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Granular control over devices in real-time has been great for dealing teenagers and excessive internet use at home. In the office, it allows me to provide clients a level of access they need and that I feel comfortable providing. In this last update, I find the UI much more limited and far less useful.

If possible, fing, please look to the previous iteration of the app and either build some of those functions into the web app or place them back in the iOS app. Thank you! I paid for this due to actual security concerns within the confines of my home.

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I live with someone I do not feel is a person living on just one side of the law. I know this by running other checks and finding things that make no sense.

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The FING app was helping me keep track of what was connecting and what it was. As well as when etc. It was helping my peace of mind a little. By reading a previous review.. I see that this is not the developers fault but the company that produces my phone. La interface TAP es una interface virtual que actua como si fuese la interface wifi con la clave WEP configurada correctamente.

Y el PRGA se puede usar para encriptar los paquetes que deseemos transmitir. Es necesario conseguir al menos un paquete de datos recibido desde el punto de acceso para poder iniciar el ataque. If the packet is successfully echoed back by the AP then a larger amount of keying information can be obtained from the returned packet. This cycle is repeated several times until bytes of PRGA are obtained.

The original paper, The Fragmentation Attack in Practice , by Andrea Bittau provides a much more detailed technical description of the technique.

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A local copy is located here. Here are presentation slides of a related paper.

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  4. A local copy of the slides is located here. This section provides a brief explanation of the linear keystream expansion technique used in easside-ng. The foundation is the fact that packets like an encrypted ARP request can easily be identified combined with the fact that the start of it has known plain text.


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    Then it creates a new ARP request packet broken into two fragments. These guesses are sent and the program listens to see which one is replayed by the AP. The replayed packet has the correct PRGA and this value was included in the destination multicast address. It takes a maximum of guesses to determine the correct PRGA for a particular byte and on average only guesses.

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    The linear keystream expansion technique Arbaugh inductive is reverse chopchop. Chopchop decrypts packets from back to the front. Linear decrypts packets from the front to the back. Actually, chopchop is reverse Arbaugh. UDP se usa para recibir los paquetes desencriptados desde el AP. Be sure to use airmon-ng to put your card into monitor mode. First, you need to start a buddy server. This needs to be located on the Internet and be accessible from the system running easside-ng via TCP. Port cannot be firewalled on it. Now you can send and receive packets to and from the AP network which in this case is Notice that you don't need a WEP key to do this!

    The TAP interface is a virtual interface that acts as if it were the wifi interface with the correct WEP key configured. Puedes combinar las dos aplicaciones a la vez: Primero ejecuta easside-ng para obtener el archivo prga. Despues ejecuta wesside-ng con el fin de obtener la clave WEP. You must have written permission from the owner of the AP prior to using the instructions in this section. It is illegal to access networks which do not belong to you.

    This section will discuss what works and what does not work with regards to testing easside-ng against your own wireless LAN. If you change it, then of course, use the revised port number in all references below. The easiest way to test connectivity to the buddy-ng server is by using telnet. Be sure to start your buddy server process prior to doing this test! Cisco Linksys. Popcorn Hour.

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