Make windows 7 look completely like mac

How To Make Your Windows 7 Look & Behave Like Mac OS X

Why not visit MyVistaThemes and try out a new look? The inevitable MacOS one is available , while there's also a tutorial to help install it here. Now read 10 unsung heroes of modern tech. Move your taskbar to the top of your screen Simple, but an easy one to miss. Install a dock The OSX dock is a simple way to launch regularly used programs.

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Get Expose Adding in background apps to Windows isn't always a good idea — they can seriously slow down your PC. Completely reskin Windows Heavy duty editing of the Windows look is going to require a third party app like StarDock's WindowBlinds — but it will cost you. Get some Spaces Multiple work areas are nothing new, but Apple likes to point out their existence in Leopard.

That's the look You can customise Vista without installing extra software, but it usually involves a lot of tweaking. See more Operating systems news.

7 ways to make your PC look like a Mac

To get started, download Snow Transformation Pack link given at the end of this post and run the setup file. Once the setup is successfully executed, you will be greeted with the welcome prompt. Click Next to continue. After that, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions to proceed further with the setup.

Accept the terms and conditions and click Next to continue. In the next step you will get the choice to install the transformation pack with the following three options:.

macOS High Sierra Skin Pack for Windows 10/8.1/7

This allows choosing what features to install from the transformation pack. Indeed, if you have applied the theme patcher, you'll get that.

How To Make Your Windows 7 Look & Behave Like Mac OS X

And you will be enjoying yourself, for sure:. There are several optional things you may want to consider. This has nothing specifically to do with Mac OS X, but it may give you new ideas and inspiration for how to alter and polish your Windows theme even further. Please take a look, or just ignore completely. Your choice.

  • Additional tweaks & customization.
  • descargar trapcode shine para mac;
  • Fed up with Windows monotony? Add a little Apple magic!.

I chose the ecqllipse 2 icon set from deviantArt, and then individually replaced the icons in the RocketDock. This is a very neat tutorial.

Where to start

Should you not want any extras, just make sure the Skin Pack added programs do not startup with Windows, place the taskbar at the bottom, reset the theme, and you're done. You're back to defaults. Anyhow, I hope you will find this entertaining and pleasing, even though it may not be the most useful guide in the world. But if you have other ideas and suggestions, I am more than willing to listen, as well as sacrifice my machines for testing.

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