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In this guide we'll look at the top external hard drives that offer quick and easy as well as affordable ways to expand the storage space of your Mac or MacBook. Macs, iMacs and especially MacBooks are notoriously difficult when it comes to upgrading the internal hard drives, which means if you're running out of storage space it's best to move some of your files onto a external hard drive, and in this list of the best external hard drives for Macs, we look at external drives that have been especially made for Apple MacBooks and Mac computers.

This means they are all compatible with Apple's file system, and many make use of the range of high speed ports that Macs come with, such as Thunderbolt. We've also chosen these hard drives based on their ease of use, affordability and dependability. This last consideration is perhaps the most important, as when you're entrusting your important files to an external hard drive, you need to be confident that it won't break and lose your data. While transfer speeds aren't the quickest, due to its USB 3. Thunderbolt, USB 3.

If you want to make use of your Mac's Thunderbolt port, then this is a great option, as it provides twice the speeds of standard USB 3. It still uses a traditional hard drive, rather than an SSD, and while this means speeds aren't quite as fast as possible, it at least keeps the price down, while offering large capacities. There's also a USB 3. So if you have old hard drives, you should think of replacing them.

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Furthermore, don't just buy one backup hard drive. If you really care about your data, you should back it up at least twice.

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Imagine your computer gets lost or stolen, or its drive crashes, and you find that your backup is unreadable Just in case. Because just like insurance, if and when you need it, you will never regret having it. Each has advantages and disadvantages for both backup and restore. Finally, if you have an old Mac, actually doing a full device restore from a backup is about the only way to ensure your backups are actually working correctly.

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Doing a full device restore is only useful if your backup is for the full device. I have separate backups for my Macs and for my media library.

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It helps a lot of you know how that data is organized, e. The article will be published soon. No need to have the OS spend a lot of time on that.

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Can I swap them so the HDD then becomes the backup drive? If it has SATA connectors, it will work fine with the disc dock that handles both 2. Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog. Search for: Share Shares.

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