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Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated September 13, Create the Address Book Mailing List. Open Contacts.

Create a subgroup

Type a name for the new mailing list and then press Enter. If you use more than one account in Contacts, and All Contacts is selected in the sidebar when you create a group, the new group is added to the default account as specified in Contacts general preferences. You can include a group within another group, to help streamline emailing the groups or printing their contact information.

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In the Contacts app on your Mac, drag a group to another group in the sidebar. Both groups remain in the sidebar.

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When you select the parent group, the subgroup is shown in the contacts list; double-click the subgroup to show its contacts. You can also create a Smart Group that adds or removes contacts automatically based on criteria you define.

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  • Adding a new contact is very simple. A new contact is created. After clicking the plus button, a new contact will appear in the list above.

    Email a group of contacts in Contacts on Mac

    In the third column you can also see all the data you can enter about that contact. You can enter their name, address, company, phone number, e-mail address, birthday and a lot of other things. When you have finished editing, click that button once and the information you just entered will be saved. This is very simple: Below the group list the first column , there is a plus button.

    Mailing List and Label Software - Make personalized address labels

    Click it once and a new group will be created. Now just drag contacts to that group and they will be added.

    To create a new smart group, click the cogwheel button once and a menu will appear. You will now be asked to give the smart group a name and some criteria for that group. All contacts that matches the criteria will be visible in that group.