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This new feature allows New York Times links to flow, with reader annotation, through the growing network of Weblog sites published with Radio 8. The NYTimes. UserLand has been able to secure a deal with the NYTimes. In order to take advantage of this generous offer, download Radio today.

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It includes a full editing controls including a spell checker , a three pane newsreader like many e-mail packages , and tabbed browsing. Step by step examples of how to use FM Radio. Free day trial download. Purchase FM Radio. Use your browser to post items to your home page and write stories. Powerful publishing. Update your site through Radio's one-click publishing. Upstream files, documents, and pictures to your website by dropping them in a folder. Let Radio do all the work. Get news delivered to you.

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Subscribe to hundreds of news sites and personal Weblogs. Radio automatically gathers news from all of these sources and displays them on a convenient news page. You can easily publish this news to your weblog with two clicks of your mouse. Become a Web Service. Radio automatically turns the content on your weblog into a XML feed that can be syndicated and subscribed to by other Radio users. It works through firewalls.

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Radio enables you to publish your weblog through a firewall or NAT. Get your own Web URL. Every Radio user gets free hosting of their website for one year with their purchase of Radio. No need to pay extra hosting fees. Works with any Web hosting service.

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Radio sites can be sent to any ISP. All you need to do is enter your FTP account information. Works Offline. Edit your site while on the road or disconnected. Since Radio lives on your desktop or laptop, you can add to your site even when not connected. When you connect again, Radio will make all the updates for you. Easy navigation. Radio enables readers to access back-issues of your weblog through a intuitive calendar on the homepage. Every day has its own URL.

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Full content management system under the hood. Templates, stories, pictures. Macros and a complete scripting engine connect to Radio's powerful content management environment.

macOS Sierra 10.12.6, Security Update 2017-003 El Capitan, and Security Update 2017-003 Yosemite

Super-quick setup. After downloading the software you'll be editing your first site in your browser, in the time it would take to get a cup of coffee. Complete control. Change the look, fonts, colors, type, and more. Friendly community. When you start your Weblog you are joining a huge community of other webloggers.

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Radio includes information on your site's traffic, referrers to your site, and recently updated sites. Radio automatically connects you to this community, no additional work is needed. It puts an industrial-strength HTTP server on your desktop. Full content management system. Apps run in the browser. Server software and data are on the user's system. Even C, Java and Microsoft. NET software can wire up to the Radio desktop over the Internet. You can play a leading role in building the new open XML-based Internet. With Radio, the Internet itself becomes a scripting environment.

The apps we've bundled with Radio show that it works, and are provided with full source code, so you can see how they work, and get new ideas. Radio's success shows that users like having control of their data, and the uniform performance of Web apps that run on their desktop. And Radio makes it easy for you to create new applications that go far beyond those that we've created. Radio UserLand Radio is an easy-to-use Weblog tool that runs on your desktop. Reviews from press and customers. Standaard , zijn de "like it "toetsen niet geactiveerd op de Alpine website.

U kan deze activeren na een eerste klik op de toets. Met de tweede klik kan je je voorkeur doorsturen van de pagina dewelke je wenst aan te bevelen.

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