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Dark MAC Foundation Swatches NCNW58The Style and Beauty Doctor

You also have to remember mac color ranges varies depending on what type of foundation you get. I wear NC50 in Mac Studio tech and dark skin and have no intention of making myself appear lighter than my skintone. Feb 19, 4. One can MIX to match but many women are walking around with the wrong foundation shade. Feb 19, 5. Feb 19, 6. Feb 19, 7. Feb 19, 8. Feb 19, 9. Feb 19, There both very similar but not the same. But many black women have both yellow and red undertones thats why they get away with wearing both. I've wore both on many occassions and it's too much of a big difference it makes me look darker and red kinda like an indian.

The only problem is it doesn't match my chest. Black people have so much diversity in skin color and mac is limited in colors that we can wear. That's why I think many force themselves to match their colors. They issue their foundation colors with those under tones.

In M.A.C makeup "Terminology" Whats the difference between "NC" and "NW"?

NW has a yellow base while NC has a pink base. MAC has many different foundation formulas, so you could use a different shade depending on the formula, but you'd generally stay either a NW or NC. If you ever have questions, the best bet is to call a MAC pro-shop.

Those chicks behind the MAC counter in the dept. The pro-shop folks seem to know their products more thoroughly I would not describe them as the same shade, however I find the shades vary between formulas I don't use their products anymore so I can't comment on the current formulas, also most MUA have their own idea of your perfect shade, so there can be a discrepancy there.

I'm sick of these damn eyebrows!!

Anyone caught between NC50 and NW45

I need to be matched to the centre of my face because my face is slightly darker than my neck. But yassss at you now being able to spot your correct shade: That seems to happen pretty often, BUT that shade may match the perimeter of your face—you just might need to also get a shade to match the inside of your face which on WOC can typically be lighter than the perimeter. Thanks as always for such informative data. This was a great post..

So I would always ask for something comparable in color. I have researched online and even asked MAC makeup artists and they all have different answers.

Since I am really a true NC45, do i have yellow undertones or am I cool under toned? Please help! See how confusing it can be without an understanding of color theory?

Dark MAC Foundation Swatches (NC50–NW58, etc) + Why MAC Foundation Isn’t a Guide

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Re: Anyone caught between NC50 and NW45

Share this post:. Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

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