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Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (HQ)

Website optional. News Wieder da! Fleetwood Mac mit ersten neuen Songs seit 10 Jahren!

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Links ProSiebenSat. Wenn du deinen Besuch fortsetzt, stimmst du der Verwendung solcher Cookies zu. Discography Listings: In the recently produced " Classic Albums " showcase revolving around the making of the album Rumours , Lindsey Buckingham states that "'Second Hand News' was considered to be the front-runner for the opening track on Rumours , and in doing so, keeping with the pop element since it was a pop album. It is this song that sets the stage for the mood that surrounds Rumours , an album that was created around feelings of hope and heartbreak, resignation and love.

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Although the uplifting music of "Second Hand News" traps the listener into a world of make-believe happiness, by the end of the song, Lindsey 's painful lyrics and emotional guitar solo transcend the song to the silent emptiness that precedes the next chapter of dreams lost to a world of loneliness. Lindsey says that the uplifting dance music of "Second Hand News" consists of "Scottish-Irish-Folk" influences and to get this effect, he opted for more of a dance beat.

While creating this song, he had heard "Jive Talking" by the Bee Gees and "pulled a couple of textures from that. According to Lindsey , musically, that is the "essence of the song. This is not the first time that Lindsey creates optimism around the music of his songs to clearly disguise his feelings, specifically those that revolved around his relationship with Stevie Nicks. We see the hope-filled confusion that surrounds " Monday Morning ," the bittersweet angst in " Go Your Own Way ," and the relinquishment and eventual surrender in "Second Hand News.

I know there's nothing to say Someone has taken my place When times go bad When times go rough Won't you lay me down in tall grass And let me do my stuff The imagery within the first two lines are quite sad and display feelings very suggestive of resignation. Lindsey is allowing himself to accept the fact that his relationship with Stevie is now over, and in his eyes, he has been replaced, possibly by another relationship, and probably by the fact that Stevie wanted to exhibit her independence. Regardless of what the reason was, the saddest part of a relationship is not always when it ends, but when you realize that it's really, really over.

Here, Lindsey has acquiesced.

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The lyrics " lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff ," definitely suggest intimate feelings. It is both sad and ironic that Lindsey wanted to hold onto his relationship with Stevie , even if it was only physical. As well, these lines also encompass what signifies Lindsey 's world.

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His music, his love and his emotions.