Mac hard drive wont sleep

I actually redownloaded the latest version incase something went askew with the update. No luck. If it's any consolation, most spinning hard drives, unless designed to do otherwise, prefer to and usually last longer if they are just left powered On and spinning. Is there any special reason to have it spin down and what's the bit about " the switch on the back has to be hit just right to work to turn on the thing" you mentioned??? The internal one. Spin down? It used to properly spin down in Sleep Mode like it's supposed to.

There's no way it's normal or good for the disc to go into a start - stop cycle endlessly. The switch has to sometimes be pressed at a certain angle for it to work. And do any repairs with Disk Utility. And here's a bit of a weird one and possible solution to check out: When you ran Disk Utility, did you start up from the Recovery partition, or did you run it in your user account? Also, do you leave your iMac on overnight, or do you shut it down at night? Everything has a life cycle, unexpected and warning free.

Nothing will last as long as you want it to. Originally Posted by pm-r. You'll need a member who actually understands what that mall means dotdotdot, and that sure ain't me. Just goodly gook language to me. Was the hard drive in that Mac replaced at any point??? If so, it could possibly have its own energy saving circuitry the Mac has no control over. I have the power management set to spin down the HDD after 1 minute for either power source, battery or adapter. I just confirmed the pm settings via Terminal, and they have persisted. I mentioned the wake from sleep timing of this issue, and will add that I have the hibernation sleepimage set to write to the HDD for two reasons: I have been running the command: Recall, the HDD should sleep after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Clearly it is not sleeping after 30 minutes. If I restart the Mac, it will promptly spin down. With the SSD, I can quit all applications, restart the Mac and re-launch everything, restoring nearly 60 tabs in Safari all in under 2 minutes which was a minute ordeal when I was only running a rpm HDD , but the 2 minutes is still a pain, and does not address what is clearly an issue here. The bottom line is that the HDD should spin down, since there is no activity. Any help to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated!

However, later today the computer will sleep. But it usually fails spinning down after 2 minutes once the computer has awoken from sleep this could be a red herring, for all I know; it could just be hrs or more since last restart , I can go for 20, 30 minutes, easily, without using the HDD, AND most puzzling no HDD activity in Terminal.

Which it does after a fresh restart.

How to disable your HDD from sleep mode

I had not thought of a firmware issue on the drive. Guess I should research that. Bummer—I thought I might be narrowing on in this issue when I found your blog, but I could be days into a firmware issue!! Any insight into why Safari is doing this? Thanks a lot for your guide. It almost works perfectly.

External Drives Won't Sleep?

But something is waking up my drive. So did a small monitoring and this was the result:. Do you have any folders in the dock that resides on that disk? Any applications? I have my download folder on the extra disk now when I think about it. When I use it to try to solve this problem, the output associated with the unwanted spinup every 5 minutes in my case of the disk inside a Time Capsule looks like this hundreds or more similar lines:. So I wanted to point out to other commenters that the disk name does not necessarily show up at all, it might be a device name — so the grep command would have missed it completely.

That looks like a memory swap. This means that you have too many applications opened, or not enough RAM to handle your task. Best solution? Buy more RAM.

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Cheap, and OS X loves memory. Hows it going? Was hoping for some help since it seems like you have helped quite a few people out. Also uninstalled istat server for phone access. Thank you. Thanks for this excellent page. I read somewhere that it might be because of a the optibay caddy mine was a cheap ebay one so I replaced that with a DataDoubler, but the problem persists. I have diabled Spotlight for the drive, and used the terminal command to set the spindown to one minute.

Do you have any suggestion s? I once heard the drive spin down for a few seconds a few weeks ago, but it duly started up again without input from me. Many thanks! If you have the home folder on the WD, the disk will be written to when preferences changes, when you start applications that modify files in your Library folder. The best solution is to have OS X and your user folder installed on your SSD disk, and link larger folders to the hard drive.

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I have iTunes music on my hard drive, so naturally the disk will spin up when listening to music. Same thing for the Movies folder. Every time you save a document to your home folder, the disk will spin up. You see the problem? Following your grep instructions, I notice that every ten seconds I have an entry like this;.

Do you have any background management applications like Hazel? Try to quit all utilities and apps. Thanks again -would starting up in Safe Mode achieve this most effectively?

Figure Out Why Your Mac Won’t Go To Sleep [OS X Tips]

And, would you happen to know what the launchproxyl entry is about? I did the above and found that Java and Firefox are accessing? Do you know what I could do? Where do you have your download folder?

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Sounds weird that Java accesses the extra drive. Are you sure your not running anything else written in Java? Java could be my Crashplan. But I have it set to backup every hour. So I reckon I could have been unlucky. Java seems to be okay now. Any ideas about those? Hey Jack. Crashplan seems to be the issue here. Still trying to figure out why Firefox would be accessing my storage drive though. If the disk is mounted and idle, I get this output all the time:. In case this is still relevant.

The System Profiler application remained fully functional, so this resource is apparently not related.

Today I noticed in the console log that com. After that the console log was not showing com. I am not sure which of the mentioned startup items was to blame but all were inherited from previous macbook. So as of now, the issue seems to be addressed. The only annoying thing is that the unmounted disk still spins up when I wake the computer from sleep, and I have to mount and unmount it in order to spin it down.

Hi Antti, I am happy to hear this solved it for you! This has been extremely annoying in my case, so I would imagine it was the same in yours. I keep it mounted at all times though I understand you keep yours unmounted? Hi Antti, I accidentally deleted this comment first time, so I had to slightly re-word it as Disqus does not allow to post the same twice! I am happy to hear this solved it for you! Do you offer guest writers to write content available for you?

Again, awesome web log! Thank you!!! How did you know? Could be a lucky guess but probably from decades of working on Macs. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. I changed the hdd flex with the sensor, with no luck. Is there a board chip handling this I should look at? Thanks in advance!

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