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Infamous torrent site The Pirate Bay went dark on December 9 th following a raid by Swedish authorities. While there are signs the domain is not dead, anyone hoping to share information over BitTorrent must find a different service to facilitate their needs. The Pirate Bay is just the most well known among a collection of torrent sites that offer similar services to users, and transitioning to them is a cinch.

Keep in mind these are BitTorrent sites. Use them at your own risk. If you relied on Pirate Bay before its demise, Isohunt no doubt deserves a chance at being your go-to torrent site. For those who like to give back and upload files, the staff behind x goes the extra mile by verifying active users and any content uploaded to the site.

Rather, Torrentz acts like Google and operates strictly as a search engine, directing users to sites featuring the torrents they want. How BitTorrent lets you download virtually anything. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. This Week in Music: The week of the mixtapes and comebacks with Wale, Miguel and More.

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Business Marriott asking guests for data to see if they were victims of the Starwood hack Marriott has created an online form to help you find out if your data was stolen in the massive Starwood hack that came to light toward the end of But take note, it requires you to submit a bunch of personal details. Posted 1 day ago — By Trevor Mogg. Computing These 30 useful apps are absolutely essential for Mac lovers There are literally hundreds of thousands of great software programs compatible with MacOS, but which should you download?

Look no further than our list of the best Mac apps you can find.

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  • Photography Tight on space? Posted 6 days ago — By Gannon Burgett. Computing File Transfer Protocol explained: Zooqle torrent site has a list of free torrent sites that allow you to read books of your choice almost instantly.

    Best Secure Torrent Websites (Updated Jan 12222):

    Similar to Zooqle torrent, FreeBookSpot site is one of the leading torrent sites that is exclusively designed for downloading books of your choice. FreeBookSpot is one of the best torrenting site in for books. FreeBookSpot torrent site offers different sections such as wanted, expired, catalog, most popular and selections in its homepage to simplify the search option for its users. TorrentFunk is a popular torrent website that relies heavily on user comments, user reviews, and ratings. Furthermore, the TorrentFunk site allows its users to take advantage of its cross-movie recommendation feature.

    This feature helps its users to navigate to the required torrent link straightaway. Sky Torrent is a one-stop solution for music lovers. It is specially designed for those torrent users who wish to listen and enjoy a variety of music. The search engine of this Sky Torrent site enables its users to get their preferred music file in no time. Moreover, the interface of this Sky Torrent website makes the life of its users hassle-free.

    Sky Torrent is in the list of torrent best sites for music. Now that you have a list of Torrent sites to choose from, it's vital to ensure that you have the proper security measures in place before you begin to use them. Implementing a proper website security and website malware removal measures will assist you in safely using these sites. Since there are a vast number of malware variants surfacing the Internet each day, you may be the next victim of a well-organized malware attack.

    Hackers or cybercriminals use advanced tools to design and spread malware. So, it is critical for users to protect their PCs. The easiest way to do that is to install a free antivirus and malware removal tool like Comodo Antivirus. Whether you use the internet for business purpose or personal use, you can be a victim of malware attack.

    If your Windows computer got infected with spyware, it can steal your personal information and gives it to the third party hacker who in turn can send you thousands of spam emails or use your personal information for nefarious activities like identity theft. A malware infected computer shows many different malware symptoms. A few notable signs that your computer may have a malware virus include:. If the performance of your Windows computer suddenly deteriorates, it might be a symptom of a malware infection.

    Malware such as the viruses, worms or Trojans can drain your CPU resources making your computer run more slowly than usual. If you are not running a resource-heavy application or game, but your computer is very slow to respond, you might have a malware hiding in your system. If your Windows computer crashes frequently or is unresponsive for long periods of time, it is a sign that something is wrong with your computer. Most malware programs corrupt important system files which then prevent your computer from running properly. If your system crashes when you try to open or run a specific application or a file, it could be malware.

    A great tool to use for website security is Comodo cWatch Web. It is a fully managed security service for any website and all applications. This incredibly affordable solution can identify malware, remove it, and prevent future malware attacks before it infects your network and causes irreversible damage. Below are the key features offered by the Comodo cWatch Web security stack that will help you navigate through the Pirate Bay alternative Torrent sites and provide website malware removal and protection services which will ultimately enhance your website security.

    Malware Monitoring and Remediation Detects malware, provides the methods and tools to remove it and helps to prevent future malware attacks. Web Application Firewall WAF Powerful, real-time edge protection for web applications and websites providing improved filtering, security and intrusion protection.

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    • Cyber Security Operations Center CSOC Your team of certified cybersecurity professionals providing round-the-clock surveillance and remediation services. Secure Content Delivery Network CDN A global system of distributed servers to enhance the performance of web applications and websites. Our malware detection scanning, preventive methods and removal enables you to take a proactive approach to protect the business and brand reputation from malware attacks and infections.

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      Comodo cWatch Web can identify malware, provide the tools and methods to remove it, and help to prevent future malware attacks at the edge before it hits the network, included as a paid member. Already have an cWatch account? Sign in here. Our exclusive C.

      The Pirate Bay Is Down, Here Are The Best Torrent Alternatives For TPB

      While anomaly detection to identify changes associated with the network safety. Combined with malware scanning, vulnerability scanning and automatic virtual patching and hardening engines provides robust security is fully managed for Comodo cWatch Web customers. Add a network of globally distributed servers designed to boost the speed for websites and web applications by transferring content to your user based on their proximity to the nearest CDN web server. CDN serves your users your website content with virtually unlimited capacity. Giving you the freedom to focus less on site maintenance, more on scaling the uptime of your traffic and target audience.

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      Recent Articles. Vulnerability Assessment. Network Firewall Security. Add new comment. Your name. Protect Now. Select Website Security 59 Cyber Attack Tweets by comododesktop. Removal Security stack layer 1. Unsuspecting websites get infected with malicious code. Continuous website monitoring to detect any incidents. Identify and remediate the cause to hardening your websites. Response Security stack layer 5. Cyber Security Operations Center. Engage clients of complex threats to resolve the issue. Real-time web traffic monitoring and proactive incident fixes.

      Deploy C. Monitor Your Website. Intelligence Security stack layer 3. Reduces billions of events into prioritized threats real-time. Identifies changes in network behavior with activity baselines. Flows data searches in real-time streaming or historical mode. Integrate S. Protect Your Website. Prevention Security stack layer 4. Web Application Firewall. Destroys malicious requests and thwart hack attempts. Protection to account registration forms and login pages.