I hate that Amazon does this, because it skews the rating system. It's basically the same product, but if there are tons of issues with the wireless feature, it would be good for viewers to know. The reason for my purchase was so that the user, my daughter, would not be tethered to the computer and forced to sit next to it.

When I was a teen, I bought a similar Kensington trackball with a generous amount of cord. I would play games on my computer from the comfort of my bed. This is similar to how my daughter now uses it. I point this out, just to show the flexibility of using a trackball.

By CoolWing. I use this to review lengthy documents when I know I won't be on and off the keyboard. I sit way back from the monitors, lean back and navigate with this device resting on my lap or with my arm on the armrest of the chair. This position relieves strain on the shoulder and on the heel of the hand. I use this Yumqua in conjunction with a Kensington Orbit wireless trackball which is pretty great too. I switch from one to the other throughout the day and this helps relieve strain on my shoulder, wrist and hand.

Singleton Mosby. Works Great in Bed Very handy when surfing the web in bed. The picture does not describe how to use it. The thumb is on the trackball never touching the wheel. The wheel is best operated with your palm. The trigger is the Left mouse.

The upper right button is Enter. The upper left button is Esc. Both lower left and right button next to the wheel is the Right mouse. WIN10 'Enhance point precision' should be turned on. The DPI setting does not seem to make a difference. Because it is RF, and not IR, it works through pillows. By Amazon Customer. A Better Mouse I love this item. It was delivered within the promised two days. It was sturdily packaged and easy to open. It seems well built but really haven't used it long enough to be objective, It works as I had hoped.