Wipe mac to factory settings mountain lion

Can I do a system restore without having the discs as I seem to have nothing to use, also I have no Time Machine backups setup.

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Thankfully I have little to no data on the disk that I want to keep, so i'd happily return to factory settings - but I don't know how, or even if this is possible. Here is the screen I am getting on my iMac: With your Mac running in Safe Mode, you can troubleshoot the issue you were having, such as by deleting an application that's causing problems, removing a startup or login item that's causing issues, or launching Disk First Aid and repairing permissions. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Mac - Factory reset / Fresh install on OS X Yosemite

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. So, you don't have a recovery partition? I didn't set the machine up unfortunately. If you have any Virtual PCs shut them down. They cannot be in their "fast saved" state. They must be shut down from inside Windows. Clone to an external drive using using Carbon Copy Cloner. Select the Source volume from the Select a source drop down menu on the left side. Select the Destination volume from the Select a destination drop down menu on the right.

Click on the Clone button.


What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your Mac

If you are prompted about creating a clone of the Recovery HD be. Destination means a freshly erased external backup drive. Source means the internal. Disable iCloud, if enabled: What to do with iCloud before selling your computer. Select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu; repartition and reformat the internal hard drive. Optionally, click on the Security button and set the Zero Data option to one-pass. You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest using Ethernet if possible because.

How to Install (or Reinstall) Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Optionally, click on the Security button. Click on the Erase button and wait until the process has completed. If you purchased Lion or Mountain Lion from the App Store then you cannot transfer your license to another party. I pulled the drive 1 out, checked all the pins and reinstalled into its slot firmly. It goes to grey screen and first tone There is not the "Reinstall the OS X" in my computer. Why not? Now what can I do? Please help me.

I really need my computer for work. Whenever I turn on my iMac, it would load up to the apple logo and shut down after a few seconds. This happened ever time i tried to turn it back on again. I had a bit of hope but nothing ever changed so I decided to erase my disk and was immediately promoted me to restart my computer. When I did, it brought me a a symbol of a folder with a question mark which flashed forever.

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I held the power button to turn it off and hit it to turn it on again while pressing command and R keys at the same time, it brings me a sign of a spinning globe that loads forever. When I restart it and immediately insert its installation DVD while pressing key C, it brings me the apple logo and stays like that for ages. This is freaking me out. I have read and tried so may solutions online but nothing has changed.

Please help me with another way. If I am currently running a public beta of El Capitan, will this method still work and install the official release of El Capitan? There's a good chance that it will re-install the public beta version, since it was the most recent OS installed on your Mac.

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Apple suggests installing from the Mac App Store instead. Now I need to format the new HD. Do I need a utility disk? I never created one on this Macbook Pro can I create a utility disk from a newer iMac? Select the disk from the menu, select your language, then choose Disk Utility from the Utility drop-down menu and proceed to reformat it to the right settings.

Then you can go back and install the OS. Try again later can anyone help me how to recover all the apps without recovery disc and without back up? I am just wondering. Hey Adriel.

Rebooting a MacBook Pro to Its Factory Settings | Your Business

So I'm having a slightly different issue. I've followed your steps, but every time I hit "erase," it brings up a notice saying: Couldn't unmount disk. I've attached a pic of the error. However, on the left one can clearly see the main " But it allowed me to erase the Macintosh HD option.

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  • Rebooting a MacBook Pro to Its Factory Settings.
  • Reinstall Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

Why is that?