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Be sure to try a voice with different speaking rates and pitch to find one that intones clearly. Zoom Zoom allows you to use keyboard shortcuts and gestures to zoom the display in and out, letting you get a close-up view of a screen element, or back off to see a wider view. To access the Zoom options, return to the Accessibility preference pane and select Zoom from the list in the left-hand sidebar.

Zoom provides a way to enlarge areas of the screen for easier viewing. To enable keyboard control of the zoom functions, place a checkmark in the box labeled Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.

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To enable gestures to control zoom, place a checkmark in the box labeled Use scroll gestures with modifier keys to zoom. To have the zoom be applied to the area of the display currently in focus, select Zoom follows the keyboard focus. Display Display allows you to modify display options to make it easier to view the screen. These options are in addition to the basic Display preferences available in the Display preference pane.

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Display provides a number of options, including enlarging the pointing cursor. Display contrast: This slider can be used to increase the overall contrast of the display. Shake mouse pointer to locate: Placing a checkmark here will cause the pointer to enlarge horizontally when shaken. To access speech options, open the Accessibility preference pane, and then in the left-hand sidebar, select Speech. Use the System Voice dropdown menu to select a voice to be used system wide.

Invert Colors On Macbook Pro El Capitan

The Mac comes with a number of voices installed, and a large number of additional voices are available. You can then preview the available voices, and select additional voices to be downloaded and automatically installed. You can use Speech to pick a voice to be used for announcements and reading selected text. The Speaking Rate slider can be used to speed up or slow down the speaking rate. Use the Play button to hear an example of the currently selected voice rate.

How to Change a Mac Displays Contrast with Keystrokes & Software

Place a checkmark in the Enable announcements box to have your Mac speak when alerts are displayed or apps need attention. The Options button allows you to select a different voice to be used for announcements. You can have your Mac speak any text that has been selected highlighted by placing a checkmark in the box labeled Speak selected text when the key is pressed. You can then use the Change Key button to select a keyboard combination to be used with the speak text option.

Accessibility Features will cover the remaining categories: Media, Hearing, and Interacting. These categories include settings that allow the Mac to take dictation as well as be controlled by voice commands.

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You can also control your Mac using one or more devices, including a keyboard, mouse, joysticks, gamepads, or other dedicated devices. Name required.

What Is The Keyboard Shortcut To Invert Colors In OS X Mountain Lion?

What is good for? Why i need to chane display contrast? Good trick for who?

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  5. Sorry about my English. Decrease display contrast: Name required.

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