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For this reason, before upgrading to OS After the upgrade to OS X Lion, any application that is not compatible will have a white circle with a slash superimposed over the application. Unless an updated, compatible version of the software is obtained, the only way to use PowerPC platform applications is to restore an older version of the Mac OS, which requires the original OS installation disks.

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Other software offered by the Medical School that will no longer launch after the upgrade will be noted on the Medical School Software page, which is accessed through the Medical School Applications page. It will open and work, but the program may not be stable.

Thompson Reuters states that. EndNote X6 is now available on the Med School Software page for all eligible Medical School staff members on university-purchased equipment only. Non-Medical School staff or installations on personal computers require licenses to be purchased from Computer Showcase for one computer or through Main Campus Software Licensing for multiple computers.

There are no known incompatibilities with this version on any version of Mac OS X FlowJo is now compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion. The new version is available for current users on FlowJo's website: FlowJo needs to be on version To upgrade to Office SP2 please do the following:.


How To: Install Office 2016 on a Mac through Office 365

If you are medical school affiliated, you are eligible for a day license of VM Ware Fusion for free on a university purchased computer only. To start this process please e-mail msishelp umich. Students and those with personal Mac computers will have to purchase licenses from Computer Showcase for Fusion and Parallel's Desktop.

Supported VM Ware Fusion versions. Supported Parallel's Desktop versions. Supported VirtualBox versions.

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For For Virtualbox please download the newest update from the Virtualbox site. Currently Virtualbox has major bugs with However, VirtualBox does not have the same feature set and is much slower than Fusion and Parallels. Konica Minolta has released a few This means that not all printer functions will work or may be unreliable. This has created some issues with connecting to various printer and scanner models found on campus. Apple now provides most printer drivers through Apple Software Update and constantly updates them for compatibility, but not all printers and scanners are currently supported.

Not all printer and scanner drivers are available through Apple Software Update. Apple charges a fee to printer and scanner manufacturers to have their drivers available through Apple Software Update and not every manufacturer chooses to participate.

Yes, Microsoft’s Office 2011 Is Compatible With OS X Mountain Lion

Scanner and printer manufacturers who do not provide drivers through Apple Software Update include:. For the above manufacturers it will be necessary to download and install drivers manually from the manufacturer's web site, then add these printers in the Printers System Preference.

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Not every Konica Minolta multifunction printer is supported in Support is added on a regular basis, and updated drives can be found on Konica Minolta's download support site. Updated drivers can be found at Konica Minolta's support site. Not all Konica-Minolta multifunction printer models are compatible with Please check Sharp's website for driver updates. Older models will function with significant reduced functionality with the built in generic driver. Sharp does not supply drivers through Apple Software Update.

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Not all Sharp multifunction printer models are compatible with Ricoh printers will require manually downloading and installing drivers from Ricoh's site. Ricoh does not supply drivers through Apple Software Update. Older Ricoh models will function with significant reduced functionality with the built in generic driver as they do not have Lion or Mountain Lion compatibility.

Not all Ricoh multifunction printer models are compatible with Older OkiData models will function with significant reduced functionality with the built in generic driver as they do not have Lion or Mountain Lion compatibility.

Microsoft Confirms Office for Mac 2011 and 2008 Compatibility With Mountain Lion

A large majority of HP printers function fine with For the models that do, please go to Dell's support site , look up the printer by model number and see if there is Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion drivers. If there are not, the printer will still function with the generic Mac OS X driver, although with significant reduced functionality.

Dymo label printers work with Lion and Mountain Lion, but the software must be upgraded to the newest version 8. Dymo label can be downloaded from the Dymo Support Website. Please download version 8. Mac OS X Currently only a handful of Microtek large image scanners are compatible with Lion Currently however there are no Microtek scanners that officially function with Mountain Lion The supported models for Lion Include:.

Fujitsu does not provide scanner drivers through Apple Software Update. They must be downloaded from Fujitsu's website. Fujitsu makes specific models of sheet-fed scanners that are for Mac OS X only. Microsoft has been variable about how they handled illegal characters in filenames from Office X to to and now At one point they were silently transforming back and forth between the Mac's traditional colon-as-path-separator what the Finder uses and the slash what the underlying OS uses , at another point they'd create the file with the illegal characters in the name knowing that only their applications could re-open it.

But that doesn't change the fact that the forward slash is a path separator in OS X, and is therefore an illegal character in a filename. I did some testing, Office has finally normalized how it treats that, it's own file dialogs now correctly recognize it as a path separator. You can see that by trying to open or save a file, and typing a leading forward slash in the name box. See how the label of the dialog box changes? That's not Resume. Resume is Lion re-opening the application and whatever files it had open when you log back in again. Resume is Lion re-opening documents Word had open previously when you re-launch it.

Things like the Ribbon aren't document-dependent. Is MS Office compatible with Lion? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

Yes, Microsoft's Office Is Compatible With OS X Mountain Lion | Cult of Mac

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: MS Office is not! All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. BabalooToo BabalooToo. I am running Office fine.

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  4. BigGee42 BigGee Office runs fine on Lion. I use it currently. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Try reinstalling it again. This being done after just wasn't installing. BTW- It's on sale at Amazon. MacPro 4,1: Ian Sen Ian Sen. So far: Word works in so much as you can open, type, edit, save documents. Lion's Versions, Autosave, Resume features do not work. Michael Allbritton Michael Allbritton. Apple Pay Speciality level out of ten: Marc Wilson Marc Wilson. In what way?

    Be specific. Mark WIlson: Resume does not work. In relation to Spaces and Desktops: Word doesn't work at the most basic level.