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How to Log Off a Mac | utamisimup.tk

It is possible to log in, run apps or processes, then and log out of additional user accounts without ever disturbing the active user. This is done from a remote machine on the network. To set up this ability, open the Sharing Preference Pane. This will give the option to log in using a user name and password.

Log in to the desired account.

How to Log Off of or Use Fast User Switching on Your Mac

Do what you need to do, and then using the Apple Menu of the virtual session, log out. She never notices I have logged in, am doing stuff video is saved to a HD attached to a base station in my account, or is disturbed by my activity. Very convenient.

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If this is a tip for admins which is seems like it is then I might suggest going the command line route so long as ssh is enabled on the machine for at least the admin acct:. I wish there was a way short of a complete reboot to have a log-out end ALL the processes that get created when you switch to another user. Did you ever find a solution for this?

Logging In, Logging Out, Restarting, and Shutting Down Mac OS X

I have the same issue with the kids accounts. It would be great if there was a command to kill all processes belonging to a particular user? This is the most helpful article on logging out other Mac users without having to log into their user accounts, thank you so much.

Just wanted to say thanks this is so useful! There is no other way to do this, so this is an amazing Mac article, thanks again! Hey, do anyone have someway to make an Automator action for this? Its could be easier for everyone want to do it quick.

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Name required. Mail will not be published required. In the filter bar, type loginwindow. From the list of users that show up, for each one that you wish to log out: Your unwanted users are now logged out! If you get tired of doing this manually, you can log out all other real users at once with this AppleScript: Like this: Like Loading Explaining the unexplainable with images, video and text. Search the site: Search for: In fact, this is the very reason you need to log in as her to log out: When you log in as her, all her programs again have access to the GUI, so they can prompt you to confirm closure, save changes or take other action before logging out.

If you're sure that she only has things like a web browser, iTunes, etc open, not Pages, Word, Photoshop, or anything else with documents, then you could try from the terminal:. You can use the Activity Monitor to log another user out by killing their login process:. This is just a nicer?

GUI version of Josh's answer. Before step 2, you can review the other user's running processes to see if they are running any apps that might lose data on logout. This command is simpler than the one suggested and it will have the desire result to kill all the user's processes I had to run it twice. Moreover, it has been a long time since Unix was able to swap memory to disk when a process was idle.

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You need to better define "is there a better way". For me, not much computer-wise is better than a terminal.

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If you want an app, just wrap the terminal command in an automator or applescript app. But, you're right, I can just write a shell script. Here is the link to the script solution I saw it before posting, but it's from , so I assumed that by now this simple feature must have been incorporated into the GUI.