Installing windows xp on external hard drive using a mac

Step 3: Step 4: Run the boot camp installer, if prompted, point at the ISO download of Windows 10 in your Download directory. This will partition your hard drive and take away space from OSX, this will be temporary. If need be, back up all your files to an external hard drive or the cloud to make room for Windows Step 5: Allow Boot Camp to complete the installation; your Mac will reboot and install Windows. Step 6: Step 7: Step 9: Step This process will take some time. Close WinClone. Choose the second drive. You are now in Windows! Be careful not to unplug the drive until you shut down Windows.

Windows is stubborn operating system so it follows some certain rules while installing. So install directely on Mac Machine Hard Disk to get better performance. Virtual box will only work if your doing simple task like command line programming or listening song or office work, but if you want to work with some Graphics related software , then don't go for it.

Press and hold the option key on the mac while booting in order to bring up the boot selection screen. You can then choose the USB drive to boot from. Buy yourself a license for the Parallels software. Parallels stores your entire Windows installation in one single file, you can place this file on any drive you want including a USB drive, I believe. Google for Parallels to learn more. I am not affiliated with Parallels or Apple in any way, this is not an advertisement. Sign In.

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How to install Windows 10 on Mac using an external drive

See the inner workings of your code in action using PyCharm's industry leading debugger. The bootup process can take a while, so be patient. At some point during the installation, Windows will restart your Mac. When it does, your Mac will restart with the normal Mac OS. You need to be present to hold down the Option key and select Windows to start from.

To complete the Windows installation, run the Boot Camp Setup app to install the needed Apple drivers. Once the installation completes, all your Apple hardware, including wireless keyboards and mice, should be working. Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My apologies to all for my typo in all of my replies.

If the moderator could go into my replies and change those acronyms, it might save confusion for others. My MacBook Air on Mojave tried installing windows 10 October update and April update and it keeps bringing me to the recovery screen to enter a password saying to unlock the disk.

2. Boot Windows On Your Mac From An External Hard Drive

I am able to select the EFI boot and this is what happens. When I enter in my password it just restarts to Mac OS. The external drive is a WD Passport. Followed all the suggestions with enabling efi. Any suggestions? I had that happen to me too. There are two things I had to do: Each time gets easier and I went from it taking two days for just my first attempt to get me to where you are, to my fourth fresh restart taking only 40 minutes start to finish, sitting on the Windows desktop all set up and perfect.

The results and wrinkles of the install can be random because the series of steps we go through working with the innards of a virtual software, a virtual machine, AND the Mac OS, add in the code for a new OS on the VM, and then the timing of certain things that go on during the install and on the Mac side, and the several boot-reboot mount-unmount, episodes…. Unexpected results happen and it takes some start-overs to get a seamless and smooth performance. And today my son came home to tell me again how incredibly fast and flawless it is working even running all the CAD programs.

It takes way more time to troubleshoot the recovery issue than it does to just start over from scratch a few times until it gets it right. And when it does, it looks exactly like the instructions say it will.

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I realized with the Samsung T5 that it is very important to first install the drivers for the SSD or HDD on the Mac side and not trust whatever automatic install of drivers it does for you when you connect it. Ours is Mojave. Wrinkles happen that fresh correct drivers iron out. I know nondetails why.. You HAVE to do this. And one of the drives was already erased and formatted anyway so I lost the driver. I was able to download just the drivers from their sites and installed them. Set the aside and ready to install but not yet. But now It was always created before going into VirtualBox and VirtualBox identified it correctly too.

I had to reformat again and reinstall the bootcamp drivers from the Mac side again. So I reformatted and redownloaded to the USB. Took longer than the Windows install. Lol Then Windows had no problem. My explanation of the Bootcamp USB wasnt quite right, but it is explained below in my post on January 26, 4: Thank you for the tutorial Tom.

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I need help with the name of my SSD. I still need to get my bootcamp drivers loaded to my newly booted Windows system. I formatted the USB at the start of this process exactly as the tutorial said: Just now Windows would not recognize the file system on the USB and kept asking to format it. This may be due to the more recent OS X versions. Lucky me. I noticed it added 32 to the end. It automatically makes it a MBR by default, so there is no setting for that.

Then, I went back to my MacOS and it sees and writes to it no problem. Crossing my fingers. I have some important answers to many problems below that went unanswered that I will provide, so that any new readers of this tutorial can be helped through those things if they run into them. Followed all instructions. Windows installed to my USB3. When I star with option pressed only mu macos drive shows. Is this a Mojave issue? I just finished mine on a MacBook Air with Mojave.

The key to having it show is to make sure that EFI partition remains there when you install windows. You will see it when the Windows installer asks which drive to install to. My reply to the comment just below Jason explains all that and how it impacts opt-boot. Hope it helps! I have followed your walk through x3 now and when I go to reboot after the win install and hold the option button down, I only get my Mac HDD. So I boot up my Mac and go to Startup. The Win external drive is there and I select it and then restart forcing it to boot of the Win external drive.

Any ideas? If my memory serves me correct, I believe it has to do with the formatting of the SSD, of which I ran into every problem with mine. You do this step when you are creating the virtual machine inside VirtualBox. I did it right after I selected the existing virtual hard disk file. You go into settings and select EFT there. I think in the System tab, but it could be the General tab. There were tons of reboots for me, so kind of a headache.

I went straight through from the beginning to end in about 40 mins. After four days. It sounds more cumbersome than it really is. Goes much faster each subsequent time. My notes on change required are listed here: I believe he covers the EFI with pictures too. Really great work on his part. I also have some additions to what he shares coming soon. In the meantime leave a post with any questions. Any idea what i did wrong?

I have the same issue as Laura. The bootcamp. Please can you help me? Remove that file, and try that command again without quotes. I created the bootcamp. What I am missing??

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Same thing happened to me. After you select all files from the drop down menu, you will be able to select it. So I get all the way up to the installing from the virtual box part. I was able to get it all set up with a combination of tips from comments and the guide. Anybody than can help? I am able to install the windows files onto the external HDD, however, when I try to boot from the drive after shutting VirtualBox down before Windows is able to restart , I get a blue screen of death every time Windows tries to load, which then makes my computer restart.

Not sure what is wrong??

Tech Tip: How to Use Boot Camp on an External Drive | Other World Computing Blog

Any ideas or help? I was having the same issue when attempting to install the October release of Windows 10 Home, but found I could successfully install the April release. Windows10 is successfully running through the VM but when I restart my computer and hold down options the only option I am given is to select the mac startup disk and my wifi network.

Early thanks. I did everything listed here and everything worked fine. However when I restarted my macbook and went to the Startup, only my Mac drive showed up. Has anyone else come upon the problem that the April 18 Windows 10 update will not install on an external drive? Thanks for the great step-by-step. I had to eject the external drive remain plugged in and eject and actually unplug the external drive a bunch of times until I was able create the virtual environment using the bootcamp. In other words, it took several of tries to make the bootcamp. From then on it was clear sailing.

Hey Louie, Just wanted to know whether after installing W10 on your external drive you are still able to use it to store files in it like any other external drive. You can but keep in mind you got the normal windows file structure Users, Windows, Programs etc. I suggest you to just start over from scratch.

I had this problem as well when installing the October release of Windows 10 Home. So I have managed to get everything in the installation processes to work up until Windows Setup. Does anyone know how to fix this? I also tried Windows 7 installer with the same problem — the drive stops responding. Are there additional steps that I will need to take to make this possible?