Asus usb-n13 not working mac

However, this wired connection seems to be necessary to initiate a working wireless connection, as the machine cannot connect until the wired connection is first established.

If I reboot the machine, connectivity is lost. If I reboot the repeater, connectivity is also lost. I'm going to try stepping through the installation process from the beginning again.


I had some more updates but they were lost due to unreliable internet connectivity, basically, re-installing from scratch failed due to compile errors and none of several fixes that I found worked. So, it looks like its just a matter of making sure the wireless starts correctly.

I'm not sure how to explain other behaviors, but I feel like I'm closer to a solution. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Here is the output of some commands which summarize my configuration, and might give some clues: ID 0b Sincerely, Michael. Wireless LAN Soft blocked: Any additional help would be greatly appreciated Update: I had some more updates but they were lost due to unreliable internet connectivity, basically, re-installing from scratch failed due to compile errors and none of several fixes that I found worked You would think that this would be a good sign, but there is no wireless connectivity: Managed Frequency: I don't know why, but if I boot without the wired connection and then run sudo service network-manager restart once the computer starts up, I seem to get a wireless connection.

MRule MRule 2 Any help would be appreciated. I have posted a new thread here ubuntuforums. Unblock wireless card In Terminal: Hello, thank you very much for you help. Those commands don't seem to have helped, but I may be doing something else wrong. You need to update wireless driver.

ASUS USB-N13 wireless adapter drops connection

You can install it like this. You will need to reinstall the driver after each kernel update. Pilot6 Pilot6 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Resource temporarily unavailable Device Status: Chip version 0x Back to top. NeddySeagoon Administrator Joined: Thu Mar 08, Its too big for a post, so put it onto a pastebin. Also your entire dmesg would be useful.

Make sure it starts at the beginning of the bootup. Reboot if you need to. Read Code: Featherfoot, Your dmesg shows the device Code: New USB device strings: I think we have gotten out of sync. I'm sorry. Fri Mar 09, Featherfoot, First of all, thats public IPv6 addresses on both eth0 and wlan0.

How to Install and Set Up a Wireless Adapter (Mac)

I hope you have an IPv6 firewall in place. Any IPv6 address starting with a 2 is on the internet. There is no NAT to hide you. That means the wifi came up in IPv6 mode anyway. The default is Code: Do we allow any started service in the runlevel to satisfy the dependency or do we want all of them regardless of state? For example, if net. Fri Mar 09, 1: I made the change you suggested to rc.

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It still doesn't work. For completeness's sake. Here is the dmesg output when I set up wlan0: It appears that wlan0 was authenticated. I turned on wlan0 with "ifconfig wlan0 up arp". Should I have used another incantation? RX AssocResp from Featherfoot, Does Code: Fri Mar 09, 7: Here is a "clean sequence. Polling FW ready fail! Firmware is not ready to run! MAC auto ON okay!

USB-N13 | Networking | ASUS South Africa

Tx queue select: Allocated GPU: Featherfoot, Code: You were right. It does work! I am puzzled that it didn't start dhcpcd automatically. Fri Mar 09, 8: Featherfoot, Do you have a net. Is net.

The answer is no, I don't have either the link or net. Last edited by Featherfoot on Fri Mar 09, 8: Fri Mar 09, 9: The symbolic link is set, but net.

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  5. I expermented with rc-update and it didn't work. How do I make sure it starts? Room Sat Mar 10, 9: Sat Mar 10, 4: I was trying to follow the various pieces of advice for setting up wireless networks in gentoo. Where I stand at the moment is that my WiFi works very well if I do a "dhcpcd wlan0" ant then "ifconfig eth0 down" when I want to use it. Perhaps the developers felt that it was superfluous, although it is like having several Ethernet connections. As usual, you have been extremely helpful.