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Connecting to Web Folders on Mac OS

The name of the Network or Domain where the server lives. Your user name on the server. Your password on the server. As there is no browsing feature when connecting to Windows shares, choose Connect To from the Go menu in the Finder. Enter "smb: A dialog box then prompts you to authenticate yourself: Enter the name of the workgroup in which the server resides, your user name on the server, and your password in the appropriate fields.

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The share will appear in the Computer area in a Finder window and on your desktop if you have selected the Finder preference to show mounted shares on your desktop If you enter the fully qualified hostname of your Windows server eg: Customizing Your Network Sharing Settings. Locate the folder you want to share in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, right-click it, and select Properties.

How to Set Up a Home Media Server

Click the Sharing tab and use the options here to share a folder and configure its permissions. Visit the Network pane in Windows Explorer or File Explorer to view other computers sharing files with you. Double-click a computer to view its shared files. You can also connect directly to a computer if you know its name or IP address.

Click the Sharing icon and enable File Sharing. Use the Shared Folders column to choose additional folders to share. Use the Users column to choose which users and groups can access and write to them. Open the Finder, click Go on the menu at the top of the screen, and select Connect to Server.

How do you set up a local testing server?

But supporting a range of Mac, Windows, and web clients is not easy. That's why HELIOS cross-platform server solutions, backed by 20 years of development and experience, are the preferred way to bring true cross-platform client support to any server, with fully integrated support for Mac, Windows, and web clients. File systems and network protocols for Windows, Mac, and web clients are complex, and difficult to integrate. Mac and Windows users can simply browse for these shared network volumes and print queues, the same as local resources.

The real complexity of providing the cross-platform integration is handled transparently, with Mac native files, and Windows native files stored in a format compatible with the server file system.

Mac file sharing (AppleShare)

For example, hidden file resources for both Mac resource forks and Windows NTFS streams files are preserved, even during cross-platform file access. If a volume is shared by both EtherShare and PCShare, cross-platform file and record locking is used. WebShare clients get the same file access and cross-platform support, in a highly secure manner, using any web browser.

The HELIOS advanced printing system provides a superior printing system to manage the printing needs of any size operation. Its features are available to all network clients. Custom login notification scripts allow additional filtering capabilities to determine whether to deny or allow a login request.

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Mac OS X: Connecting to a file server

HELIOS file server solutions are used extensively in mission-critical environments such as newspapers, where hundreds of users, high data volume, and unyielding deadlines leave no margin for failure. HELIOS master processes generate separate processes for each active user, to enforce file security and process safety. Failure of one client process does not impact any others.

This designed-in reliability and server fail safety also allows great scalability to support hundreds of users, and millions of files. HELIOS servers are relied upon in aerospace, government, retail, insurance, cosmetics, music, and other enterprises, as well as ad agencies, book, magazine, and newspaper publishers, and printers. Users get the fastest network throughput, and indexed file searches for each volume yield extremely fast find file results.