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The Squamish Nation is in support of the project. Oil and Gas Industry, that shows six per cent of the workers in oil and gas identify themselves as Indigenous, a total of about 11, people making generally betterthan-average wages. The message of financial gain from co-operation with industry — dubbed. Indian Chiefs and an ardent environmentalist, makes it clear he thinks fracking is a problem. This was a different postal vote than the others the province has held in this century. The level of participation was satisfactory, but British Columbians who did not cast a ballot readily admit to being confused.

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The Research Co. Once the non-voters are removed, the result of the exit poll is 61 per cent choosing to retain the existing system and 39 per cent opting to change it. The survey was designed to have a larger proportion of non-voters, in order to prop-. The No. While some non-voters also claimed they never received a ballot 18 per cent or simply forgot to mail it 17 per cent , nothing came close to the uneasy feeling of being in the dark. The notion of a process that would have done more to engage the more than half of British Columbians who chose not to exercise their right has been discussed prominently in the aftermath of the referendum.

Some have openly questioned if the provincial government did all it could to inform residents, and whether a discussion devoid of politics would have made a difference in. The exit poll suggests that the process was likely more to blame than the appetite of residents for a different system. With this different question, 15 per cent of British Columbians who voted for first past the post in the referendum would switch to support proportional representation.

A further 15 per cent of these voters who endorsed the status quo would be undecided. Simply put, a less political and more participatory process could move some voters who disliked the choices on their ballot. Still, more than half 52 per cent also believe we should take no further steps at this time aimed at changing our electoral system.

The concept of a legislature that is more representative of vote totals is popular. The way in which the decision was put to voters was not. I will offer some words of caution about. Reading the result of the referendum as a barometer of possible political allegiance in the next provincial election — whenever it may happen — is misguided.

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The analysis goes like this: This is simply not supported by data. While BC Liberal voters from were decidedly more likely to support first past the post 82 per cent , only 53 per cent of those who voted for the NDP and the Greens favoured proportional representation. The numbers do not point to a disenchantment with all policies, simply a disagreement with one. Pick-your-poison elections — yes or no, in or out, remain or leave — are decidedly different from provincial ballots. Our province has had experiences with this conundrum before.

In , many assumed that the defeat of the postal vote on whether to keep the harmonized sales tax HST in ridings that had voted for the BC Liberals signalled the demise of the ruling party. A real estate sign sits in front of a house in Vancouver on June 12, Commercial real estate agent Peter Morris says many home owners should appeal their property assessments. Assessment, said the sheer volume of properties the assessment authority has to evalu-.

Assessment is doing things wrong necessarily, but there are a lot of factors in play when it comes to assessments being incorrect. Assessment supervisor Tim Down, said the biggest factor is the number of properties on the provincial roll. Assessment, has 2. According to B. Assessment, changes in property assessments reflect movement in the market. Assessors take into account current sales in the area as well as the size, age, quality, condition, view and location of a property.

Assessment says only two per cent of property owners appeal each year. Morris believes that number would be much higher if people better understood the process.

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There are more than two million properties assessed and not enough assessors to go and visit all two million every year so they use a computer model. Morris said his book offers tools to help property owners better un-. Assessment during an appeal. That way, he argues, they can better compare their properties based on price per square foot or land area.

Those who feel their property assessment does not reflect market value as of July 1, , or see incorrect information on their notice, should contact B. Assessment as soon as possible. Property owners may submit a notice of complaint by Jan. Climate change doubled B. The newly published study adds that global warming is likely to have increased the amount of land scorched in the fires by up to 11 times.

Study author Megan Kirchmeier-Young. She says more researchers - using new statistical methods, better data and more powerful computers — are linking overall warming to local events. In , 12, square kilometres of forest burned in B. That was a record until last summer when 13, square kilometres were devastated. Maya McCutcheon from Fort St. The Community Arts Council sends out Christmas cards every year and chooses work from a regional artist to showcase their extraordinary talent, Redpath added. Her parents are great guides for her but she did the negotiating all by herself.

She is so inspirational and a real example for other young artists to follow. Really, she is a good example for any age. Her preferred medium is watercolour with alcohol. Mel said they used a Canadian printing company and made greeting cards. To help First Nations get projects going, the coalition provides a forum for discussions and consultations as well as expertise Gone are the days of treating First Nations as stakeholders.

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They are governments, they have interests in their territory, they have economic and. The Kenney Dam project is the most advanced for the coalition, but Edwards said he has received requests to look into electricity transmission projects as well as the potential for a provincial loan guarantee fund. Maya McCutcheon, 9, is a young artist whose Snowman piece was showcased on Christmas cards sent out and available for sale to the public by the Prince George and District Community Arts Council.

Maya wants to make pottery bowls and she wants to use a wheel to make them.

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As far as making other items to sell, Maya was thinking of making light switch covers and bags. Maya has a loan from her parents that she has to pay back. After some trial and error, Maya began paying her parents back as she sold her work, understanding a profit margin and how her profit increases as she prints more. For the community arts council project, Maya was able to fund it herself, which means all the profit stays with her. We are pleased to see how confident she is now. The project will direct overflow water from the dam southwest of Vanderhoof to a generation facility and restore water flow to a stretch of the Nechako River that was choked off when the dam was built in the s to power the Rio Tinto Kitimat aluminum smelter.

The project has been proposed in various forms for decades.

The coalition, along with independent power producer BluEarth Renewables Inc. So I think more of this has to happen. The Pettersens became active members of the Sons of Norway Ski Club and cut their own cross-country trails closer to their home on Harper Street through stretches of pine forest in what is Pettersen now the residential area west of Spruceland Mall. Canmore is now the home of the Europeans made his name promiIn , on the way back from national biathlon and cross-country teams and is widely recognized as one of the top nordic ski facilities in North America.

Writing the book gave him a chance to In November , Pettersen released a page self-published book, A CrossCountry Ski Story, which took two-and-a-half years for him to write. S6m4-cHcE www. DS05GE www.

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