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Teachers can even utilize the PlanbookConnect option which allows them to publish their lessons online for students, parents, and fellow teachers to see.

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This allows for another form of communication between teachers, students, and parents so that everyone if informed about what is happening in the classroom on a daily basis. Planbook is an excellent choice for teachers wanting to take their lesson plans to the digital level. It is also available for PC users. Lesson Plan Generator is a basic program that allows you to create lesson plans in a weekly or monthly format.

These lesson plans can be stored and are available for use for years to come which makes it great for teachers who stay in the same grade or subject level. Teachers can easily print off the lessons for a hard copy to use in the classroom, share plans with other teachers, as well as create lesson plans for substitutes.

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The lessons are cross-platform compatible, which means if you have both a Mac and a PC there is no need to worry about not being able to use it on all of your computers. While Lesson Plan Generator doesn't offer nearly the same amount of options or flexibility as other programs, it can be useful for teachers who want a very simple way of creating and storing lesson plans on their Mac. One easy to program that provides a teacher with the ability to create lesson plans in a calendar format is Lesson Planner Advanced from Apple.

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You can create daily, monthly, and weekly plans and browse through them easily with the pop-up calendar. Teachers can store any digital resources for their lesson plans within this program, including files, handouts, and websites. You can add as many subjects as you need and easily share the lessons with other teachers in the school. Lessons can be saved for future use and teachers can go back in and modify them as needed.

With a user friendly interface, it provides teachers with an easy way to create lesson plans for all of their classes. I used all of these programs at school and found each of them very interesting. My personal favorite was Planbook, which is why I gave it five stars. So how many lessons relate to that one unit? A unit lesson plan is a collection of all the lessons you teach in that unit. You can also take a look at the unit lesson plan template on this website. Make sure to look around, because there might be some other useful templates! Common Curriculum is a free online lesson planner that allows you to align your lessons to CCSS and organize lessons by days, weeks, or months.

The long-range planner allows you to create units containing individual lessons. You can even work on them together with your colleagues.

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I hope it will soften the struggle of making your own lesson plans! Good luck! BookWidgets enables teachers to create fun and interactive lessons for tablets, smartphones, and computers. Choose from over 40 exercise templates quizzes, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, Nieuwe gratis BookWidgets bijscholingen gepland! Meer weten. Toggle navigation. BookWidgets Teacher Blog.

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Daily lesson plan templates When you teach different classes in different grades, you might like to have a daily lesson planner with you. Weekly lesson plan templates This weekly planner might help you to get things ordered. I suggest you use some highlighters for each activity. It will give you a better overview. Course planner templates After you are done planning each separate lesson, it might come in handy to put them in a course planner.

Unit lesson plan templates I just showed you the course lesson planner.

Online lesson planner Common Curriculum is a free online lesson planner that allows you to align your lessons to CCSS and organize lessons by days, weeks, or months. Join over 30, subscribers and get the best content on technology in education.