Mac hard drive power on hours

This is a healthy average figure for the age of this computer.

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In the window that appears, click the Power heading at the left, and then look at the Cycle Count figure on the right, beneath the Health Information heading. Note that this setting is a firmware value within the battery itself, so will not be affected by any reinstallation of the operating system. To discover this information, download the free-of-charge smartmontools app , right-click the installer, select Open, then opt to install the app. Update 25 Jan Whoops, it looks like the smartmontools installation package is broken.

You might have to expand the Terminal window horizontally to make everything line-up. This figure is approximately the number of hours the drive has been powered-up since it was installed in the computer. With my 1. Because of this, the hard disk might actually be awake even though the computer is not being used, thereby skewing the power-on figure from our perspective.

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Note that this setting is a firmware value within the disk itself, so will not be affected by any reinstallation of the operating system. Just open a Terminal window as described above and paste in the following:. Then look at the date listed in the output, approximately in the middle of the line. Do you know of any other clever trick for working out how much a Mac has been used? You point out that it resets some counts by the Mac related to these metrics you detail — Like hard disk, power-on hours, also reset too?

Good point Smith Jeffrey. My daughter and I had our MacBook Pro batteries replaced within a couple of months of each other about 3 years ago, and I happened to look at both of them with CoconutBattery recently. My daughter, a student, runs hers on the battery much more often. I read this article because I am in the market for a used MacMini. Probably the best I can do, assuming it works OK, is a visual inspection for signs of it being dropped. Has it been used for maybe an hour a week?

Or has it been used each day? This indicates how well-used the Mac is, and therefore how likely it is to continue working. Mac mini is standing still on top of desk. Usually that only happens when the HD sensor notices that the acceleration weird and decides to prepare the disk for impact. Mine is in a Mac Book Pro, so should get a lot more movement… Sorry for the question, but: Well as i said: My general rule of thumb is: Sure you can say: Especially for a mac mini which is not carried around at all!?!

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Thank you for writing this article and for keeping it on line. I found it very useful even after more than three and a half years. All modern hard disks now use the ramp loading method and that, in itself, is not a bad thing. However, there is great pressure for the manufacturers to show their green credentials and power saving is high on their list of desirable features. Other makes of hard disk are also affected.

I also know of a Mac mini that was fitted with a Western Digital Blue drive that was also accumulating head load cycles at an uncomfortably fast rate. This seemed to be caused by a different but related problem that was fixed without having to apply the hdapm fix. There is a range of Western Digital drives that are specially optimised for power saving.

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WD calls them the Green series and markets them specifically as secondary storage devices, pointing out that they are not meant for use as system drives because they unload their heads after as little as eight seconds of idleness. WD makes a whole variety of products that are optimised for different purposes — the Red range for NAS use, the Black range for performance, the Blue range for everyday value.

It seems that while the Green drives unload their heads after eight seconds, the Reds and Blues have a longer idle timeout of five minutes, while the Black ones never unload the heads simply to save power. WD gives this timer a name, Idle3, and it seems that there are batches of Red and Blue drives out there that have the Idle3 timer incorrectly set to eight seconds in the factory. EXE for power users to adjust this timer.

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To conclude, then, the head load cycle count is a problem, especially for Mac users who have mechanical hard disks. For other makes of drive the hdapm tool works well. Saved us some bucks and hazzle, as we are running a bunch of mac pros and hackintoshs with complex raid arrays. Some other worrying thing with the FreeFall Sensor count. I have a iMac from late with hours run time. Fully updated.

What is next to do? Thank you so much for this easily accessible article. It had accumulated almost a mio. Got a Z7K and noticed the ridiculous growth of lccs.

How Many Power-On-Hours Does a Hard Drive Usually Last?

Using hdapm and your. Thanks again! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. So I installed smartmontools either use MacPorts , fink or Homebrew and checked: