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Watch your language. I'm on 1. I don't know what the info. Have you removed your CC? Bypassing the launcher won't help in case the game's crashing due to incompatible CC. If that's what the problem is, please take a look at the crashing FAQs on the wiki: I'm surprised it starts without the.

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I have no idea about plists in WA or Ambitions since I have neither installed and won't be. That sounds a bit odd … what icon is this? Is ist possible that it's an alias? If you change the info. It works, I just checked. Your CC no longer needs to go in the game file. You no longer need the d3dx9. There's info on how to set that up elsewhere on here. ALthough, I did notice that when I changed the info. I'm guessing with the new patch and what is involved in bypassing the signed assemblies, the launcher is required.

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Mac-tastic Sims 3 - Tips and tutorials for making the most out of your Sims 3 experience on Mac: D http: That image does not have the correct text in the string. So either you have attached the wrong image of the plist you changed or you haven't changed the plist. Loofah I'm not sure what happened with your stuff, but for me my game saves and launcher installed stuff worked fine after changing this.

Launcher is definitely not required for 1. I'm bypassing it and my saves and CC are perfectly fine including Riverview, which is the only thing I've installed with the launcher.

Yeah, I looked again It did work LOL. As Red Foreman would say Hey there! It doesn't make much sense and I have no idea why; it started after the 1. Did you notice anything similar, or it was only my game for some odd reason? I say that a wise, when he does not know what he is talking about, should know enough to keep his mouth shut.

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Accept no substitutes. Knuckleheaded Knob Posts: Unfortunately, I couldn't even get far enough to check out the graphics when I tried this out. The loading screen keeps freezing on me.

I wandered away from the computer for awhile to give it some time, but it sat with the green loading bar frozen and none of the words flashing across the bottom for probably minutes. I finally switched out the old. This was with the most recent patch, 1. I'd love to find a way to get around the damn launcher, though.

I edited the plist and the game skips the launcher and loads and plays without issue. Can't be an issue with the no-cd crack since I only use AM. Strangely enough, I finally got the game to bypass the launcher without issue. Since random voodoo sometimes seems to prove effective on this game, I cleared all the caches, deleted the thumbnails, and even tried removing and replacing the Packages folder.

The mysterious freeze disappeared entirely, and I didn't notice any unusual graphics glitches during the few minutes of test gameplay. Prior to this, I tried it about three different times and couldn't get it to work so I have no idea why any of this would have helped, but apparently something did. I've been playing it this way since 1. The only time I ever had lockups at launch was from the launcher itself, which is why I wanted to do a bypass. For me at least, the game starts up exactly like it does when you click the play button in the launcher - you just don't see the launcher first.

Mine's a storebought copy, so it's certainly possible there's something with the cracked version that doesn't work if you bypass the launcher. Garrulous Gimp Posts: I'm running Razor 1. I've only started the game onece or twice since I edited the plist, though. But i figure even if I do get glitches on the long run, it's easy to revert.

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I forwarded your tip to Mac Help at mts, as well: Those are really good news, I'll try again, maybe it was only some voodoo glitch. Exasperating Eyesore Posts: When I tried using this, I got a weird graphical glitch where every so often my screen would take on a cyan tint during play.

Other than that it worked great, but the blue was a little distracting.

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This wasn't the kind of glitch you got, was it, Marhis? KB App. Players the. Mac OS X 1. Version 3 0. Bug Fix: Fixed crash if the main window was 1. Keyboards Info. Plist Jun 2, 2.

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