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RidNacs is for the Windows OS and is actually very similar to TreeSize Free, but just doesn't have all the buttons that may drive you away from using it. Its clear and simple design makes it more appealing to use. You can scan a single folder with RidNacs as well as whole hard drives.

Disk space analyzers for Mac: 4 apps to check disk space and clean up your drives

This is an important feature in a disk analyzer program because scanning an entire hard drive may take a long time when you really just need to see the info for one folder. RidNacs' functionality is very straightforward so you know exactly how to use it right from the start. Due to its simplicity, RidNacs just includes the basic features necessary for what a disk analyzer should have, but clearly, doesn't have all the features you'd find in a more advanced program like WinDirStat from above.

Above all, I like it because of how simple and familiar the interface is, but there's also some really useful settings I want to mention. One option makes the program only search for files if they're larger than 50 MB. If you have no intention deleting files smaller than that, then you can drastically clean up the results list by enabling this. There's also filtering option so that only music, video, document, archive files, etc. This is useful if you're aware that it's videos, for example, that are consuming the most storage — searching just for those saves time sifting through other file types.

Though you can't export the results to a file like most disk space analyzers allow, I still highly recommend taking a look at Extensoft's program before you move on to the other applications in this list.

Apps That Didn’t Make the Cut

Download Free Disk Analzyer. Disktective is another free disk space analyzer for Windows. This one is completely portable and takes up less than 1 MB of disk space, so you can easily carry it with you on a flash drive. Each time Disktective opens, it immediately asks what directory you want to scan. You can pick from any folder on any hard drive that's plugged in, including removable ones, as well as the entire hard drives themselves. The left side of the program shows the folder and file sizes in the familiar Windows Explorer-like display, while the right side displays a pie chart so you can visualize each folder's disk usage.

Disktective is easy enough to use for anybody, but there are numerous things I don't like about it: Download Disktective. Most of us are used to viewing the data on our computers in a list view where we open folders to see the files inside.

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The picture here immediately tells you how SpaceSniffer visualizes disk space usage. The program lets you export the results to a TXT file or a SpaceSniffer Snapshot SNS file so that you can load it up on a different computer or at a later time and see all the same results — this is really handy if you're helping someone else analyze their data. Right-clicking any folder or file in SpaceSniffer opens the same menu that you see in Windows Explorer, meaning you can copy, delete, etc. I've added SpaceSniffer to this list because it's different than the majority of these other disk space analyzers, so you may find that its unique perspective aids in helping you quickly find what's using up all the storage space.

Download SpaceSniffer. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. You can locate each file by hovering the mouse over its color block to see the path, and you can right-click and have it reveal in Finder.

I wish they had a Windows port of it. I use it all.

How to Figure Out What's Taking Up Space on Your HDD/SSD ft. WinDirStat, SpaceSniffer, Disktective

Thanks for bringing it to attention again. Yeah, came here to mention Grand Perspective. I was wondering why GrandPerspective was forgotten about. Win Dir Stat is pretty comparable on the Windows side. I was just using them side by side on my PC and Macbook.

3 of the Best Disk Space Analyzers for Mac OS X

Grand perspective is what most of our guys use. Plus its easy to use and easy for non techs to figure out. The best space analyzer is already there.

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  • Unix command line with utilities like du, find and so on. What about JDiskReport? I use Disk Cartography — another one without a mention. This article seems very narrow and consequently of limited value. Paul, we are anxiously awaiting your expanded take on this disk analysis matter. When will you publish it?

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    There is a serious omission here. Grand Perspective works about as well as the others and is donationware. I like presentations which are visual and, for me, the wheel layout makes it very easy to quickly see what is using your disk space. It does the job but it is a bit outdated in terms of functions and looks. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. The app permits to visualize hard drive usage, check disk space on Macs, identify which items can be removed or transferred onto another drive and clear disk space on Mac. The results are presented in a very clear and intuitive manner, showing not only size values, but also a bar-type chart for easy visualization, with files organized according to size from the largest one, down.

    In addition, Disk Drill Mac disk space analyzer, permits the user to select different views, according to file types. Thus, there are tabs for selecting all files, pictures, videos, audio files, documents, or archive files. This functionality comes in handy when selecting how to clean up disk space Mac, as critical documents, photos of loved ones, or favorite songs or movies, can be easily identified. Disk Drill 3 has the added advantage of being a data recovery software, so if the user mistakenly deletes the wrong file, it can also solve the recovery problem.

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    • In summary, Disk Drill 3 Mac disk space analyzer is a very comprehensive tool, allowing the user to clean up disk space, and to correct unintended deletes. All operations are intuitive, which enhances efficiency. This is mainly because it has a beautiful interface, presented in the manner of an interactive wheel for easy and intuitive visualization. DaisyDisk is very fast, and shows an overview of all disks connected to the Mac. Changes are updated in real time, making it ideal for analyzing and taking a wise decision on what to delete and what to keep.