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Brick Brick 1 6 Using custom paper sizes actually falls to the printer driver, via the Page Setup window. In Pages, select "Page Setup" from the File menu. Pixelwiz Pixelwiz 4 7. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. So under View first I want to show the Rulers. So I can see here I've got inches as my measurement. I'm going to also show Layout. You can see the body text here and you can really see that it starts at one inch from the left and there's one inch on the right and there's a full inch at the top and bottom.

Now switching the margins is really easy. All you need to do is go to the documents sidebar. So click document here. Then go to the document margin section here.

Selecting Basic Print Settings - Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7

So, for instance, if I wanted a 2 inch margin on the left I could just change this number to 2. You can see everything shrinks on the left. Even the header and footer make way for this extra margin. So you can set these to whatever you want. So setting margins is actually pretty easy. Document size is a little different. Here you've got a printer and paper size at the top and you can select which printer you want. But, you know, it really doesn't matter which printer you use.

It's the paper type here that matters. Now notice that you can choose from a bunch of standard paper sizes like in the A4, or US letter, or US legal but you don't have the ability to actually set the numbers here.

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Much appreciated. Vicki, hi, yes, mails I get from readers tell me you're not alone. Try this: If you do, select it and then 'print' to PostScript.

I've just tried it on my old Mac where I don't have full Adobe, but do have Adobe Reader - and it worked. Please let me know if that solves the problem. I'll post and you will save a lot of grief for fellow Pages users. Alexander, Hi, thank you for the post. I did try your suggestion.

Adobe reader is installed and in My Applications, and on my dock.

Pages for Mac: Set paper size and orientation in a Pages document

But when I try print it does not appear in the drop down. I did try to save as post script again, and dragged to preview just as you said to see if it worked, and it did not.

Create a custom Page Size, Template, and JPG Export in Pages, iWork 2018

Any ideas on why Adobe PDF does not show up even after insatlling it? I installed twice to make sure. Thank for your help Vicki. Vicki, hi, I think I spotted the problem. Let's forget Adobe for now. Click ok and close the document. You'll have to shop around where you are to see what's available.

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