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Updated Review. I contacted Aspyr directly and they were able to email me a steam activation code. I am downloading it now. I really appreciate them standing behind their product. I had previously tried Apple Support, but since this is a third party developer, they were not able to assist me. Since the disc does play and the application is on the disc, I did not contact the seller.

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Game was sealed in box and worked almost perfectly. The game would occasionally crash on startup but I think that was probably a computer issue on my end. I have a brand new iMac If you go to [ The graphics are great at the higher resolutions, but you play at a snail's pace a friend has the XBOX version, and it is 10x faster than the fastest on this version. Well, the long wait is over for Mac users, our version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is here, and I'm feeling a bit let down.

My advice to Mac owners is to pass on buying this game, unless Aspyr comes out with a patch for Mac that lets us use it with the various Logitech gamepads, like they did with the PC version. If you're a Logitech gamepad user, like myself, you'll be pretty pissed off that--even though Aspyr has supported the Logitech controllers for PC users--they are not currently supporting Logitech gamepads on the Mac platform. I wrote to tech support, and got confirmation of this but no explanation. For me the fact that my logitech gamepad won't work really reduces my enjoyment of this sort of action-based game.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed plays a lot like The Tomb Raider Anniversary Addition game, and if you tried to play that both with and without a gamepad on the Mac, you'll pretty much know exactly what I mean. I'm at the point where I'm not sure that I'll keep playing it.

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Don't get me wrong, NWN2 was great with a keyboard, but this just isn't that kind of game. What is apparently supported on the Mac platform is an Xbox controller. We're Mac users, most of us are not going to run out and spend a bunch of cash on a Microsoft controller, that will probably never work with another Mac Platform game. That would effectively be more than doubling the cost of this game. If Aspyr does come out with a Logitech gamepad Mac patch for this game, I think at that point it will be well worth the money to buy Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Mac.

One person found this helpful. I usually switch over to my windows 7 bootcamp partition for most games so am thrilled when i don't have too. The game was a little sluggish at x or what ever it was. I wasn't sure how they were going to integrate a new story into the movies but i have to say i liked it. Coming of Dragon Age it was a nice change of pace. Lots of mindless fighting. Ok, here is my One main complaint. The box says you can use an xbox wired controller but I could never get it to work on my mac partition. Yes, i downloaded the driver from that tattiebogle site and i selected xbox in the drop down.

By the time i was comfortable with WASD the game was almost over. Hope this helps any other mac gamers out there. Great game. The only problem I have with this game is how large the install of this game is on my hard drive. If you are on the fence about this game, check your hard drive and make sure you have enough space to cover 25 gigs. I don't exactly remember the specific amount, but if you can cover 25 gigs, this game is definitely a must play. But then I heard about the ultimate sith edition and oh boy is it awesome! Works perfectly on my mac. No problems.

Five stars. I read multiple reviews saying that the PC version of this game was awful. Then I thought It's not hard at all, just patience-testing read: It took a long time since you only have [literally] a few seconds seconds in between waves to pull it down after repositioning. The whole time I was talking out loud to myself saying the same words over and over; "Why would you do this Why would you make this To save a couple seconds after each wave of tie fighters, you can just begin pulling without running back to the center of the platform.

The game just brings you back there automatically. The best way to beat the Star Destroyer is to take the game back to the store, tell them it's defective, get a refund, and buy something better. It's pretty amazing that the developers took what should have been one of the coolest moments in the game and made it the most infuriating and badly designed.

I seriously want to break the damn disc. I don't know if anyone's tried this but i fully updated my Fortitude and Resiliance and i managed to pull down the destroy as the tie fighters were comming at me.

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My health was in the red i believe and i was playing on Apprentice difficulty, dunno if you take more damage on harder levels though. But i totally agree that cut scene is worth all the frustration.

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I've been having a great time with The Force Unleashed, but as Jedi Master Jeff reports in his review the difficulty can be pretty uneven. You go from having a blast landing multiple combos on hoards of fool stormtroopers to facing a single boss that just won't fall over no matter what you try. The most frustrating boss, for me, was definitely the Star Destroyer , so I thought I'd share some advice on how to take it down as the game itself offers little. The basic plan is to use your unleashed force powers to rotate the destroyer into the right position such that you can pull it down to the surface of Raxus Prime.

When you have the destroyer grabbed, you're presented with a diagram of the two analog sticks that allow you to push it right or left, up or down. Easy enough, but the destroyer itself sends an unlimited number of waves of TIE Fighters to try to take you out. You can only take a small number of blasts from those pesky fighters, so while you're hiding from them the destroyer slips out of position.

The trick to this is to take care of each wave of TIE Fighters as quickly as possible, so that the destroyer doesn't drift too far out of alignment. What worked for me was hiding behind the left bit of cover and do my best to use Force Grip to snag a TIE Fighter out of the air in the small window of time it gives you to do that.

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I would move left after a fighter flew by to the left while experimenting with the timing of the right trigger to find the best time to grab them. Eventually you find the rhythm of it. Once you've grabbed a TIE Fighter, try your best to maneuver it back to the middle of the screen so you can throw it at another and get two, or more, for the price of one.

Grabbing those floating engines and flinging them into a TIE Fighter works as well, but the aiming is odd. I found dragging it to the middle of the screen and giving it a fling right as a fighter cruised by worked best for that. Once you have the Star Destroyer grabbed, and close to position, it seems to float off again without allowing you to pull it any closer to the ground.

The analog stick diagram says you're fine, so what gives? It turns out even when you're being told to leave both sticks in the neutral position, you sometimes need to move things a little bit more. There's a color around the stick diagram that gives a bit more information. Repeat three or four times. And pray. I'm done trying to get past an obviously bugged part of the game.

I'm not persistent enough to keep at it several dozen times. Again, the real question is - are there any CHEATS out there which allows me to flat out bypass this part of the game? Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last.

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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Star Wars: User Info: This mini game made me uninstall this game, it's ridiculous. This mini game made me uninstall this game, it's ridiculous Same. I haven't been this frustrated in a game since days of the old Xbox and Playstation 2. I get a little angry like all gamers but I actually threw my controller on the ground for this one and I haven't done that since Halo 1 Legendary Library.

This mini game is stupid in so many ways. It goes like this for me.