Make background transparent gimp mac

In the first method, click on the Layer option at the top.

Using GIMP To Delete Background To Transparent

Then go to Transparency and select Add Alpha Channel. Alternatively, right-click on the image layer from the Layer tab in the right sidebar and select Add Alpha Channel.

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Once you add an alpha channel, you will see that the name of the layer in the Layer tab changes from bold to normal. This is an easy way to check whether the layer has an alpha channel or not. After adding the alpha channel, you need to select the background.

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Gimp 2.8.2–Make A Background Image Transparent

To do so, you can use two tools: Color or Fuzzy Select tool. Both these tools are present in the left sidebar. Click on any one of the tools to select it. Then click on the background color in the image that you want to remove.

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  • You will see that the background layer is selected. Once the background is selected, go to Edit and hit the Clear button. Alternatively, tap the Delete key on your keyboard to delete it. Then click on the Select option at the top and choose None from the menu. This will deselect the current selection. This is one of the most important steps that you need to take care of while saving PNG images.

    Gimp –Make A Background Image Transparent | Biomedguyproject

    It is necessary to save transparent files either as. To save the image, click the File option at the top and select Save As from the menu. The Save image dialogue box will open. Type the name that you want for your image followed by.

    There are many methods to remove the background that has multiple colors. We will cover the following two here: Mask and Path tool. Then, as mentioned before, the first step involves adding an alpha channel. Right-click on the layer in the right sidebar and select Add Alpha Channel. The title of the layer will change from bold to normal.

    Remove Solid Color Background

    Now again right-click on the same layer and select the option Duplicate Layer to create its copy. From now, make sure this is the layer that is selected as you need to work on it only. Then again, click on Colors and select Brightness - Contrast from the menu.

    How to Make an Image Background Transparent (for Mac)

    From the dialog box, increase the contrast to maximum and adjust the brightness in such a way that you get almost a black and white image. Then click OK.

    How to make an image background transparent using Gimp

    Then select the pencil tool and make sure the hardness strength is set to in the Brushes toolbox. You can adjust the size of the pencil accordingly. Finally, go to the Edit option at the top and select Copy from the menu. Keep in mind that all of the above steps are to be done on the duplicate layer only. Once you have copied it, turn this duplicate layer off using the eye icon before the layer name.

    Color to alpha with no bleeding After a little research I found this solution on the StackExchange website , which is close to what I needed: I made a few notes on that image to help me remember what I did. An example: Black phone with a gray background My own images were of a black Android Nexus 5 emulator on a gray background, which looks like this: How to make a rounded rectangle in GIMP.

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