Customize mac menu bar lion

Is there an easy way to change an App's menubar icon?

I've tried the "translucent menu bar" option in system preferences, but thats not the same at all. I googled quite a bit about this, but I can't find anything.

Any ideas? Tweaking the UI is art in many ways, however, it's not necessarily a function of the interface creating the effect; the elements that compose it background color, wallpaper, dock and icons play a key role. Menu Eclipse 2 Mac App Store link.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I change the menubar transparency in Lion?

Customize the menubar icons - Mac OS X Hints

Ask Question. Ankit Soni Ankit Soni 1 1 4. Watch for updates to fix Lion issues - the developer has completed partial Lion support - crystalclear. I don't know the answer, but MenuBarFilter can make the menu bar black so I would assume it could be modified to make it completely translucent. No more launching Terminal to toggle those settings on and off again, just pull down the gear menu, select which you want, and the proper command will be executed, and the Finder will restart itself.

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4 Essential Menu Bar Utilities for Mac OS X

A few months I released a menu bar utility called ScreenDimmer which grants the user finer control over their monitors brightness complete with multi-monitor support! Hope you all like it, if all the codes get used up I might be able to swing a few more, just let me know: That looks super-useful! Use it a lot as I switch between the two for work.

Bartender — without a doubt the best menu bar app. Allows you to customize which icons show and you can toggle showing all the icons.

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Meteorologist http: Also has support for multiple locations, forecasts, weather maps, etc. Bartender http: Clear out the ones you rarely click. This lets you run a lot, but only show a few. When you need them, click the Bartender icon to see a submenu with the remaining menu items. Bartender — http: The more menulets you have cluttering up your menubar, the more you need Bartender. It collects them all up individually selectable under a submenu and cleans up the menubar appearance immensely.

A more feature-rich menu bar weather application is Meteorologist Meteo , by Joe Crow. Find it here: I use Streambox for playing Pandora, beats the Adobe Air ack thpt!

How to customize your Safari toolbar in macOS Sierra

The menu shows me all sorts of geeky stuff. You can pay in the app store, or download it directly from the developer: William — have you tried iStat Menus? Flux is only active after sunset and before sunrise, and can be disabled at any point. Tried f. The defaults are set to extremes.

I spent a few times tweaking it — and could tell a big difference when in my basement office florescent lights — when set correctly the screen appeared just as white — but not as harsh.

Change The Notification Center Menu Bar Icon In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

I may have missed the information but does the weather app work worldwide or is it aimed for the USA only, in the UK the weather is a bit of a preoccupation: Wonderful litte program. Scroll Reverser — http: Nice ones! I recommend for webdesigners and web developpers: Little Ipsum http: Name required.

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