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Insert or Delete a SECTION BREAK in MS Word - How To

Bob Jones AKA: CyberTaz Replied on June 30, If there are only 1 or 2 manual page breaks to be removed you can handle each one individually. The manual page breaks will be clearly indicated. As a suggestion: For the reason you're experiencing as well as a variety of others, it's generally recommended to avoid the use of manual page breaks.

Adjust automatic page breaks

Regards, Bob J. Instead, open the header or footer, select the page number, and then press Delete. You might need to temporarily move or resize any objects that are on top of the page number so you can select it.

If the Remove Page Numbers button is not available, double-click in the header or footer, select the page number, and press Delete. Page numbers can be formatted for each section individually. To change the format or style or start number for a section, put your cursor somewhere in that section, and then on the Insert tab, select the Page Number icon, and then select Format Page Numbers.

Sometimes when you work with page numbers, the header or footer area might stay open. Add page number X of Y to a document.

Add or delete a page in Word for Mac

Start page numbering later in your document. Add page numbers to an existing header or footer. On the View menu, click Header and Footer. Click the page number to display the frame around the page number, and then drag the frame that contains the page number to a new location. To return to your document, click. If you move the page numbers outside the header area or footer area, the page numbers are still part of the header or footer, even though they seem to be on a different part of the page.

Select the paragraphs you want to apply the settings to. On the Format menu, click Paragraph.

Add or remove page numbers in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

Choose one or more of the following options: See also Add a page break. Remove a manual page break On the View menu, click Draft.

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Adjust automatic page breaks Select the paragraph following the unwanted page break. See also Insert, delete, or change a section break. Expand your Office skills.

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