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Hackintosh Installation Guide.

For all the right reasons as well, for starters, it was one of the most beautiful laptops on the market and instead of focusing on aggressive looks, it focused on chamfered edges, and sleek design with solid build quality. All the good things aside, I quickly wandered off and started thinking if I can run Mac OS on it, because let us be honest, this laptop looks like it should be running Mac OS.

The Mi Notebook Pro comes in a variety of models with different specs; the one I got for review was the flagship model with the highest specs possible. Now the good thing is that the performance is as fast as it can get, however, the one thing that is most important for me is whether or not that this laptop can actually run Mac OS. It does, but not completely; there are some glaring limitations that can make the experience somewhat tainted. Many of the features, and hardware works for the most part, but the things that do not work are the ones that never will. The Bluetooth chip is soldered on the mainboard, hence the chances of it being replaced are none.

As far as the fingerprint reader and the graphics card are concerned, they simply do not work and the developer does not have enough time to pay attention and make them work. Almost every other feature works perfectly fine, so for those who are concerned about whether or not they can have a good Mac OS experience on the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, there is not much to worry about. Keep in mind that this is still a relatively new laptop on the market, so except the user experience on Mac OS to increase with future updates, and support for the device.

For the longest time, the Dell Inspiron has been considered as one of the best laptops in the market. It is neither too expensive, nor it comes with an aggressive design that might be off-putting for some users. As far as the performance on Mac OS is concerned, the Dell Inspiron is perhaps the best laptops that can run Mac OS, because of how optimized everything is. After doing a research on some of the tutorials, I realized that there is not a single feature that does not work.

[Exclusive Guide] Install macOS Sierra on Lenovo IdeaPad U330/U430/U530

The specs I got in the laptop are as followed, but you can change the specs as per your needs as well. With that said, if you are wondering about the specs, the model I have comes with. With these specs, nearly all the features that are available on the laptop will work with Mac OS.

However, what is important to know is that the dedicated GPU will be disabled because OS X does not support it just now, and will probably have the same issue in the future as well. The good thing is that the installation process was super simple, and straightforward with no advanced tricks that might end up confusing some. With that said, the Dell Inspiron does not have any major disadvantages as far as features not working is concerned.

If you are on a budget, and you still want to use the Mac OS at all costs, this laptop is handy because it will do just that, minus the extra cost that you will have to pay for a full-fledged MacBook, that in some cases, will also be underpowered. They are affordable, and are great for those who want to have a good business oriented laptop. Keep in mind that when I say buinsess, I do not necessarily mean that the laptop is rugged or anything as such. Again, the main purpose here is to run the Mac OS on this, and for that, we are going to have a look at what runs, and what does not.

Just like the other laptops in the market, this laptop, too comes with some features that work, and some features that do not. With that said, the HP ProBook G4 comes with a variety of configuration options that you can choose from. As far as the model that I have is concerned, below are the specs. I would not go ahead and call it the most powerful laptop in the market, but it has plenty of hardware that can keep it going.

Top 10 Best Laptops for Hackintosh 12222 [Updated] – Budget Hackintosh Laptops

In case you are wondering what works, and what does not, then the good news is that only Bluetooth and HDMI audio is not working. Everything else has a fix around that you can check in the full tutorial. The battery remains as great as it could be, and I easily got 8 to 9 hours on moderate usage. As with all the others laptop running Hackintosh, the GPU will be disabled, so I am advising you on that beforehand. For anyone who is looking for a cheap Hackintosh solution, the HP ProBook G4 is a great option that delivers all the amazing features that you would expect.

Sure, this is not the most premium, or high-end laptop, but it does come with enough features to keep you satisfied for the longer run; plus the OS X works really well too, so you do not need to worry about having lags, or other issues that might plague a laptop otherwise. This mid-range laptop could be called a direct competition of the ProBook G4, although it comes with a smaller screen that totes a p resolution on an IPS panel, while the panel on the G4 is TN. Moving on, the laptop is available in a variety of different specs; the model I have is running the following hardware.

With that said, the good news is that most of the features that you would want on a Mac OS to work are working just fine. As far as the user experience is concerned, I am pleased to announce that you should not have any issues that could break your experience. All in all, I really like how the Lenovo IdeaPad S has all the basic needs that I could require from a laptop, and on top of that, it can even run the Mac OS without any issues whatsoever.

So what if something as uncommon as micro HDMI is not working. Because every other feature is working, and it will give you the same great experience you could want from a good laptop coupled with the famous Mac OS X that has become a favourite for many people now. With that said, you should be aware of the situation by now, but the laptop compatibility depends largely on the Hackintosh, and certainly not as much as the age of the laptop. Do keep in mind that the Acer Aspire E is still very capable Windows laptop, and works really well even with the latest Windows 10 installed.

Still, if you are not satisfied with the somewhat troublesome Windows, you can easily turn your laptop into an OS X Yosemite running device. There is no doubt that the Lenovo Yoga happens to be one of the best laptops in the market. This 2-in-1 is one of the most premium laptops that I have had the chance to test so far, and I absolutely love it. I quickly decided to see if I can get the Hackintosh to run on the laptop, and to my surprise, there already was a tutorial on the internet as soon as I searched for it. The model I got had the following specifications. The model I got had the following specs.

The installation process was simple and straightforward too. However, keep in mind that you might have to look a bit further for the proper tutorials to be available, because I did not find the tutorial on the website that I would normally use for such results. Once the Hackintosh is up and running, everything from that point is a smooth affair.

However, there are some features that are not working at all. You can check them out below:. The touch screen for many people remains a gimmick, and should not bother many people regarding the lack of support. Other than that, I would conclude this review by saying that the Lenovo Yoga is among the best laptop that can run Hackintosh; it is a 2-in-1, making it one of the most portable laptops in the market, whether you are using it as a Windows device, or a Hackitosh, it is going to serve you well regardless.

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Still, you have to make some changes, and we will discuss them below. Now the good thing is that apart from these, the installation method is pretty straightforward, everything you need is listed in the tutorials that are available on the internet, along with the patches as well. The good thing is that all the major features including the Facetime are working with this laptop, and you can even go ahead and install the latest version of OS X. No Bro..

But this WiFi card works very well. You can this buy this adapter from amazon. Link http: Wonderfull work!! Thank you so much for your dedication bringing us this list. Intel Core iU 2. Do you have any ideia if it is the same process? Well, given the fact that they all cost almost as much as the real thing, why bother? Hi Aamir! Great post! Please may you help me?

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I get Dell Inspiron 15R I came to know that lenovo Y50 does not detect the graphic card after hackintosh. I wanted to ask that after successful installation if I open windows will my laptop detect the graphic card? Pointless list. As someone has already mentioned, most of the laptops cost more or same as a macbook. I have priced a ton of Macbooks vs Windows laptops and that is a totally incorrect statement. The exception being the Surfacebook.

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Advanced topic, requires Clover. In order to boot and for things to run smoothly, it is important to properly configure the BIOS. If you wish to update and patch your BIOS, complete step 3b prior to 3a. Configure the BIOS: Boot Mode: Boot Priority: USB Boot: Exit, saving changes. Potential Problem Point: When switching between Optimus and UMA-Only graphics modes, an issue may occur where the device will power on to a black screen. The solution is to clear CMOS.

Modification to the BIOS may lead to loss of warranty or even a "bricked" system. I recommend an update to the latest bios before patching. Update to latest 65CN99WW: Updated Date: Press Start and wait for program to finish. Your FTK-flash disk is ready. Try to boot it and see if you get a DOS prompt from it. Inside DOS execute the following fpt -bios -d dump. After it is done creating the dump, shutdown with the command poweroff. Reboot to Windows, unpack PMPatch and copy the dump. Execute pmpatch dump. Copy mod. Flash mod. Use poweroff to shutdown. PMPatch 0.

Pure Windows Method: Alternatively this could be done completely within Windows not recommend. The commands are the same. FTK 9. Whitelist Removal: Take your mod. Follow the read me posted with your whitelist removed bios. Follow the Guide for Remember, do not use Disk Utility to configure your partitions schemes. Instead you must use diskutil at the terminal.

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The following combination of boot flags will successfully boot the Use the same boot flags used at the installer. Run MultiBeast - Yosmite 7. Problem Point boot0 Error boot0 Error: The Official Guide The following code block is from the above linked guide: Apply patches using MaciASL: Compile, saved as DSDT. Repair Permissions, and Rebuild Kernel Cache. Rehabman -VoodooPS2Controller. Coderush - PMPatch. Since there is DSDT patch for that it shouldn't be necessary I haven't used it and it seems fine. From the thread http: Cold boot is totally fine, though. Any suggestion would be great.

Also, about that switch graphical cards bug, I don't have it until some boot failures into Linux OS maybe other OS as well, more tests needed.

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After that, I will for sure get black screen if switching the graphical cards. But Linux and Windows can boot normally. In console there is error message: Identify TouchPad command failed. Last edited: Nov 17, Also the computer sleep time and display sleep time defaults back to never after every reboot. RehabMan Moderator.

Battery Manager does not seem to work for me. You are probably lacking the DSDT patches for battery Download patchmatic: Extract the 'patchmatic' binary from the ZIP. In terminal, Code:. After installing the latest version of the kext files and reboot, the laptop became slower with some graphics glitches and wrong screen resolution.