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There are many answers to a similar question on Stack Overflow. Chris Page Chris Page 5, 1 29 In Mavericks Thanks for Drag and Drop tip: Also broken for me in Olive - after I upgrade to Yesomite shortcuts no longer worked for me: One thing I noticed, and this is with El Capitan, is that you have to select the folder in Finder single-click on the folder that you see inside finder. The way I expected this to work is that it would open a Terminal window in the current folder. In fact, you have to select the folder within the window. If you want to use iTerm instead with Go2Shell, see this answer to bring up the preferences.

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Or in short, type open -a Go2Shell --args config to bring up configuration. The latest version cannot be installed through the app store, but from their website zipzapmac. Mark Szymanski Mark Szymanski 8 Launch Automator. Select "Application": Choose "run Applescript": Paste the code below: I mostly use this function: Reuse an existing tab or create a new window Terminal: As of If you assign the New Terminal Tab at Folder service a keyboard shortcut, it doesn't work in column view.

They use the folder on the title bar instead of requiring you to select a folder first. They reuse the frontmost tab if it is not busy, e. Lri Lri You can do this with the service feature. Jeroen Leenarts Jeroen Leenarts 2. It works well with high sierra! ShellHere http: Graham Perrin Graham Perrin 5, 8 57 OnMyCommand http: My MacOS version: Enable services: This is tricky.

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The accepted answer already contains information on how to use the built in service, so there is absolutely no good reason to repeat it as a separate answer! The accepted answer shows how to enable that service, it doesn't tell a word how to use that service. Thus the answer of skytree provides indeed important insights. There is no need to show the Path Bar to use the Service. The question asked specifically about " right click inside any instance of a "Finder" window such that I have an option that says "Open Terminal Here" " and the accepted answer addresses this without the need to reiterate right-click on the target object to access the checked service, as Services typically act upon the selected object in Finder.

Dead link: This is the reason why link only answers have a short life or should be checked regularly to stay alive. Neat trick. There is an updated version of the very nice and slim Open Terminal Here posted by vgm64 and d0k. The change was made by james david low. He published the new version on his site. Just download OpenTerminalHere. What is special about it is that it always opens a new tab if a Terminal. Very useful! I also noted that the style of the button of the application better fits the Snow Leopard Finder. Also, you can copy an item from the finder using command-C, jump into the Terminal e.

For more information see here: If you install Big Cat Scripts http: I don't think it comes with an Open Terminal Here applescript but I use this script which I don't honestly remember if I wrote myself, or lifted from someone else's example:.

Open Current Folder in Finder from Terminal of Mac OS X

Similar scripts can also get you the complete path to a file on right-click, which is even more useful, I find. It's a bit more than you're asking for, but I recommend Cocoatech's Path Finder for anyone who wishes the Finder had a bit more juice. It includes a toolbar button to open a Terminal window for the current directory, or a retractable pane with a Terminal command line at the bottom of each Finder window.

Plus many other features that I now can't live without. Very mature, stable software. Ok, I realize that this is a bit late Anyway, I've found installing the pos package via Fink a prerequisite in this case, maybe there is something similar for those who uses MacPorts? You get two commands:. Yes, you have to switch to the Terminal window before writing cdf, but I suppose that's quite cheap comparing to clicking a button in the Finder toolbar.

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And it works with iTerm as well, you don't have to download a separate Finder toolbar button that opens an iTerm window. This is the same approach as proposed by PCheese, but you don't have to clutter your. If like me you turn off the Finder toolbar, this Service adds an item to every folder's contextual menu: I fixed this by adding the close command after activate. This close the first Terminal window. Jonas Abdullah Jibaly Abdullah Jibaly Read more about locked posts here. You can even assign command keys to them. You can also do this from the command line or a shell script: Chris Page Chris Page Doesn't work on Yosemite.

Everything in my answer works on Yosemite Do I have to restart Finer? I don't why but I have enabled New Terminal at Folder service but it didn't work.

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Paul Alexander Paul Alexander PCheese PCheese 3, 24 The point isn't to open a finder window at pwd , but to cd to the directory in which finder is open. Also note PCheese's answer; it is probably more useful for heavy terminal users! This is awesome! And then you have an icon shortcut that when clicked will terminal from any folder. Nadolson Aug 26 '15 at 0: Henrik Hartz Henrik Hartz 3, 1 21 I created a bundle with 3 apps for the finder toolbar.

The other two apps do: I don't think it comes with an Open Terminal Here applescript but I use this script which I don't honestly remember if I wrote myself, or lifted from someone else's example: