Changer langue google chrome mac

Choose Chrome's main menu button from the top right corner of the program.

How To Change Language on Google Chrome[ Tutorial]

It's the one represented by three stacked dots. Search or scroll through the list to find the new languages you want to add to Chrome. With the new languages now at the bottom of the list, use the menu button to the right of them to adjust their position in the list.

How to Change the Default Languages in Google Chrome

You can also use that menu button to delete languages, to display Google Chrome in that particular language, or to have Chrome automatically offer to translate pages to that language. Language settings are saved automatically as you make changes to them, so you can now exit Chrome's settings or shut down the browser. The mobile Chrome app can translate pages, too, but there isn't fine control over the language selection like you have with the desktop program.

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Share Pin Email. Now, when you want to change the language a web server detects when you visit a web page, you click the Move to the top button. Google Chrome, however, is still displayed in English United States. If you want to change the display language of Chrome, read on. Google Chrome is now shown in the display language you prefer.

The Easiest Way to Change Chrome's Default Languages

It is also possible to add another profile, person to Chrome and change the language for the new profile. Share this article Sharing is caring! Do you care about a safer world wide web? I think you do! Help other people with this information. You can use the social media buttons below. Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Tumbler.

How to change your language in Google Chrome

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