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Moys Kenwood, who blags his way around teaching science, said to his class: This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market. The question often arises in liberty movement circles as to how we get to the point of full blown tyranny within a society. There are numerous factors that determine this outcome, but through all the various totalitarian systems in history there are common denominators elements that must be there for tyrants to prevail.

When we can identify these common elements in an objective manner, we make it far more difficult for despotic structures to stand. To come to terms with how tyrants control society, we must first examine how the mind of a tyrant operates, because these people do not in most cases think the way average human beings think. It is one of the few cases in which I would encourage people to otherize another group. Tyrants are psychologically abnormal to such an extreme that is is difficult to classify them as human. I believe the key to understanding the motivations of tyrants and where these people come from rests on our understanding of narcissistic sociopathy.

Narcissistic and sociopathic traits, like many psychological traits, are inborn. In the vast majority of cases, these traits remain latent and do not affect a persons actions or relationships to a great extent. In a minority of cases, however, narcissism and sociopathy become the defining factors of a persons psyche. To be clear, not all narcissists are sociopaths and not all sociopaths are narcissists.

There are people who are low level narcissists who excel in society and retain a conscience. There are low level sociopaths in society that serve important functions in careers that empathetic people would find difficult, such as certain jobs in the military, or in the medical field. Tropical Storm "Gordon" made landfall just west of the Alabama-Mississippi border at The storm is Lighters in high altitude "IndyWatch Feed Survival". Well as most of you know I went elk hunt in Colorado this last week we camped and as always I had my Zippo lighter on me and noticed that it did not like to light and when it did it would go out at first I thought low on fuel I refilled and it would do the same thing is this because of the altitude.

Aries March 21 April 19 Aries, you can expect a much-needed break this week, when a months-long argument over whos more punk finally reaches its anticlimactic end after the other guy moves on with his actual life. Revel in the victory. Its all youve got now. Taurus April 20 May 20 If you love something, Taurus, let it go. But if you hate someone, never, ever, ever forget what they did, even though they apologized and you said its fine.

Gemini May 21 June 20 You are the wordsmith of the zodiac, Gemini, and today is a great day to make sure all your other band members know that your three-hour rock opera about the pet goose you had as a kid is going to be the bands entire deal from now on, and anyone who doesnt understand what an important piece of art The Rise and Fall of Mr. Feathers is to the history of hardcore music can just get the fuck out. Cancer June 21 July 22 Yes, Cancer, we know youre the crab, but please stop calling those things little baby crabs.

Theyre scabies, and theres a string of one-night lovers who are very, very upset with you. Leo July 23 August 22 Its a great week to move forward with big changes, Leo. Quit your job, break up with your girlfriend, maybe shave your head whatever you do, do it with no regrets! After all, it looks like youll have a strange urge to do the same thing right around this time next month, too.

¿Haz hecho alguna vez algo de lo siguiente?

The stars are so weird like that! Virgo August 23 September 22 Happy birthday, Virgo, to the one sign who actually doesnt want to make a big deal of their birthday except Beyonc, who made a whole-ass album about her birthday. Surprisingly, the cosmos says to follow her lead. Its okay to be proud of yourself! Your time is far better spent being hard on your bassist, your girlfriend, your coworkers, your roommate, and your mailman instead of yourself. Make it happen.

Hoja Membretada En Word

Libra September 23 October 22 Lay low this week, Libra. Opt for something, anything, other than a bra-top and open kimono at your new internship. Not only is this a professional office, but your dad works here so just dont make this weird, please. Scorpio October 23 November 21 Paired-up Scorpios can expect a romantic getaway this weekend, where things are sure to get hot and steamy.

And, hopefully, next time your partner will find the extra couple dollars for a private room at the hostel. Certainly, your roommate Bjrki definitely would have appreciated it. Sagittarius November 22 December 21 Sagittarians, be careful to avoid regrettable mistakes this week a DIY haircut tutorial on YouTube will tempt you to save a shitload of money on haircuts. Stay away from your laptop from the hours of 12 a. Insulating "IndyWatch Feed Survival". In an effort to burn less firewood this winter I started insulating the house this weekend. I'm screwing into concrete so it is slow going but it is working.

The insulated walls are now the indoor temperature while the non insulated walls are the outdoor temperature. The belief that the Earth is actually flat and that a shadowy world government tricks the public into believing in a globe-shaped planet has been increasing in recent times. Anyone would say that there is enough evidence that the Earth is spherical. However, and against all logic, there are more people who assert that our planet is in fact flat. Christine Garwood, author of Flat Earth: The Story of an Infamous Idea claims that it is a fallacy of history that everyone from Antiquity to Darkness believed that Earth was flat and that they were only disillusioned with that crazy idea when Christopher Columbus succeeded in reaching America without falling on the edge of the world.

With extraordinary few exceptions, no educated person in the history of Western civilization from the third century onwards believed that the Earth was flat, said historian Jeffrey Burton Russell in The eminent scientist Stephen Jay Gould wrote in the same year that there was never a period of flat earth obscurity among scholars.

Greek knowledge of sphericity never disappeared and all medieval scholars accepted the roundness of the Earth as an established fact of cosmology. And I have more faith in a shadow than in the Church. Fernando de Magallanes Sweet, smooth, and thick homemade coconut yogurt "IndyWatch Feed Health". Editors Note: We recently shared a story with you that the benefits of blueberries might be blocked by yogurt made from dairy so we thought wed share this story with you!

Celine lookbook cover | i like design | Pinterest | Design, Lookbook layout and Editorial design

Now you can make your own coconut yogurt and put all the blueberries you want on it, without losing any of the benefits from []. The post Sweet, smooth, and thick homemade coconut yogurt appeared first on Health Nut News. A charity shop did this with its picture frames and we wish theyd all start doing it "IndyWatch Feed Satire". This is a great story about a charity shop which decided to do something different with its picture frames.

Were only jealous that we cant experience for ourselves the delicious moment of walking in and realising what they hell was going on. Someone who works at a charity shop put Jeff Goldblum in every single photo frame pic. SimonR Simonreah September 1, A New Hope, to give the film its proper title, is the single most influential, and thus arguably, the most important movie of the past fifty years.

Nothing comes close to the cultural, social, and technical impact George Lucass sci-fi soap opera has The People's Bank of China is extending the activities of its Digital Currency Research Lab beyond the countrys capital, opening a new research center in Nanjing. Its official: Theyve retracted happiness. The reason: The paper was not ready for final publication and was put online in error. The paper will be marked as retracted.

We apologize to the author and readers for any inconvenience. The author, Pujarini Das, is a Continue reading Its official: As the waters recede, it doesnt mean that the risk of illness is Read the rest. This joke about two church visitors was made even better by the person who didnt get it "IndyWatch Feed Satire". The great Sir Michael on Twitter does a lovely line in fake notices and messages, that kind of stuff, and here is his latest one.

GREAT day at church! Turns out they're unmarried but living together so I ordered them to leave. Another step towards heaven for me! Sir Michael Michael September 2, Making friends online every single Sunday pic. Sir Michael Michael September 3, Damn why people lose the meaning of Jesus's preachings? Why dont u accept each other? I know you mean well but I have read almost the majority of the bible and I am pretty sure Jesus wanted me to eject that couple from the church.

If he hadn't wanted me to do it, surely he wouldn't have given me the ability to run a background check on them? These people love each other and they were living together as a family. And they wanted to find peace in God's house. Maybe they were planning to get married soon after. Your comics are really uneducated. Hopefully one day you wont spread ignorance and become a better person "IndyWatch Feed Comics". If Bitcoin manages to Continued. Bull Trap? Bitcoin is reporting losses a day after a bull breakout a move that looks similar to a bull trap seen in July.

Just when we were thinking that a steady recovery was in motion the bears have awoken again sending Bitcoin and its brethren south, fast. At BTC has lost all gains in September in a matter of minutes and is dropping back to last weeks price levels. The BitForex exchange is again responsible for the largest volume.

Altcoins are bleeding for the first time in three weeks according to Coinmarketcap. The rally may have been jinxed once again by CNBC with its Fast Money counter trade angle talking up the recovery and getting things completely wrong once again;. Bitcoin rallying today, and jimiuorio has a target near one-month highs. The news that Shapeshift is to move to a full custodial model, requiring KYC for anyone who wishes to swap cryptos, has sparked a wave of protests. Many users have vowed to take their business elsewhere.

For cryptocurrency holders seeking a non-custodial exchange, there are several Shapeshift alternatives to choose from, with varying degrees of privacy. Also read: Swapping cryptocurrencies should not require KYC any more than swapping a dollar bill for quarters. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. In transforming into a custodial exchange, Shapeshift has lost its defining feature that was so pivotal in its success. The vast majority of users didnt choose Shapeshift for nefarious purposes: Having to send money to a cryptocurrency exchange, wait for funds to clear, set a market buy order, cash out, and then complete the withdrawal process simply to jump between cryptocurrencies is a chore.

Shapeshift promised to do the same job in minutes, with no questions asked. AFL chief Gillon McLachlan has once again shown his common touch, revealing a four-a-side polo comp as the centrepiece of this years Grand Final half time entertainment. Fans are in for a treat this year, McLachlan said at a launch event in Portsea. The MCG is fondly known as the peoples ground, so I can hardly think of a more appropriate way to mark half time than with a sport thats played by the royal family. With the disaster of Meatloaf still fresh in the minds of AFL executives, McLachlan said he wanted to make sure the entertainment had broad appeal.

I think we all grew up playing polo in the backyard, didnt we? This is something everyone will relate to. He urged fans to try and catch as much of the game as possible. Grab a box of caviar, swing past the bar for a champagne, and then get back to your seats. Radiating the People: Worrying new claims say childhood cancer cluster has developed around Fukushima radiation zone. Its what post-Fukushima Japan fears the most; cancer. Amid allegations of government secrecy , worrying new claims say a cancer cluster has developed around the radiation zone and that the victims are children.

In a private childrens hospital well away from the no-go zone, parents are holding on tight to their little sons and daughters hoping doctors wont find what theyre looking for. Thyroid cancer. Tests commissioned by the local authorities have discerned an alarming spike here. Experts are reluctant to draw a definitive link with Fukushima , but theyre concerned. I care because I went to Chernobyl and I saw each child there, so I know the pain they went through, says Dr Akira Sugenoya, a former thyroid surgeon. What terrifies parents most is a government they feel they cant trust.

Its created a culture of fear; one which has led a number of women post-Fukushima to have abortions because they were worried about birth defects. The doctors in Fukushima say that it shouldnt be coming out so soon, so it cant be related to the nuclear accident. But thats very unscientific, and its not a reason we can accept, Dr Sugenoya insists.

It was disclosed that the Fukushima health investigation committee was having several secret meetings. I feel the response has been unthinkable for a democratic nation, Dr Minoru Kamata from the Japan Chernobyl Foundation Earn Income Online! Click Here: He works as a Congregationalist minister and lives in California. Maybe we read some celebrated literary works the way we eat kale or quinoayou dont exactly love it but they say its, like, a superfood.

When I first started reading the novel, I couldnt stop. Twelve hours and a couple pots of coffee later, I wanted to read it again right away. Its a page-turnernot something one often says of literary fiction beloved by highbrow critics and academicsbut I mean it as the highest possible compliment. The book has every feature of a binge-worthy soap opera: He wanted his work to reach as many people as possible, to thrill and entertain.

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But he didn't withhold any literary nutrients either. The novels poetic language, historical scope, and thematic and symbolic complexity has led critics like William Kennedy to compare it to the book of Genesis, and led no small number of readers to wildly prefer it to the Bible or any other ancient book of mythology. If youre one of the two or three people who hasnt read the novel , and you dont find all this praise fully convincing, consider the case made by Francisco Dez-Buzo in the TED-Ed animated video above. The story, we learn, arrived as an epiphany Marquez had while he and his family were on the road to a vacation destination.

He turned the car around, abandoned the trip, and started writing immediatelyan example of the total commitment many writers promise themselves theyll one day get around to maybe working on. Aficionados of piss, shit and bollocks have expressed dismay at the recent downgrading of their favourite swear words.

Whats a bloke supposed to do? I dont want to drop the F Bomb every time I hit my thumb with a hammer, but if I use a Grade 3 the boys will think Ive gone soft. Please tell me they havent done anything to wanker. Im planning a strongly-worded email to the Oxford Bloody English Dictionary, but I dont know how far to go. It will also free up swearing capacity for some of Boris Johnsons utterances, which are thought to be insulting, and possibly obscene, although nobody except Johnson himself, and possibly Stephen Fry, has a clue what they mean, the stupid cunting dickweasels.

Some albums just sing. Its not so easy to identify why they resonate as strongly as they do, but just because we cant see it, that doesnt mean its not there. The newest from Matt Penman is a case in point. Good Question is a straight-forward modern jazz recording. It doesnt break any new []. Thought I was done for the day, but I started listening to this short 27 minute live stream video, and he discusses a bit about the Q posts, but also answers a lot of questions from the viewers.

He shares dream data from some of his readers, as well as his own, which point to things like, arrests are going to happen soon, Q identity will be unveiled at some point, as well as a number of other items. I found this a quite uplifting and unveiling and inspirational message. Support my work: More info: The Auto Mag was basically the result of two guys noticing that nobody made a semiauto. The men were Max Gera, a young Italian immigrant gunsmith, and his employer, gun shop owner Harry Sanford.

Gera put together the core of the guns design in late and a short recoil, rotating bolt pistol with an accelerator to aid extraction and a rimless case based on a cut-down. This would become the. When Sanford brought in investors to help fund to commercial production of the gun, Gera sold his share of the endeavor and left apparently the chaos and drama of a bunch of cutthroat investors was not what he wanted to have in his life and I can hardly blame him. Sanford and a couple other engineers completed gun pistol design, and set up a manufacturing facility in Pasadena.

The first guns came off the line in August of , and by May of the company was bankrupt. They had been selling the guns for far less than they actually cost to produce, in hopes of driving enough demand to get an economy of scale going in the productionbut it didnt work. Over the next 10 years, five more companies would take on the Auto Mag, each of them losing money and selling out in short order.

In total, about 9, Auto Mag Model pistol were made, 3, in the original Pasadena gun and the remained divided amongst the other companies. Ironically, interest in the gun would peak only after the last company gave up, when Clint Eastwood used one in the Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact. Sanford passed away in , but the story continues. A new company purchased the rights and the engineering to the gun in , and announced new production at SHOT Show a couple years ago.

Time will tell if they can be more successful than those who came before. Perhaps with modern CNC machines they can? Sacrificial Virgins: Is Gardasil even necessary? Read More. Sign of the week "IndyWatch Feed Satire". Sign of the week was spotted in Nottingham railway station and shared online by the deputy leader of the Green party, Amelia Womack.

An excellent question in Nottingham Railway Station pic. Dirk Bruere dirkbruere September 3, Because we know how to mind our own business and let people get on with their days instead of telling them what emotion they should be expressing. Except telling people to smile really is a good bit of advice. It has all kinds of beneficial feedback. Dirk Bruere dirkbruere September 4, Many experienced cryptocurrency investors and traders classify crypto ATMs as a gimmick, as these machines charge exorbitant fees in comparison to digital fiat-to-crypto exchanges, like Coinbase, Bittrex or Bitstamp.

But as decentralized technologies develop and more individuals seek to enter the cryptosphere, analysts predict that the value of the global crypto ATM market will skyrocket in correlation with surging demand for accessible fiat on-ramps. However, this was no baseless claim, as researchers highlighted a series of reasons as to why crypto ATMs could make a foray into the limelight in just a few years time.

The study first revealed that growing fund transfers in developing countries and fluctuating monetary regulations will be the primary catalysts in the eventual explosion of the crypto ATM market. Last but not least, the study brought up the concept of ATM printers, which are expected to become a hot topic in the cryptosphere. Although this may sound like an abstract innovation, the analysts revealed that ATM printers are expected to grow at the highest CAGR out of the other forms Allgemein und in Anbetracht der aktuellen Ereignisse scheint das Emoji leider bitter ntig zu sein.

Macht leider verdammt viel Sinn so ein Emoji Update. Hoffentlich denkt die Unicode Emoji-Kommission ernsthaft darber nach, den Emoji ins nchste Update mit aufzunehmen. Neuer Nazi Smash Emoji aufgetaucht. Auto Reply auf jeden 2. September Lucky 7: Whether you choose them for style, function, or an unmatched pedigree, bowie knives are a smart and classic choice.

Many of these blades are suspiciously closer to a sword than a knife, but sometimes you need that bigger is better tool in your arsenal. Lets take a look at some of the best Bowie knives The post Lucky 7: Let this be a warning to you, kids, as shared by AbandonedSpaces on Twitter. Thomas the tank engine, the meth years pic.

Abandoned Places abandonedspaces September 2, On Wednesday, Kavanaugh can expect to spend most of the day in the hot seat, sparring with Democratic senators over abortion, guns, executive power and other high-profile issues. A long day of questioning awaits the year-old appellate judge, whom Trump nominated in July to fill the seat of retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The change could make the court more conservative on a range of issues. Barring a surprise, Republicans appear on track to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, perhaps in time for the first day of the new term, Oct. However, the first of at least four days of hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee began with partisan quarreling over the nomination and persistent protests from members of the audience, followed by their arrests.

Strong Democratic opposition to Trumps nominee reflects the political stakes for both parties in advance of the November elections, Robert Muellers investigation of Trumps campaign and the potentially pivotal role Kavanaugh could play in moving the court to the right. Democrats, including several senators poised for presidential bids, tried to block the proceedings in a dispute over Kavanaugh records withheld by the White House.

Republicans in turn accused the Democrats of turning the hearing into a circus. Trump jumped into the fray late in the day, saying on Twitter that Democrats were looking to inflict pain and embarrassment on Kavanaugh. The presidents comment followed the statements of Democratic senators who warned that Trump was, in the words of Sen.

Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, selecting a justice on the Supreme Court who potentially will cast a decisive vote in his own case.

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In Kavanaughs own statement at the end of more than seven hours of arguing, the federal appeals judge spoke repeatedly about the importance of an independent judiciary and the need to keep the court above partisan politics, common refrains among Supreme Court nominees that had added salience in the fraught political atmosphere of the moment.

With his wife, two children and parents sitting behind him, Kavanaugh called himself a judge with a straightforward judicial philosophy. A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written. A judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent, he said. Theres no doubt this is one of the many key moments we are seeing, and will be seeing, as the deep state is, one step at a time, being brought to the Light, and dismantled.

Im just grateful there is an Alliance that is doing this, as it must take some major balls and training to carry out the necessary missions. A man who had told anyone who would listen, he "couldn't give a fuck" about the bald patch atop his cranium, has now told those close to him, if it gets any bigger, he won't hesitate to: From Medscape: Women with depression and anxiety during pregnancy may be more likely to have babies with altered brain development that might be linked to behavior problems later in childhood, a small study suggests.

Researchers asked women to complete questionnaires about depression and anxiety symptoms during their third trimester of pregnancy. Overall, six mothers had symptoms of major depressive disorder, five met criteria for moderate depression, and 42 met criteria for mild depression. Then, researchers took MRIs of infants brains when they were about one month old. They found more alterations in brain structure among the babies born to women who experienced at least moderate levels of depression during pregnancy. Our study suggests that moderate levels of maternal depression and anxiety symptoms during pregnancy were associated with variations in the brains white matter microstructure or wiring at one month of age, said lead study author Douglas Dean III of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

From The Independent: Stanford University researchers said the drug, given breakthrough classification by the US government to speed its journey to market, should not be used widely until this addiction potential is understood. This librarys thread about Fortnite went viral because it has the best payoff youll read this week "IndyWatch Feed Satire". We don't and I'd never heard of it so I tried asking what it was. Orkney Library OrkneyLibrary September 3, Is it a film? A cartoon? An game, like Pokemon or something?

Yeah kinda. Nobody could tell me what all the fuss was about. Then today a man came in to borrow some Lee Child books and he had his son with him. It said Fortnite on his T-shirt. While his Dad looked through our Lee Child books he was a huge fan so he was re-reading the series I asked the boy to explain Fortnite to me. And he did. He told me all about it. He taught me what nobody else had been able to teach me. And now I know two things. Firstly, I know now that Fortnite is an online video game that was created in and already has more than million players worldwide.

Apparently its very addictive. The only boy who could ever teach me, was the son of a Reacher fan. Civic needs a network of users, so it's offering free KYC for business partners and funding the effort with its reserve of tokens. When you make the decision to take that first step towards preparedness, you will experience a pleasant and powerful peace of mind.

You will suddenly become excited about the prospect of taking personal control of your lifes needs. You will become empowered as your preparedness actions take form and you begin to take steps towards personal responsibility for your survival without complete dependence upon external rickety systems stretched and squeezed to very thin margins of reliability. As soon as you purchase that extra can of food; as soon as you harvest your first summer squash; as soon as you. Original source: Preparedness is Peace of Mind.

But chemistry and construction are the same. Some air force retard ordered the wrong battery for their forklift or tug and another airforce retard was like "let's hide our screwup by sending it to the scrap yard". That's about 6.

The film attracted as much controversy as the vaccine itself when the authorities attempted to shut it down and the filmmaker was banned from entering the country. Joan []. Bittrex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has just bought a 10 percent stake in Palladium, a Malta-based blockchain company according to media reports. Palladium was launched with much fanfare in July with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also making a speech during the event. Bittrex, whose technology is designed to build Continued. Primitive trapping is one of the skills that helped humans survive and thrive in austere environments.

This is a topic of interest for preppers, and it takes years of practice to become a self-reliant trapper. One of the challenges of trapping animals is learning how to look for and identify an animal sign. If you Read more Our Swath Wrap is beautiful and functional, but just as important, hidden within its folds is a fiber surprise designed especially for those of us who live for such things! Close inspection reveals a slight of hand, a shift from Flax Down to Linen Quill , two yarns very similar in fiber content and color but quite different in gauge.

Using the same size needle, you knit two skeins of Flax Down, then one of Linen Quill, and wind up with a shift in texture from warm and cozy to light and airy, as well as a study in gauge, fiber, and fabric! But beyond a fiber lesson, the Swath Wrap is also a wonderful multi-tasker. Wear it Flax Down side up for a toasty chill chaser or Linen Quill side up for a beautiful shoulder draper. Such subtle fiber play gives the Swath Wrap a restrained sophistication, particularly when both yarns hail from the same family of color. Weve added nine gorgeous new colors to our Flax Down collection, all of which pair up with a Linen Quill color for a monochromatic match.

Add to that some more same-color pairings, and you have 16 different Swath Wrap Bundles to choose from! Each is just three total skeins of yarn, and all are as evocative and subtle as the Swatch Wrap itself! Sigourney Weaver remembering her Alien: Resurrection basketball shot is the best 2 minutes youll spend today "IndyWatch Feed Satire". Its not our favourite Alien movie but it might be our favourite scene, when Sigourney Weaver makes that extraordinary basketball shot in Alien: And its even better now weve listened to her talk about it, the best 2 minutes youll spend today.

Sigourney Weaver making the behind-the-back basketball shot for real on the set of Alien: A perfect 2' 15 of displacement activity. Watch the whole thing. Jay Rayner jayrayner1 September 3, I knew this story but hadn't seen the clip! I'd also heard that, bless him, because Ron Perlman broke character with his reaction, some editing magic had to be done to include that take in the film?

Cómo pasar un diseño de Illustrator a Word - Preguntas y respuestas #5 - Español

SO amazing. Imagine that set. Tara Pratt tarakjpratt September 3, Ritter paniq September 3, Understanding the weather requires an observant eye. Ideally that observation is coupled with a familiarity with the natural world. I cant teach you to be more observant except to say slow down, take your time, and focus generally on your surroundings , but I can teach you about the natural cues and signals that give away This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material.

As the Bitcoin ATM revolution continues to change markets, industries, and the masses relationship with digital currency, one company has established itself as a vital component to cryptocurrency adoption; that company is Bitcoin Depot. Cash is no longer king, as crypto-ATMs are looking to convert physical fiat into decentralized cryptocurrency, money that puts the power into the hands of the people rather than institutions. This year Bitcoin Depot has already doubled their record from That number is expected to reach by the end of the year as more and more ATMs are installed in new markets.

California has always been the frontrunner of technological adoption, commented Brandon Mintz, president of Bitcoin Depot, we realized that we had to move into the LA and San Diego markets as quickly as possible. Bitcoin Depot, which began operations in , has experienced quick growth as it has more than doubled the number of bitcoin ATMs in the past year and added 3 new Poachers have killed at least 87 elephants in recent months in Botswana, according to the conservation nonprofit Elephants Without Borders, which has been conducting an aerial survey of the animals.

Each day we are counting dead elephants. Elephants Without Borders and the Botswana government jointly conduct dry season aerial surveys of elephants and other wildlife in the country every four years. This year the organization was again contracted by the Botswana government to carry out an aerial survey in the countrys north, covering Chobe, Okavango, Ngamiland and North Central district, according to the government. Given that the current aerial survey is only halfway through, Chase and other conservationists worry the final number of poached elephants will be much higher.

The government of Botswana, however, has refuted the NGOs claims and called the figures unsubstantiated, in a statement published on Twitter. At no point in the last months or recently were 87 or 90 elephants killed in one incident in any place in Botswana,. Indonesia, a top plastic polluter, mobilizes 20, citizens to clean it up "IndyWatch Feed Enviro". We need to keep this river clean, says Muhammad Yusuf, a fisheries official from Padang, the capital of the Indonesian province of West Sumatra.

Weve got to keep people from dumping trash here. Nearby, where the river meets the ocean, Padangs idyllic beaches have become an eyesore, littered with plastic trash. We need to make better environmental decisions, Yusuf says, picking a plastic bag from the water. Yusuf was one of some 20, Indonesians who participated in Face the Sea, a one-day event held simultaneously in 76 locations across the country on Aug. The purpose of the event was to draw attention to the alarming spread of plastic waste in the oceans, and the need for better approaches to address the burgeoning crisis.

Indonesia is the worlds second-largest plastic polluter, after China. On the Design tab, select Watermark. Select OK. If you'd rather use a picture for the watermark, do this instead: If you'd rather use your own text or a picture, do this instead: Choose Text. Got a suggestion for this feature? Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback?